The Color Harmony of Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsman Dresses

Most Popular Bridesmaid and Groomsman of Recent Times

In recent years, brides have started to give great importance to bridesmaids, which we mostly come across in foreign countries. What are the trends you should follow about your bridesmaids that both make your wedding day beautiful and help you?

In this article, we will share important information about bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The "bridesmaids", who are very popular abroad, have also taken place in Turkish culture in recent years. Generally, the girl group consisting of close friends of the bride is the bridesmaids' task is to help the bride. In some countries, bridesmaids help the bride in all kinds of wedding-related matters from the very beginning, and some duties are entirely the responsibility of the bridesmaids. However, bridesmaids usually have the duty to help the bride on the wedding day, and there are also beautiful photographs and videotapes.Wedding in Antalya

There are some specific tips to appear in these unique photos. For example, the most frequently seen bridesmaids are wearing the same color. The same accessory also trends as clothes. We compile the last bridesmaid trends in this article. In this way, you can have more beautiful photographs with passing enjoyable and sincere a wedding day.

Bridesmaid Dresses
Same color dresses are one of the oldest and most frequently encountered bridesmaid trends. You can also inform your bridesmaids by setting a color during your wedding preparations, so they can choose a dress as you wish.

One of the most important things that pay attention is the color of dress. If you choose a color that matches the theme of your wedding, the season and especially the flowers used at the wedding, we guarantee that much more beautiful images will come out. For instance, dresses in the color of any of the flowers you will use in your bridal bouquet can be a nice option. In our opinion, bridesmaid dresses, which are preferred in soft and pastel tones, look very stylish now.

So should the same model dress be worn? Of course not. Dresses with a specific color but different fabric types can be preferred or the same type, same color and the same fabric but different model dresses is also an option. You can share your dress suggestions that are the most suitable for your wishes with your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns
Another trend that we have come across a lot recently is the dressing gowns worn by the bride and bridesmaids at the beginning of the wedding day preparations. In this trend, brides usually prefer white, bridesmaids prefer pink tones dressing gown. After you catch this ambience, a photo session is perfect during bride preparation. Do not forget to give entertaining poses with your bridesmaid when you wear the dressing gowns.

By the way, you can give a beautiful gift with embroidering your bridesmaids’ name behind the dressing gown. Let us remind you that satin and silk are the most preferred fabric types for bridesmaids’ dressing gowns!

Bridesmaid bouquets
Whether your bridesmaids wear the same color or different color dress, it is possible to get colorful images with the flower bouquet they will carry. Your own bouquet should guide you in what kind of bouquet to make! If you wish, you can choose the same as your own bridal bouquet, or you can choose smaller bouquets with similar flowers for your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid bracelets and hair accessoriesBest wedding planner in AntalyaAnother trend you can choose is bridesmaid bracelets besides bridesmaid bouquets. Especially the bracelets made of live flowers look very nice and allow bridesmaids to be separated from other guests all night long. In this way, you can make a nice gesture by making them feel special! Again, if flowers to be used in your bridal bouquet or wedding organization are used in the bridesmaid bracelets made of these live flowers, everything will look very harmonious!

Like bracelets, you can also choose hair accessories made of live flowers for your bridesmaids.

Tip: Make sure to have a few same accessories that can be used in case any of the bridesmaid bracelets or hair accessories are damaged. In addition, if you prefer to live flowers, the preparation of these accessories on the wedding day is significant for the freshness and appearance of the flowers!

Kid Bridesmaids
Especially, you can see these cute trendy kids that wear same as a bridesmaid at royal weddings. Sure, there will be nice moments instead of helping of bridesmaid. Children that walk behind the bride and groom or throwing flowers in front of them provide a very pure and natural look in our opinion.

You can create this kind of team that made by your relatives’ kids or your friends’ kids. You can even create two bridesmaid teams without giving up your friends. You can catch enjoyable moments with you close friend during the wedding day preparations, and find out colorful appearances with second bridesmaid team that includes only kids.

Flower Baskets of Little Brides
The most elegant details of the pleasant atmosphere of weddings are undoubtedly colorful flowers! The weddings are crowned with the fresh scents of tastefully chosen flowers leave pleasant moments when looked back. Choosing dazzling flowers with their fragrance is of great importance. You can use the power of daisies, lavenders and even orchids to make the flower selection suitable for the wedding concept and to achieve the ambience you want.

The sweetest detail of weddings is undoubtedly the little girls walking around with flower baskets in their hands! In the pleasant atmosphere of the wedding, we cannot think of another cute image as the little girls, who are the precious of the guests, throw flowers path while the bride and groom walk. It is important that the flower baskets of little girls, who are the center of attention as much as the beautiful brides at this pleasant moment, are also carefully selected and complemented by this pleasant look.Wedding in Turkey

The Groom's Helpers: Groomsmen

The duty of groomsman is to help the groom all wedding long. The groomsman can help the wedding process from the stag party to the groom's clothes. Groomsmen who take on many duties on this happy day of the groom are chosen from among the closest friends of the groom.

What is the Duty of Groomsman in the Wedding?

  • Help the groom with choosing a wedding venue
  • Contacting with the bride’s friends and giving information to the groom secretly what bride request and orienting the groom.
  • Organization of the stag night.
  • To bear the expenses of the stag night.
  • To organize decorating of the bridal car.
  • Managing the entire process from the organization of the wedding to its operation.
  • To adjust organizations as surprise small entertainments, bear the expenses.

Should Groomsmen be Married or Single?
Groomsman keeps on the right side of the groom before and during the wedding. Thus, being a groomsman is not easy at all. That’s why; closest friends of the groom bear this groomsman duty. However, there is no requirement that the groomsman is single or married.