Indian Weddings in Antalya, Colorful Life, Magical Indian Dance

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Special Indian Weddings in Antalya, Colorful Life, Magical Indian Dance

People who laugh in a lot of dance and colorful clothes opened Indian wedding season in Antalya in the feast.

Indian weddings are also organized flamboyant in Antalya Turkey as it is in India. We will tell showy Indian wedding in Turkey for people who want to marry as well as what you've wondered about a ceremony with original Indian weddings We will talk about Indian wedding and traditions without going into details.

Indian weddings have been attracting attention all over the world recently with their fairytale characters and other unique features. Shagun of indispensable for Indian weddings is among the pre-wedding rituals. After the girl and boy agree for marriage, the elders of the family choose a lucky day for the Shagun ceremony. This date is calculated by the astral calendar, often called the Panchanga. The mother of the groom goes to the girl's house with gifts, clothes, deserts, rice and jewellery and the girl is officially asked for the marriage.Indian wedding decoration in Antalya

Another tradition before the wedding is the Mangni ceremony. This is like an engagement ceremony. The bride and groom wear rings to each other in the presence of their family elders and friends. Entertainment and banquets are organized with music and dances. The Mangni ceremony now indicates that the family of the two sides fully agreed for marriage.

The Mehndi ceremony is like the henna night. This ceremony is held the night before the wedding. In this Mehndi (henna) night where women are together, a professional mehndi artist or a relative of the girl applies henna to the bride's hands, arms and feet. Similar to the guests, after the henna burning process, banquet and traditional dances, entertainment are carried to the top during the night! According to another interesting tradition that can take place during this henna applying, the mother of the bride may ask the artist of the Mehndi to write the name of the groom in the Mehndi design, which is embroidered by the bride, and the groom is expected to find the name hidden in the design after the wedding.

Another ceremony is the Haldi ceremony on the wedding day. 2 sides of families come together in this ceremony. Both sides of families spread a mixture of water, turmeric and various oils onto the skin and clothes of bride and groom in this ceremony that held in the wedding morning. They believe that this mixture blesses and make relax couple. There is a Beraat Ceremony too. Groom rides a horse in that ceremony. Groom’s family and all closest ones dance together and they go to the bride’s house with hours of journey.

Traditional Indian drummers accompany to groom’s side to increase energy of journey. Nowadays, DJ leads the group in this journey to feel the music totally in Indian weddings. When groom arrive to the area where bride is waiting, a red dot is put on the forehead of the groom with paint. The bride side wears bunches of a flower on the neck of relatives of the groom. Bunches of a flower is believed as blessed material in traditional Indian weddings and it is very important for them. Thus, this is how to organize fairytale Indian weddings in terms of music and visual show but you have to push the boat out a lot.Indian wedding in Antalya

What are the unknown facts about Indian weddings? How many days take Indian weddings? What do the colors mean at the wedding? What are the features of Indian wedding dresses? Blacks, whites, pastels, calm cocktails, ceremony completed in two hours, wishes of short happiness… Forget all the patterns you know about weddings! The doors of a completely different wedding ceremony are opening. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the Indian wedding with its unknown facts: Colors! Everything you wonder about Indian weddings!

Everything such as bride, groom and guests; table design, design and all decoration… is colorful and it seems like a live spring-summer season. It is noteworthy that red is the dominant color, because the symbol of purity is white in western cultures, while a red represents purity in India. Red also represents fertility and wealth. The reason why Indian wedding dresses are mostly red is based on this symbolism. Yellow is another color that is paid attention mostly in Indian weddings. Yellow represents happiness and richness in the Middle East. It also represents for same meanings in India. Yellow symbolize richness, holiness and kindness. Black symbolize terrifying calamity besides the live colors. Thus, it is hard to see the black in traditional Indian weddings and actually it is a radical situation…

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