What Should You Pay Attention To When Decorating The Bridal Car

Most Impressive Bridal Car Decoration Ideas

A stylish and catchy wedding is hidden in small details. How you care for your wedding dress, groom's suit and wedding venue, the bridal car and, decorations you choose should also get their share of this care

If you want, how should the bridal car decoration that will reflect your style and represent you at your wedding in the best way, let's examine it together?

What Should You Pay Attention To When Making Bridal Car Decoration?
The wedding preparations need details and at the same time a good thinking process. However, if you scrutinize every step and do not miss the small details, you can have a wedding like you dream. For example, you should not call it just a bridal car ornament. We recommend that you allocate the necessary energy to this issue and examine the bridal car models. First of all, you should know that the bridal car decoration should be made in accordance with the size, color, model, wedding venue, wedding theme, wedding dress and groom dress and your style with your future spouse. You can choose a pale blue, open-top model bridal car and decorate the car with white flowers if the theme color is blue at a beach wedding in the summer. If you're going to marry a country wedding, how about a bridal car with only tree branches?Best wedding decoration in Antalya

We recommend that you turn to simple and stylish decorations that are selected according to the model of the car Instead of exaggerated decorations. Do not forget that bridal cars are also a nice fund that decorates wedding photos. Do you really want an extremely fancy car that will be in front of you as the bride and groom in the photos?

You can take advantage of the concept colors of your wedding while decorating your wedding car, which will take you to the wedding venue on your most special day and announce your marriage to everyone passing by. As we said, details are important during wedding preparations. This is one of those details. Choose your color, choose your wedding theme and reflect these colors on your bridal car decorations.

Let us tell you one more thing about the bridal car decorations; in the decoration preparations important to use easy to disassemble and clean materials. Otherwise, it will inevitably damage the car. You need to talk with the decoration company from the start about what type of materials they use and these materials are not affected by rain and decoration do not damage the bridal car.

How to Make a Bridal Car Decoration?
If you are going to rent a bridal car, also most of the rental car companies can decorate your car. But you should not let go of control in this matter and you should make sure that an ornament is made to suit your taste. You need to explain them about your wedding concept, the colors you will use in the concept, what style of decorations you like, the flowers you love, and you can request the decorations to be made accordingly with the Car Rental Company or florists where you will decorate your bridal car.

We guess you have this question in mind if you are going to decorate your wedding car yourself: "Where are bridal car decorations sold?" As a matter of fact, this depends on the type of decoration you will make.

What Are Bridal Car Decoration Materials?
Of course, the most important thing in a bridal car is flower decoration. You can choose fresh flowers or artificial flowers. However, let us immediately state that bridal cars decorated with live flowers such as orchids, peonies, roses, daisies, gerberas, and lilies have a different charm. You can put flowers not only in front of the car also can put them in the ground behind the car to show more romantic.

If you want to not be your fresh flowers to be affected by factors like sun and wind, flowers must be fresh. You have to make sure that the florist keeps these flowers fresh by placing a wet sponge under them. Also, let's give you a tip; you can spray these beautiful flowers on your car with hair spray to prevent them from being damaged by the wind while the vehicle is in motion. So they will harden a bit and become more durable.

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The flowers are usually accompanied by bridal car decoration tulle, ribbons, bows, glitter, feathers, balloons, magnets prepared in different figures to attach to the car. If you thinking about balloons that what you will do are easy; just put in helium gas into colorful balloons or all balloons can be one color. Thus, a romantic image will emerge. You can create the same nice effect with a long ribbon attached to the car antenna.

If you are searching for an alternative thing than the tulle for your car and your convoy; you can use chiffon, organza, wicker as in the wedding venue. We can say that bridal car decoration dolls, which were frequently used in the past, were replaced by more dirty alternatives such as lip lashes.

When Should the Bridal Car Decoration Be Made?
Bridal car decoration is usually done on the wedding day so that the flowers to be used can be seen fresh. However, if you talk with the company you will decorate before the wedding in detail what kind of decoration you are thinking and how long it will be completed; there will be no disruption to the wedding day. But don’t forget to call them before the wedding day. Although it varies according to the bridal car decoration models, we generally recommend that the car be delivered to the company 2-3 hours in advance for decoration.

Decoration by Bridal Car Models
Just as you need to choose a bridal car model that is suitable for the wedding venue and concept, you also need to make decorations suitable for the bridal car model. The decoration of the classic bridal car and the sports car will not be the same, is it? Let’s take a look together now, how to decorate the bridal car according to its models;

Modern Bridal Car Decoration
Most candidates prefer classic or modern bridal cars. Modern cars, they are usually the latest model, highly equipped, luxury vehicles. You can choose an open-top car. If you are going to get married in the ballroom of a stylish hotel, you can choose such a bridal car, and you can make exclusive and elegant choices in vehicle decorations. White orchids are ideal for such an image.

We recommend you to make innovative choices in decorations if your bridal car model is to be modern. Instead of decorating such a car with classic tulle and flowers, you can decorate it according to trends. For example, these colorful pompoms that match the color of the car, aren’t very stylish?

Classic Bridal Car Decoration
If you are one of the couples who say "Whatever is in the old", classic bridal car models can be a nice choice for you. Remember, because these types of vehicles are very flamboyant, you can reach your dream bridal car with just a touch of fresh or unnatural flowers and leaves.

We can collect classic vehicles in three groups as open-top classics, sedans, and limousines. Classic sedans provide comfortable transportation with a wedding dress, thanks to their more economical and large interior volumes. Therefore, it is often preferred by newly married couples. If you are going to marry in a historical wedding venue, you can also choose vintage bridal car models and decorate such a white classic vehicle with colorful flowers.

Classic open-top cars also allow for special for you great photo frames. Imagine your veil and your hair waving with the ornaments you hung on your bride’s car! In the limousine bridal car models, which will be preferred by couples who like to show off, simple decorations should be preferred because the vehicle has high appeal.Best wedding planner in Turkey

Open-Top Bridal car Decoration
Like you can choose a classic open-top car, you can also choose a sportive open-top car. If you are a newly couple in favor of simplicity, you can decorate the vehicle with fresh or artificial flowers only, or you can create a nostalgic effect by placing a stylish wicker basket on it.

VOSVOS bridal car decoration
If you ask which the “most beautiful bridal cars” are, I would say they are the VOSVOS wedding car models without thinking. You can create a very stylish concept with floral and leaf decorations, old-style suitcases if you are organizing a vintage-themed wedding.

Wedding Car Decoration by Color
After choosing the model of the bridal car next point is the color of the car. The decoration and the color of the car must be compatible. For example, the pink bridal car can be decorated with ribbons in pink, white, and blue tones, and the red bridal car can be decorated with a lush wreath made of leaves. A perfect harmony can be achieved by making black bridal car decoration with white fresh flowers.

Colorful flowers are more suited to the White Bridal Car. How even a simple bouquet prepared with your favorite flowers in front and behind will change your bride.

Bridal Car Inscriptions
When I say a wedding car article, I think of funny articles. But you can only print the date and city of your marriage or the initials of your name on your car. You can print bridal car letters from flowers or use calligraphic car stickers.