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Important Knowledge For Newlyweds

Things That Should Be At Hand When It Comes To The Wedding

You were preparing for this day long before the wedding, but remember, your wedding is not your test or exam for you. It’s your day, your holiday.

It’s very important to have positive emotions and best memories from the wedding. Stress and tense don’t make any brides more beautiful and attractive.

And we made this list of “necessary things on the wedding” to avoid stressful situations and unexpected things which could spoil your mood. This list can help you to keep the order and get away confusion. Let’s begin from the list of things that should be at your hand on the wedding day:

  • The wedding gown must be near after a hairdresser will have finished his work.
  • New underclothes
  • The wedding shoes
  • The wedding veil, diadem, and accessories for hair
  • Accessories for dress
  • A bag with personal items and a bag with spare things
  • Bolero, shawl or cape for the wedding evening in case if it will have got colder
  • Cosmetic and mirror
  • Some light snacks
  • Eau de toilette or perfume
  • Hairspray
  • Aid kit
  • Sewing travel kit

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The Morning Of Wedding Day

Now after the list of necessary things is ready, it’s time to speak about the morning of the wedding day. First of all, it’s a healthy and delicious breakfast. This is the key to a successful day and you need a lot of energy today. Don’t forget to take care of your face. Enjoy this procedure, smile to yourself. Don’t try any new cosmetic products today, unexpected results are the last things you need today. Take a warm shower. Herbals tea can help you to avoid stress and keep your balance. Melissa and salvia teas are especially good and effective.

It’s time to go to the hairdresser. Don’t forget all the things that we described in the upper list. It’s better to care about these the day before the wedding. No fuss. Check everything carefully. For the visit of hairdresser wear convenient clothes no extra buttons and fasteners, plunging neckline will be more convenient during dress changing. In case that makeup will be made after the dress changing, it would be better to take an apron to save the wedding dress.

The Wedding Day

The morning has gone and the wedding day’s preoccupations have come. Some advice: let one from your relatives or friends be next to you all day long. It should be someone who you rely on, someone discreet and calm, who will not lose his head in any situations. Search your best friend to help you in all your cases today, from makeup to solving all other serious problems.

What awaits you today?

Here is the short list of things that you have to do today:

  • After the hairdresser, they will take you to the wedding ceremony
  • If your wedding photo shoot was intended for this day, you will have to get a photograph and to pose a lot. Don’t forget your cosmetic bag and spare shoes.
  • You will spend a certain time in the wedding procession
  • Arrival at the wedding salon
  • Your first dance as a bride
  • You will have to welcome all guests and have some conversation with them
  • The ceremony of cutting the wedding cake and treating the guests
  • You have to be glad and cheer everybody up, the bride is a center of any wedding ceremony, she can’t afford to be sullen and gloomy
  • Throwing the wedding bouquet
  • The final part of the wedding

Some Advice For The Wedding Evening

When the wedding ceremony is over, the bride and groom leave guests and go to a new home. Now you can exhale and unwind. All wedding ceremony’s troubles are in the past now. All tedious wedding preparations and all hustle and bustles left in the past and all have left for you is gladness and a new happiness. And what’s now? First of all, you should rid of stress and a warm bath is what all you need for this. It can help you to relax and get reassure.

At last, you are alone. Create a romantic atmosphere and enjoy.

Forget all your past fears and anxiety. Now you are together and you are a small family now!

Everybody wants to have an unforgettable wedding. Such a wedding, that all wedding photos will give only pleasure and nostalgia. Here is a short list of things that can help you to get the best wedding photos.

The wedding is a too much important day to entrust the wedding photo shoots to amateur or unprofessional photographer. Take care of a good photographer in advance and you will not regret with results of wedding photos.

Sector of wedding photographers it’s a sector of professional and experienced masters. Every single wedding should be unique and non-repeatable on pictures. Every wedding has its own certain memorable detail. And only a professional photographer can capture all these details and emotions.

Advice Regarding The Wedding Photography

All advice regarding the wedding photo shoots can be divided into 5 paragraphs. Pay special attention to all of them to avoid your wedding photography became a big disappointment. Before let’s just give the definition of the term “wedding photography”:

The wedding photography is the survey made by the photographer for the newlyweds in the wedding day which aims to capture all important moments of the wedding day with the participation of the bride and groom. The wedding photography could consist from the studio photo session, engagement photo session, photography of wedding preparations and the photography directly the wedding ceremony i.e.

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It’s a Great Pleasure to Work with the Professional Photographer

Your wedding photography depends on photography mood, his qualifications, and experience. So for productive and enjoyable work, it’s important if the photographer can work in a team and can listening to his clients. The freer you can feel yourself in a teamwork with your photographer the more interesting and unique photos you will have. It’s a big mistake of newlyweds, to make acquaintance with their photographer directly before the wedding. If you wish to have perfect wedding photography so please make your choice of the photo studio in advance.

Rehearsal And Audition

Good wedding photography needs some preparations work. Trial photography can help you to choose the right hairstyle, makeup and dress model. Play with illuminations to define the best foreshortening.

Choice of Place

If you have some special places which mean a lot to you, don’t forget to inform your photographer about it. He can include them in your photo session too. Take the picture of them on your phone to show it the photographer later and take his opinion. Make a list of some places you want.


Pick up some music and songs for the wedding day. Make a list of some songs and music that can help you to be in a good mood. It can make you more enthusiastic and can help you to look in your photos glad, natural and beautiful.

Your Friends

Surround yourself with people you love and care, the positive communications play a significant role in this day and impact to your wedding photography’s qualities. Take as assistants positive and easy to communicate with friends. Their positiveness will transfer to you and then to the wedding photography.

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