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Guidelines For Marriage Preparation

Marriage is the basis of modern family life. To perform the whole traditional wedding process need to trace all stages of marriage. The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear the word “a marriage” is a wedding ceremony. But there are other stages of marriage and pre-wedding stages too. The wedding is a celebration of love for two people. It can look very easy and natural, but there is no wedding ceremony without all these certain stages.

A marriage proposal, meeting with parents, an engagement and pre-wedding preparations, all they are links of one chain leading to the goal of creating a new family. We have prepared for you some kind of guidelines to help you with each of these stages.

1. A Marriage Proposal - This stage more related to the male part of our society. Even in the case, the decision to marry was mutual, essentially, it’s a man who should perform this marriage proposal tradition.

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Solitaire Ring - The most important detail in the marriage proposal is the solitaire ring. A beautiful elegant solitaire ring is a dream of every girl. Before to buy it would be better to learn about rings’ models and their types. A ring’s model, metal and a diamond cutting form make every ring unique and unrepeatable.

The Marriage Proposal Conception - The ring is chosen, now it’s time to think about the form of the marriage proposal. Your creativity and love can help you to make a beautiful proposal which pleasantly surprises your lover. Classic traditional the marriage proposal, in the main, make in the luxurious restaurant during chic dinner.

2. Meeting with the bride’s parents / The Custom Of Asking Their Consent

Different Traditions - The moment of meeting with the bride’s parents is a very exciting moment as for the groom so for the bride. There are a lot of various forms all over the world of this custom. If your bride’s family is a member of the different culture, it’s better to take some information about their traditions, religion, and customs. There is no common form of the tradition of asking the bride’s parents consent. But in every culture bringing the flower and chocolate considered as a beautiful gesture.

Don’t Forget The Salted Coffee - Among the world's traditions of matchmaking is one which called “salted coffee”. This tradition very old and now it hasn’t got any meaning. But in old times the bride was giving the renouncement by giving salted coffee to the groom.

3. Engagement Preparations - The engagement day is coming. There a lot of things, which should be made. I don’t know from what begins, think what kind of engagement do you want?

The Engagement Place - It can be the warm engagement among the nearest relatives. Or maybe you prefer outdoors engagement. Restaurants, hotels, yacht or summer cottage, and others, all these places are very suitable for the engagement. In choosing the engagement place you should build on your budget and number of guests.

The Engagement Conception And Decorations - After the engagement place is chosen, it's now the turn of to decide the engagement conception. Right decorations will help you to make the engagement place unique and vivid. Flowers, photos, balloons, and different accessories can help you.

The Engagement Cake - One of the integral parts of engagement is the engagement cake. The cake should be in harmony with the engagement conception.

The Engagement Ring - It’s now the turn of the most important moments of the engagement ceremony. Of course, it is the presenting the engagement rings. Choose the rings a few weeks before the engagement.

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Traditional Tray For The Engagement Rings - The engagement ring must be presented beautifully. And traditional vintage tray is suitable for this in the best way. Decorate it with flowers and accessories.

The Engagement Bags - In some countries exists the tradition to give a gift package from both sides on the engagement day. Packages are decorated and package contents can be different. As usual, the bride’s package has underwear sets, cosmetics, pajamas, mirror, hairbrush, etc. In the groom’s package can be following things: socks, watches, deodorant, etc.

Dress For The Engagement - Dress for the engagement is the most beautiful thing in the engagement. There is no certain color or model of dress, all depends on the bride. The groom can make an ensemble by using the accessories.

Hairstyle - The most difficult choice for the bride is a choice of hairstyle for engagement. There is no certain model and you can choose graceful curls, long layered hairstyles, bun hairstyle, braids etc.

4. Dowry

Dowry Preparation - There a lot of countries where the tradition of the dowry is still alive. The newly created family needs a lot of things for their mode of life as like appliances, furniture, linens etc. In this mean the dowry plays a very important role. Make a list for the dowry, to know what you need much. According to the modern life tradition, some part of dowry should be provided by the groom.

Determine The Dowry Budget - Before to make the dowry, determine your budget for dowry. Beware, don’t extend beyond the budget. The exact budget can help to make a right dowry.

5.The Wedding Preparations - The wedding preparations are a very important stage. The wedding planning entirely laying on the bride and the groom.

Official Marriage - Think about the official marriage issues beforehand, so you will be able to choose the proper date for the ceremony and get more information about it. Think well, do you want to make the official marriage ceremony in the same wedding day? Some couples choose to make it separately. And some content with an official part only.

Dress For The Official Marriage - In case the official marriage will be separated from the wedding day; it worth thinking about the dress for the official ceremony. The elegant dress can be complemented with the bride’s bouquet and beautiful hairstyle.

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Wedding Sweets - The wedding is a long-awaited day for everybody, relatives, friends, guests and of course for children, who wait this day by their own reason. In this day they can get a lot of sweets and trifles. So take care about sweets and small gifts in advance, to avoid thinking about this issue on the wedding day.

Guests List - One of the most important issue, which should be done long before the wedding is the making the guest list. Make an exact list of all relatives, friends, and families not to miss anyone.

The Wedding Invitations -After the invitation’s model have chosen you to need to ensure everyone has got his invitation. If you have the intention to make the wedding dinner, so the list with an exact number of guests should be given to the wedding organizers, as early as you can.

The Wedding Places - The modern wedding market offers a very rich list of places for weddings. Wedding salons, weddings on beaches, on seaside, luxurious hotels and restaurants, yachts, it’s a non-exhaustive list of wedding places. The great role in choosing the wedding place plays the wedding budget. If you have some special place for the wedding, don’t postpone booking it.

The Wedding Conception - If you have chosen the wedding place, a turn comes to make up the wedding conception. Flowers, decorations, color, tablecloths, the wedding cake and the bride and groom table all play a crucial role in creating the special atmosphere of the wedding. Don’t forget about the wedding car decorations.

The Most Important: The Wedding Dress - The wedding dress is the wedding detail, which every bride begins to choose along before the wedding. The wedding gown is an expensive and unique thing. It’s very important to pick up the correct model and size of the dress. It’s better to get some information about the wedding dresses models before to buy it.

The Wedding Shoes and The Wedding Bouquet - The wedding shoe, bridal handbag, and bridal bouquet make the wedding dress more unique and stylish. All these things should harmonize with each other and with the dress. And bridal bouquet should chord with the wedding atmosphere.

The Bridal Hairstyle and Makeup - As like the wedding dress, the wedding hairstyle model should be thought in a long before the wedding. It should be in harmony with the gown model. A few days before the wedding take an appointment with hairdresser; take a consult regarding the wedding makeup and hairstyle.

The Wedding Veil - The wedding veil is a wedding detail which makes the bride more mysterious. There a lot of different models of the veil. It’s better to think about the wedding veil in advance to make it go together with the hairstyle, dress and your looks. It can be combining with a diadem or wreath and can be in a different size.

The Tie - The groom should look closely at the wedding suits and accessories long before the wedding. All the wedding accessories as like the groom’s tie, boutonniere and cufflinks should go together with the suit.

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Music - A few days before the wedding make your wedding playlist. Romantic wedding music and songs, solemn music for ceremonial part and dancing music for guests all kind of music you love you can add to the playlist.

6. Henna Night

Henna Night Preparations - There are a lot of countries which have the Henna Night tradition. It’s getting more and more popular in western countries, because of thematic weddings. All friends of the bride come together in her house and have fun together, enjoy, dance and sing. To make the Henna Night especial you need to think about the entertainments in advance.

Essential Accessories For Henna Evening - For the traditional Henna, Night bride wears the traditional oriental outfit, which consists of chic velvet long dress and oriental shoes. You will need the Henna tray decorated with candles and accessories.

7. Preparation The Wedding Shoot

Contract With Photographer - In order to perpetuate the most important day of your life, do not forget about wedding photography. You need a professional photographer who will be always with you on your wedding day and doesn’t miss any important moment. You will forget all the stress with the professional photographer who knows for sure where and when he should take a picture.

Choose The Poses For Shoot In Advance - If you are planning the wedding for the summer period, so the outdoor wedding shoot will be great. The summer sun and beautiful landscapes make the pictures excellent. You can choose different places for the wedding shoot, seaside, beaches, lakes, and forests etc. In wintertime, the outdoor photo shoot is great also, but mostly we prefer it in luxurious interiors. To have the unique photographs you need to get some information about the wedding shoot.

8.The Honeymoon Preparations - The wedding preparations are exhausting work. Planning the wedding ceremony, decorations, dinner, the wedding budget issues etc all these takes a lot of power of the bride and groom. The Honeymoon is exactly what they need after so exhausting pre-wedding and wedding periods. To avoid the travel troubles during the Honeymoon, it’s better to begin preparations in advance.

The Honeymoon Preparations- The preparations for the honeymoon begin from place choosing. By choosing the place the couple determines the type of its’ vacation. Someone needs a relaxation on seaside under the lights of a sun. And others need active rest to get rid of all stress. There are couples who want camping vacations or travel to new countries to see tourist attractions. Anyway, it’s not difficult to find some honeymoons offer which will fit your interests.

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Flight Tickets - If you have determined your honeymoon vacation’s place, think about tickets now. If you will choose the wedding package you escape the searching ticket issue. In another case, make a ticket reservation a month before the trip.

Passports And Visas - If you are planning to spend your honeymoon abroad, don’t forget about passports and visas issues. Refer to the rules for entering the country where you are going to spend your honeymoon.

The Honeymoon Bag - When it comes time to go to your vacation, you will be so tired. So it makes sense, to have your bags prepared and ready. Make all the travel preparations in advance. Don’t forget your passports, tickets and things for the season.

Enjoy your trip. Long and happy life!