You Have To Choose Your Veil Model According To Face Type

Some Tricks for Veil Choice

You should definitely not underestimate your veil, which is the most important bridal accessory that will change your outlook and add mystery to your wedding dress!

We gathered together golden tips that will allow you to make the right choice among many types of veils, from the long veil to the short veil at the elbow level, from the Juliet veil to the chapel-style veil!

Pay Attention to Choosing Veil According to Face Type
Face type is one of the most important criteria in the veil choice. You have to consider your face type to make the right decision. The veil that is hanging by side of your face makes your face looks slim and long for the round faces. The fluffy veil models that give volume to both sides of your face to balance the face type is a suitable choice for the rectangle face type.

If you have health typeface, you can make a tight bun with separating your hair from the middle then collect back of your head. We suggest you attach your veil from under or top of your bun and make fluffy view back of your neck. Oval face type is expected as the most ideal face type. You can wear a veil which type you like. You can wear a huge crown made of flowers or stones, or choose ambitious veils that many brides are afraid to use.

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Ambience between Bridal Hair and Veil
Let’s talk about hair model… It is better if you decide your hair model before choosing your veil. You can choose veil models that open from the top of the head to the sides with messy hair. However, how to choose a veil suitable for bulk models? Let's explain immediately:

If you are planning to make a bun, you can wear long veils like the cathedral and chapel. If you make half bun, you can prefer medium length veils as at elbow level or fingertip level veil. If you have short hair, our suggestion is that your preference should be a short veil. Do not forget to take your veil to the hair rehearsal with you. However, you will want to remove the veil later in the night and you can ask your hairdresser to fasten it in a way that you can remove it easily.

Choose your veil according to your wedding dress, but your veil shouldn’t race with your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is plain model, there is no hesitation to wear fancy veil. Even a glorious veil will complete your wedding dress. Feel free to use the texture, pattern, lace, stone you want! However, if your wedding dress is an embroidered model; If pearls, stones or laces are dense, choice of veils should be for simple models. In addition, if your wedding dress has a low back, we recommend you to wear a long one-story veil in chapel or cathedral type or a veil in shoulder level. Thus, the wall will not divide your decollete from an unusual place.

Veil Models Must Also Match the Wedding Venue
You should not ignore the wedding venue when choosing a veil because the veil you will wear at a wedding in a magnificent place and the model you will choose for a simple organization will be different. For example, veil models from square tulle create a vintage atmosphere and harmonize with historical wedding venues. Let's say that we recommend this for weddings in all places other than the hotel and the historical place, as there are lighter models at shoulder level, elbow level and fingertip veil shapes.

If you are planning a stylish and formal wedding, you should choose waltz, chapel or cathedral veil. While covering the face and fluffy veil models are ideal for modern city weddings, small veil models and floral bridal headband are our favorites for country weddings.

How to Specify Veil Length?
The most common question is “How to Specify Veil Length?” while choosing veil model. In that point, we can say that the height of brides is important. Long-tailed veils like cathedral type are a safe option for both short and long brides instead of the short shoulder level veils and square laced tulle veils about the veil dimensions. If you are a short bride, you should stay away from elbow level, fingertip and waltz type veils. These make you look shorter than as always.

Comfort Is Also As Important As Elegance
While choosing a veil, you should pay attention to your comfort as well as your appearance. If you are going to choose a long and tailed veil, you may have difficulty dancing with this veil. In this case, it is useful to have an extra hair accessory with you. One of the alternatives is to attach a multi-layer veil and remove the long veil before dancing.

If you want to use a veil model covering your face, you should be careful not to use the lip gloss that will cause your lip stick to your veil. It is useful to make your preference with matte lipsticks. Also, it is advantageous to remind your hairdresser that the part of your veil covering your face should be a little ahead and to try this in rehearsals.

Pay Attention to Veils at Outdoor Weddings
If you are going to organize your wedding outdoors, it is very important to attach the correct veil length. You have to keep in mind that the wind can blow your veil left and right, which may disturb you. In this case, it may be useful to choose a long veil with a little weight. But don't overdo the length of the veil because if you choose a very long veil, it can be stained by sweeping the soil in the garden or the sand on the beach and unwanted images may appear.

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A Balanced Appearance is Necessary with Other Accessories
You should also consider other bridal accessories that you will use when choosing a veil. For example; if you are going to use a bridal crown and a veil, these two accessories must be compatible with each other. It would be better to use a simple tulle model instead of wearing a pearl embroidered veil with princess bridal crown models with flashy crystal stones.

You Can Be Inspired By Trends
You can be inspired by the newest trends in choosing a veil, one of the most important complements of the wedding dress. For example; among the newest veil models, there are stone designs such as pearl and swarovski, as well as veils that are all or colored. You can choose among these models that are suitable for wedding concept and your style.

The Most Beautiful Bridal Accessory Trends
You may think that her wedding dress will be the leading role on the wedding day, but don't underestimate the importance of accessories! Even with a small accessory, you can show off your style and get the look of your dreams. Even as much as you can imagine! We have compiled for you the most beautiful and newest bridal accessories that will appear in 2021 weddings!

Colorful Veils
Colourful veils, which are among the bridal accessory trends, appear in 2021 by changing their shape. This time, the colors are not in the entire wall but in the details. Colorful designs, floral appliques and veils that are animated with "spray" effect take attention as one of the most ambitious complements of the wedding dress at the 2021 weddings.

Big Bridal Crown
Bridal crowns and headbands, which is preferred by the brides who like flashy designs, are more modern and more elegant for now. It is possible to see ambitious brides with wide and stony crowns for 2021 weddings. You can use these accessories for weddings in flamboyant areas such as historical venues and hotels.

Elegant Accessories on the Ponytail
Straight and plain ponytail bridal hair models are good appearance with accessories. Jeweleries, chains and tight bands adorn elegant ponytails. You can add movement to your look by using these accessories with plain wedding dresses.

Black Details
We often will face with black accessories in 2021 weddings. Black details are elegant appearance in the plain wedding dress besides the accessories such as caps, gloves, necklace and tie. If you want to make a difference, you can prefer black accessories.

Removable Shoulders
Wedding dress with removable skirts and cloaks become a popular in recent years, and they are preferred by many brides due to their usefulness. A new one is added to these parts: Removable shoulders. These accessories, which are used with thin straps and strapless wedding dresses and cover only the shoulders, unlike their capes, are ideal for brides who do not want to use a veil.Wedding in Turkey

Accessories for Ears
If you want to use accessories that totally cover your ears, you can think to use ear accessories as known as “ear cuff. However, you don’t need to have your ear-pierced many times and wear various earring accessories. We recommend you various earrings that is covered all ear and clip on or pass through one ear hole. If you want to messy hair, you can appear your accessories with collecting your messy hair one side.

Face Accessories
Face accessories that are glory details of parties and festivals also use in the weddings. There are also alternatives in the form of stickers in the form of drops and stars besides stony face accessory options such as pearls and diamonds. We recommend these to bride who will make a glamorous bridal makeup.

Showy Shoes
We meet furry and colorful designs, which are among the 2021 wedding dress trends, are also among the newest bridal shoe models. You can use these models with short and asymmetrical wedding dresses