How to Make Professional Wedding Makeup for Brides at the Wedding

Tips for Smokey Eyes Makeup

If you want to make an assertive make-up at your wedding, Smokey eyes makeup is for you. Important information about smokey eye makeup models, one more beautiful than the other
Wet Look Skin and Smokey Eyes Makeup

You can create a flawless look by combining wet look skin make-up that has become popular in recent years with smokey eye makeup. I suggest you complete this eye make-up using black and very dark browns with a peachy-pink blush and a nude lipstick.
We recommend that you pay attention to your bridal makeup selection according to the skin and eye colour.

Smokey Eyes Makeup in Purple Tones
You can create the illusion you need to bring the eye shape closer to the almond eyes with Smokey eyes makeup. For a romantic appearance, you can have this bridal makeup made of purple tones.Civil marriage ceremony in Antalya

Smokey Eyes Makeup
You can have your bridal hair and make-up, which you can prefer for Smokey eyes makeup, by a professional make-up artist. You can have an ambitious bridal make-up for weddings in flamboyant areas such as a historical place or a luxury wedding hotel.

Smokey eyes Bridal Makeup in Pink Tones
Romantic bride candidates prefer natural pink tones for bridal makeup. Bridal make-up in these tones, which can be preferred by white-skinned brides to add vitality to their appearance, will be the right choice.

Romantic Smokey eyes Makeup
If you want to add a romantic atmosphere to your look, you can also have a misty eye makeup in peach and pink tones. You should contact a professional make-up artist with whom you can get this bridal makeup done.

Smokey eyes Bridal Makeup
Especially, if you are going to marry in the autumn months and you want to use colors of the season in your make-up, you can prefer earthy tones eye makeup. You can draw attention to your eyes by choosing the lipstick in brown tones close to nude.

Smokey Eyes Makeup for Colorful Eyes
If you want to have a bridal make-up that draws attention to your colorful eyes, you can consider brown tones Smokey eye make-up. If you have deep-set eyes, you can create a look similar to almond eye shape with the help of eyeliner.

Dark Tones Smokey Eyes Makeup
If you want to have make-up that draws attention to your eyes, expert make-up artist, you can make your eyes look bigger and have an assertive look with these dark tones of smokey eye make-up made by expert make-up artists.

Smokey Bridal Makeup
Smokey eye makeup that is made cat eyes form makes you a sexy appearance. You can give your eyes a brighter look by applying pearlescent pale pink eyeshadow to the eye fountains in the make-up using shadows in black and plum tones.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup
If you think to organize a wedding in the ballroom, you can make intense black smokey eye make-up. You can add sparkle to your tear trough by using silver pigment to the eye fountains. In such make-up, we recommend that you wear false eyelashes to make your glances more dramatic. You can maintain a balanced appearance by using natural tones in the rest of your makeup.

Dark Brown Tones Smokey Eyes Make-up
To look Bohemian and sexy, you need to use brown and black tones to make stylish wedding make-up with Smokey eyes. With this make-up, for your lips, we recommend that you choose a brown lipstick with a pink undertone.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup
One of the best bridal make-ups is a smoky-eyed make-up by using a black eye shadow. And to get more sexy make-up, you should definitely choose a burgundy colored lipstick. If your wedding is in a vintage theme, this bridal make-up will suit you very well.

Smoky Eyes Makeup in Coffee Tones
By using brown and copper tones you can get sexy bridal and bohemian make-up. Close to the eye fountains use copper tones in the parts and create shadows with brown eye shadows in the remaining areas. We recommend that you make plain choices in the rest of your make-up to draw attention to your beautiful eyes. With milk-brown tones lipstick, you can get very stylish make-up.

Smoky Bridal Eyes Makeup
Brides with a round face shape for an oval look may prefer smoky eye make-up. If you think about dark tones of misty eye makeup, do not worry as it will suit you.

Elegant Mist Bridal Makeup
By using champagne-coloured eye shadow on the eyelid will achieve you an elegant smoky bridal make-up and dark grey eyeshadow on the bottom of the eyelashes and from the outer corners of the eyelid towards the fold line. To create a more intense effect on your eyes you can draw eyeliner at the bottom of the eyelashes.

Smoky Sexy Bridal MakeupBest wedding ceremony in Antalya TurkeyTo get very sexy bridal make-up you can use black eye shadow with champagne-coloured glitter eyeshadow. First of all, start with the fountain and apply champagne-coloured shadow on the entire eyelid. Then the second step is to get shadows with black eyeshadow from the outer corners of your eyes to the fold of the eyelid. The third step is to make a frame with black headlights on the lower lashes to get more intense looks. Make sure to draw a waterproof black eyeliner into your eyes. We recommend using false eyelashes to make your eyelashes look fuller.

Black Smokey Bridal Makeup
If you want to get a striking look with smoky bridal make-up with a cat-eye form with black eye shadow, we recommend for your eye fountains to apply a mother-of-pearl white eyeshadow. Thus, you will give your eyes a bright appearance. Nude lips will be a stylish choice for a balanced look.

Natural Brown Smoky Eyes Makeup
Not all smoky make-up needs to be pretentious. By using brown-colored headlights you can achieve a natural smoky eye make-up. And for lips, you can use just a nude pink lip gloss. Especially if you are going to have a wedding in the country garden, such a look will make you very stylish and beautiful.

Smoky Bridal Eyes Makeup in Pink Tones
Smoky eye make-up that will bring the eye shape closer to almond and highlight it is liked by many brides. If you prefer a romantic and assertive bridal make-up, you need to choose such different makeup on your wedding day.

Smoky Eyes Makeup for Colored Eyes
For colorful eyed brides to highlight their eyes the best choice is smoky eyes make-up. For example, blue-eyed brides can choice peach tones to look misty. And by drawing eyeliner at the bottom of the eyelashes colorful-eyed brides can create a more intense effect on their eyes.

Smoky Bridal Makeup
You can use smoky eye make-up with earth tones and black in your wedding makeup. You can have a sparkling look by applying a mother-of-pearl white headlight to the eye fountain and the part of the lower eyelash near the eye fountain. For brighter looks, you can draw white, waterproof eyeliner into your eyes. By using a pastel-toned lipstick on your lips, all the focus will be on your eyes.

Smoky Eyes Makeup in Lilac and Purple Tones
You can achieve romantic smoky looks by using lilac and purple tones in bridal makeup. Instead of black eye shadow, these shades will allow you to have a softer and more romantic look. We recommend applying single false eyelashes on the outer corners of your eyelashes with this eye make-up, we recommend especially for brides with brown eyes. Thus, you can have prominent eyelashes without exaggeration.

Smoky Eyes Makeup with Eyeliner

You can get a very stylish bridal makeup by pulling a thin tailed eyeliner in the slightly misty eye make-up you make with light eyeshadow and dark grey eyeshadow. Since it is a light make-up, you can use pastel tones on your lips if you want an assertive lipstick. Our recommendation is pastel colors because you can draw attention to your eyes.

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Smoky Bridal Eyes Makeup
By using black tones of eyeshadow you can make a smoky eye make-up while making your bridal make-up. Smoky eye makeup will add depth to your eyes. We recommend that you apply a mother-of-pearl headlight to your eye fountains and draw a skin-colored pencil into the eye. Thus, you can give softness to your eyes.

Smoky Eyes Makeup in Brown and Black Tones
By using brown and black tones you can get smoky eye makeup. It means you will get a very nice look by coloring your lips lightly with a brick-colored lipstick. We recommend making your hair a little bit messy bun to bring your face and makeup into the focus.

Ambitious Bridal Makeup
To get an assertive bridal make-up you can choose a dark black eyeliner and brown mist eyeshadow on your eyes, and using a light plum lipstick on your lips. We recommend that you contour your cheeks with a bronzer to reveal the cheekbones.

Smoky Eyes Makeup in Golden and Brown Tones
If you want to use golden and brown tones you will get a very nice bridal makeup. Firstly apply the golden eyeshadow on your eyelid, add shadows to the outer corners and fold area of ​​the eyelid with a brown shade. For brighter looks, you can draw a white or tan-colored pencil into your eyes. We recommend that you use a transparent lip gloss with light shine on your lips. This way makes your eyes sexier.