Requested Documents For Foreigner To Marry in Turkey

Requested Documents For Foreıgners To Marry ın Turkey

You have seen a lot, and searched a lot but you could not find someone for you. The person you were looking for came into your life in an unexpected moment.Everything is fine until now; the person you will marry has a foreign nationality. He or she is not a Turkish citizen. Well, what are the procedures in this situation!

Indian Marriage in AntalyaEverything is fine until now; the person you will marry has a foreign nationality. He or she is not a Turkish citizen. Well, what are the procedures in this situation!

You have made the first step for marriage and wore the engagement rings. Now the time comes for knowing the details about the procedure of marrying with someone who has foreign citizenship. How to marry a foreigner in Turkey? The first step you should know is that a registered staff of the government has to sign for your marriage. So, marrying foreigners is not that easy and embassies do not solemnize marriages as you may see on movies. Well, what are the requested documents to marry a foreigner in Turkey?

Requested Documents To Marry Foreign National

  • 4 copy of the “Declaration Of Marriage” signed by both of the applicants, the document will show your request to marry.
  • Original identity cards for Turkish citizens. A copy of translated passport and “Birth Certificate” for a foreign national.Religious Marriage in Antalya
  • 4 passport photos
  • Health Report is taken by the Turkish Health Group.
  • The Affidavit of Marital Status shows both of the partners are single, or, Certificate of legal capacity to marry that can be taken by an embassy.
  • Certificate of Marital Status has to be signed by the Istanbul City Law Municipality.

The most important thing in this is that taking the certificate of Marital Status is not enough. It should be written that “there is no obligation to marry” on the document. Moreover, any of the approval signed by honorary consulates are not legally approved.

What Is Apostil That Used For Marrying Foreign Nationality?

Apostil means that both of the state partners have to approve legalization of documents. So, the documents signed in Turkey will be legally approved in the other country. It is not necessary to sign the documents if Turkey has an accord of an apostil approval with the other party.

If the documents of Marital Status, Birth Certificate and Certificate of Legal Capacity to marry is approved by apostil, it is enough to have notary sworn translations. Therefore, the procedure will be shortened with the approval of apostil. The important point is that to remember to mention “Apostille (Convention de La Haye du 5 Octobre 1961)” on apostilled French documents.

A Marriage of Two Foreign Nationalities In TurkeyPakistani Weddings in Antalya

There are no obligations that everyone has to marry in Italy or Paris. A marriage of two different nationalities or the same nationalities is also possible in Turkey. In both scenarios, it is enough to know the procedure to follow. Here are the requested steps:

Marriage Of Two Different Nationalities

Two different nationality marriages can be held by the registrar of marriage in Turkey. According to Marriage Regulation Law; The Affidavit of Marital Status should be taken by the country that applicants belong. If they cannot have the documents, it can be taken from the General Municipality of Civil Registration and Nationality. However, you have to wait for the legal correspondence. Family record booklet and multi-language marriage certificate can be taken for marriages of two different nationalities in Turkey.

If they are citizens of a member of the International Personal Committee country, separate nationalities can marry. Applicants should receive the Marital Status certificate from their origin country. If you cannot receive this document, remember that it can also be taken from the registrar of Head Office of Civil Affairs. Moreover, you can also request a multi-language marriage certificate.

If applicants are citizen of a member of International Personal Committee countries, the birthplace of foreign individuality can be sent.

Marrying A Refugee in TurkeyCivil English Marriages in Turkey

If one of the parts is refugee, these procedures go harder than it is. The refugee should be checked if he or she has any record in Turkey. Nationality Offices can receive if a refugee has the most important document Marital Status. If the refugee does not have the document, it can also be handed out by security authorizations by looking at files.

When the refugee has the certificate of legal capacity to marry, the first thing he should do is that to take three copies of it after approving from the Legal Affairs Bureau.

After this step, he can approve his notary sworn translated passports at notary and apply to marry.

The step should be remembered is that there has to have an original copy of the passport and two additional copies. There are more requests. The applicants should go through a health check. The last but not least thing to do is that renewing the identity cards.