The Importance of Bride and Bridesmaid Gown in Preparation

Before The Wedding ceremony in preparation Bride bathrobe is important

Nowadays a very popular thing before civil marriage at the wedding venue is the bridal dressing gowns. Before the wedding, they agree with the photographer,

and the photographer shots good photos in the process before the wedding very nice photos can be created with the combinations that the brides prefer at this wedding process.

Also besides having good photos, the bridal dressing gowns are the practice of importance. If the brides and bridesmaids want to will be done their hairstyle and makeup in the wedding venue, the bridal dressing gowns are the best choice to do not spoil hair and makeup while changing clothes. Thus, when the brides’ hair and makeup are completed, she can easily wear the wedding dress and can be ready for the night.

To have good photos and to achieve make-up and hair dreams in the process of before wedding, you can reach us for professional photographers, makeup artists, and hairstylists.

Bridal dressing gown models
All of the bridal dressing gowns are vary according to their fabric materials, details, and models. Usually, silk, sateen, and cotton fabrics are more preferred. If you want to use a bridal dressing gown for a long time, you need to prefer cotton or cotton sateen fabrics. Thus, after the wedding, you also can use quality bridal dressing gowns.

Furthermore, you can choose bridal dressing grown with lace and with a straight model. Also recently we can see that colorful and flower-patterned bridal dressing gowns are preferred. One of the most popular bridal dressing grown is that written “Bride” on the back. You can buy printed or you can order for embroidery. For light-colored bridal dressing gowns, most of the brides prefer gold, bronze, or silver printed.

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What Color should a Bridal Dressing Gown Be?
As you know the first color that comes to our mind is white when hearing about the wedding dress and of course, most of the preferred color for a bridal dressing gown is also white. Purely at least to have a more colorful preparation process, you can choose pastel blue, green, rose, or other pastel colors. Even you can use noble colors like dark burgundy, purple, or damson.

If you are thinking to buy bridal dressing gowns for your bridesmaids do not forget to combine colors. In this way, you will have great preparation photos.

Bridesmaid dressing gowns
The Bridesmaid trend which has started in abroad also appears often in Turkey. Bridesmaids spend all day with the bride to help in the preparation process. Rather than help, of course, they contribute to having great photos in the preparation process. They contribute to the bride room amusedly and shooting unforgettable different concepts in the preparation process.

On bridesmaids,we overly can see the Bride dressing gown trend. Usually, bridesmaids accompany a bride by wearing matching dressing gowns. The most dressing gowns we encountered are the same model but with different colors. Also on the back of bridesmaids, we see written words like ‘’ bridesmaid ‘’, ‘’ bride team ‘’, ‘’ bride squad ‘’. Brides can even write bridesmaids own names on the back of the dressing gowns to make them happier.

Personalized Bride and Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns,
Of course, the common way to personalize the bride and bridesmaids dressing gowns, as all we know is to embroider a person’s name on the dressing gowns. To personalize the names on dressing gowns can be either printed or embroiling. The common thing that we see in bridal dressing gowns is that their names under the word ‘’ BRIDE’’. At the same time you can embroider or print the name of the person you will marry after the word ‘’Mrs.’’ Also for a more modern dressing gown, you can request to write the first letter of your name and surname in the front of your dressing gown.

Bridal underwear
3In the venue where you will buy dressing gowns, you can also find bridal underwear. We recommend you to wear different underwear into the wedding dress and after the wedding. The underwear that you will wear into the wedding dress you need to choose according to the model rather than the beauty of the underwear. For example, if your wedding dress in low-cut you can wear a bra with a band, or as an alternative, you can choose adhesive bras.

For Strapless or for thin-strapped wedding dresses you can prefer self-adhesive or supportive bras.

If the chosen wedding dress covers your body or if you chose fish-cut, to make your body more flawless your underwear must be one piece of underwear or corset underwear. We always recommend to brides who prefer a princess cut and A-cut wedding dresses should use suspenders. The worst thing can be that the garter being visible from the outside in narrow-cut wedding dresses, the reason why we recommend is that risk.

In the panties choice; every time must be chosen according to bridal cut. If your choice is a princess cut or A-cut wedding dress you can wear a panties model you want, of course in the right color. Purely, if you preferred a body-hugging wedding dress to create a more perfect image you can wear a thong, laser-cut or Brazilian model panties.

Bridal Preparation Accessories
Besides dressing gown and panties, brides use different accessories. For example, the slippers can be used in the preparation. Now we can see specially produced slippers for brides. There are also heeled slipper nearby flat models. Furthermore with furry and special embroidery slippers are too popular.

In addition to slippers, you can use different decorations for more colourful preparation such as specially named hangers for a wedding dress. Some brands that sell dressing gowns have special bridal boxes with which containing such accessories. You can buy them for yourself or can give as a gift to your bride friend and make the brides room more colourful.