Choose Your Bridal Shoes According to Wedding Dress Trends

2021 Fashion Trend Bridal Shoes Must Match Your Wedding Dress

2021 Fashion Trend Bridal Shoes

Especially, brides who consider foot comfort at the wedding prefer comfortable bridal shoes, which is the new trend of today. Brides, who want to add elegance to their comfort, prefer court shoes instead of the stiletto. Bridal wedges are often preferred because they fit both vintage and bohemian wedding dresses and are much more comfortable than thin heels.

The favourite of women who want to add comfort and elegance to their special day is ankle-heeled thick heel shoes. It fully wraps the ankle and prevents unwanted accidents by preventing ankle sprain.Wedding planner in Turkey

Platform Bridal Wedges
Bridal shoes, which wedge and platform shoe combine with a thick heel, also have the effect of reducing the foot pain of the bride candidates who are standing all day. Platform shoes, which are launched in every style and color, complement the princess cut or A-cut wedding dresses perfectly.

Flat Bridal Shoes
Brides who want to wear comfortable shoes on your most special day prefer shoes that are flat and without hell. However, flat bridal shoes, which is preferred by the bride who is longer than her partner, has a stylish and elegant appearance with its stony embroidery and different bowtie designs. Even flat shoes can be turned into bridal shoes with different embroideries, beads and patterns. If you plan to organize your wedding on the countryside or beach, you can prefer flat bridal shoes.

Bridal Sneakers
Platform sneakers are one of the trendiest bridal shoes in this year, especially it can be in great harmony with bohemian style wedding dress. Platform bridal sneakers, which are designed as special for the wedding, allow her to move freely, she also stands out with her stylish looks.

The most significant factor is a floor of the wedding venue while choosing bridal shoes. Platform bridal sneakers can be used in every type of ground such as stony, grounded, grassy, sandy area and it successfully suits every venue.

If you have a colourful personality and you feel simple with a single colour as white, you can prefer to colourful bridal shoes. Colourful bridal shoes models, which are the common choice of those who want to be as colorful and fun as their normal life, have been designing by many companies. Colorful shoes are also produced with heels since the ballroom weddings are more suitable for the classical concept. Especially most of the products that perfectly complement the gipsy style wedding dresses have a hidden platform heel. In this way, it provides extra comfort to the person compared to thin heel and stiletto type shoes. Especially gipsy style wedding dress is integrated with platform shoes. In this way, it provides extra comfort to the person compared instead of the thin heel and stiletto type shoes.Luxury wedding in Antalya

What should be Considered While Choosing Bridal Shoes?
Choose the right shoe for you to move comfortably during your wedding night and dance until the last minute. Here are things to consider when choosing bridal shoes...

Although your choice of bridal shoes generally seems like a small detail, it is at least as important as choosing a wedding dress and it deserves the same care! But while struggling with preparations, you usually have the idea of ​​“I won’t be seen under my wedding dress after all, I will wear it for a couple of hours” and unfortunately you will be wrong. As a matter of fact, it won’t only appear under your wedding dress and will complete the magnificence of your wedding dress, but its comfort will be as important as its elegance as you will be standing for hours that night. You will understand that the comfort of your bridal shoes will be effective in the joy and happiness of your wedding night.

Make Sure It Is Absolutely Compatible
Choose your shoes according to your wedding dress. Take a suggestion about bridal shoes from person who is designer of your wedding dress or where you buy your wedding dress. Don’t buy the first one you like, search! When you choose shoes, take the wedding dress with you. If the place is not suitable, try the shoes at home and change them if it doesn’t suit you. Although there are very close shades of white and cream, there are many intermediate tones in between. The most significant point you should pay attention to here; your wedding dress and shoes have to be in the same tone. Otherwise, your shoes may spoil your overall appearance.

Pay Attention to the Model of Your Wedding Dress and Shape of Your Feet
Don’t wear the shoes that aren’t suitable your feet type even if for a night. Even if you think you can handle it for a few hours, don’t take this risk at all. Take this advice seriously, especially if your feet are wide. You should avoid closed shoes and prefer the thick form made. Pay attention to not constrict your feet in the problematical area.

Pay Attention to the Season That You Will Organize Your Wedding

Consider weather conditions. Try to prefer suitable shoes for the weather conditions of the season whether your destination is indoor or outdoor. Even if you walk to the venue from your car in the short distance in winter, you don’t know what will be happening in a short time. If you want to have a wedding without problems, avoid taking risks.Bridal shoe in Antalya

Pay Attention to the Floor in the Place Where the Wedding Will Be
Like many women, there may be shoes that you have played in your dreams, but what you need to do here is to adapt those shoes to the conditions. If you are planning a country wedding that will take place on the grass, be sure to choose thick heels or flat shoes. Otherwise, the thin heels of your shoes stuck in the ground and prevent you from walking. If you organize your wedding indoor, consider to not be the slippery ground and carpet. If the venue of the floor is slippery, you can easily fall.

When Do You Buy Your Bridal Shoes?
When you decide on your wedding dress, your fashion designer wants you to come to the first rehearsal with your shoes. Whether you want to buy ready-made or do you prefer custom made, you should decide this. If you want to buy ready-made, it's time to turn upside-down the shoemakers!

Watch Out For These Tricks!

  • While choosing your bridal shoes, consider the heel of the shoes that you generally wear at your daily life
  • While choosing the heel, consider the aspect ratio with your partner alongside the comfort of your shoes.
  • What kind of wedding do you organize? If it is a countryside wedding, thin heels will not useable and thin heels can have a chance to turn your night a nightmare. You should prefer thick heels; even you can carry flat shoes or bridal sneakers around for the end of nights.
  • Do not buy a shoe that barely suits you, just because you like it, "I wear it at home and it stretches". Your feet will begin to swell after a certain hour and your shoes will start to hit you. It is recommended to buy a comfortable and soft leather shoes and to make a comfort test 1 week before at home in order to avoid such problems.
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