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Country Wedding Venues

Country weddings venues provide lots of different price choice according to the features you set and the number of guests. Country wedding with dinner is the most preferabled choice and also some

places give service as a cocktail, without dinner Don't Drown in Details, Focus on Your Happiness
The companies that are experienced international wedding planner can be preferred for country wedding organization and you can work smoothly with them. Our company Wedding City Antalya can prepare special packages for you. You can get free consultancy from our company, so you don’t have to deal with the details, you can focus on your happiness.Wedding decoration in Antalya

What should pay attention to organize Country Wedding?
Country wedding is the most choice of Spring and Summer weddings. Country wedding venues also is really preferred for different events. We will talk about what you need to pay attention to when choosing a place because there is a lot of demand for the country wedding and many places are opened. Of course, as well as the selection of bridal gowns, flowers, shoes and hairstyles, we will briefly make suggestions about them. We will explain the differences between the country wedding and the ballroom wedding. Also, "How should the country wedding be? When should the most suitable country wedding be? How should the decoration be made? ” We will answer the questions like.

Prices change according to different services and standards. City and town where is the venue are also the effective factors of the price. Generally, there is a wrong perception as a country wedding organize outside of the town in people’s mind. However, there are some places that can organize it in the city centre. Especially, there are lots of venues that organize wedding in Antalya in the city and around the city.

We have great venue recommendations on our website. There are many and quality venues that we can’t account one by one in Antalya. You can check venues and country wedding packages on our website and you can get detail information from our company.

Number of guests will affect the cost at the wedding venue reception. We don't talk about the places that only give wedding services when we say country wedding venues. Engaged and cocktail also are often organize in these places. Apart from giving separate prices for each, the number of guest and menu preference also directly affect the prices. Venue prices can vary according to many factors, from the additional services offered to the location of the venue. You can contact us to get more price information from this year. You can be sure that our team will give you the best prices on the market.

What is the Difference between Country Wedding and Ballroom Weddings?
Telling the differences between them can help to decide if you are confused between the country wedding in Summer and ballroom wedding. Bride and guest ladies should pay attention to their shoe preferences in the country wedding. Ladies can wear the shoes they want at the marriage ceremony. They can’t wear very high-heeled shoes in the countryside, but there are thousands of elegant shoes for a unique day.

The weather does not have much effect on the wedding for ballroom weddings. If it rains in the country wedding, it would be a great misfortune the bride, the groom and the guests. Women's makeup deteriorates, decorations may deteriorate, rainwater may enter food, and if there is live music, music may stop if the equipment is not covered. But you don't have to be afraid. If you check the weather and set the day, this problem will disappear. In addition, many country wedding venues have a closed area.

In summer day, your guests will prefer to be in an open area with fresh air and greenness rather than in a closed area. The concepts of the country wedding and bridal accessories are always more natural and simple. It creates a more elegant image. In ballroom weddings, the bride's accessories are more artificial. For example, artificial flowers are generally used in ballrooms, there is artificial light. Concept and bridal gown will be more extravagant.

Your guests will like the choice of country areas. The fact that there is a garden especially in this number of children will bring sympathy of the families and make the children happy.

In the same way, cocktail parties that are organized outdoor; at the poolside or in the countryside always will be more elegant as a concept. Photos are always better in every event in the countryside. Also, do not forget that every sunset is different, even if you want, you can’t experience the same sunset again. For this reason, your sunset photos will only be for you.

The Significant Advice for People Who Organize Country Wedding
Venue choice is really significant if you will organize a wedding in the countryside. While researching the country wedding venues, you can take care not only to have a green area but also a green area has full of flowers and trees. If you wish, you can also choose the country wedding venues with a pool in the garden.

While choosing a bridal gown, you should prefer models that are far from exaggerated. It would be more correct to use A-cut or short bridal gowns. On our site, you can find a more detailed article for country bridal gown suggestions. You should choose padded heels or thick heels instead of pointed heels. If you prefer a bridal gown that extends to the floor, your shoes won't be seen much anyway. You will also be standing almost all day. Therefore, you should pay attention to your comfort as well as your elegance. This recommendation applies not only to brides, but also to anyone who will use their marriage or country wedding venues.Wedding planner in Turkey

Since the model of the dress is a factor in the selection of bridal hairstyle, you can find the hairstyle suggestions for brides on our site that we have prepared. But we can make a suggestion like this; You can also attach the pieces from your bridal bouquet to your hair. Small flowers suit the bulk, Hellenistic hairstyles. Our favorite bridal bouquet for the country wedding is a bouquet of fresh flowers. You can choose the flower you will use according to the color, meaning and season. You can make a mixed bouquet or a single flower bouquet. It is totally up to your taste.

Groom should choose spring and summer colors, avoiding with black and white outfit. Color that will be used shouldn’t be different colorful and shining, it should be pastel colors. You can prefer some colors while choosing an outfit. You can wear a small piece of flower from bridal bouquet.

We had suggestions for couples to marry in the summer wedding venues. Especially, we have given suggestion on bridal gowns, hairstyle, bridal flower and shoes for brides. We explained the differences between the ballroom wedding and the country wedding. Of course, you will decide which one is advantageous and which one is disadvantageous. We had hints for grooms for the selection of groom suits suitable for the concept of the country wedding. We talked about what should be considered when choosing the countryside venues. Whichever organization you organize henna, cocktail, marriage, choose a place where you will not doubt its quality. Of course the budget is very important, but a place you choose to make it a bit more convenient when you can normally give that money can ruin that special day. We have introduced many country wedding venues that we are sure of their service quality in our wedding packages on our site. If you want to organize a wedding in Antalya, you can get a free consultation from our international wedding design company.

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