Some Details You Need To Know Before You Make Your Bride Makeup

Don't Be Aggrieved at your Make-Up in Your Wedding

The Important Details to Know Before the Bridal Make-up

Don't Be Aggrieved at Your Make-Up in Your Wedding

If there are a few days left for your wedding, now is the time to start preparations for your bridal makeup to be perfect. Of course, it is very natural that you want to look flawless on this special day, which is prepared for months by considering every detail.

However, many brides can be aggrieved at makeup because of the small details they miss. If you don't want to be in this group, check out what you need to know before making decisions about your bridal makeup.Wedding planne in Antalya

Which Color Have to Be Preferred for Bridal Make-up?
Every detail from your skin color to model and color of your wedding dress are determinative about your bridal make-up which you can choose. Furthermore, it will be wrong if I talk about a stable few colors. You should choose colors which suit you mostly at the special day that you are the main character. You should choose tones that don’t hide your beautifulness while choosing colors. You can be looking gorgeous with pink, purple, even brown lipstick. The significant is that discover colors that suit you firstly and you have to use these colors mostly. It will be good for you if you use soft tones at your make-up and avoid dark tones.

How Many Hours Before the Wedding Should the Bridal Make-up Be Done?
Making your bridal make-up right before going to the wedding venue, so your make-up will maintain its flawless appearance for a longer time. Therefore, after the bridal hair is finished, you should proceed to the makeup stage as the last job. But you should never ignore minor setbacks. Thus, you left an extra 30 minutes between the time period you will leave the hairdresser with bridal make-up and go to the wedding venue. In this way, you will be prevented from entering the stress whether your makeup will grow, it will save you time in case of possible mishaps and you will have time for minor touches. If your make-up is completed without any problems, you can evaluate this remaining time by drinking a coffee before the wedding or by taking lots of photos from your friends.

How to choose your make-up artist?
There is a makeup specialist in almost every hairdresser. But as you can imagine, it would not be correct to think that every makeup artist has the same skills and knowledge. You need to work with a make-up specialist who can meet your demand to look flawless on the most special day of your life. Of course, you don’t need to check all hairdressers for your make-up. A professional makeup specialist always has a catalog. You can want to see the catalog of your makeup artist who will make your makeup. When you see the bridal makeup photos in the catalog, you will understand that you find the right or not makeup artist. If you like photos in the catalog, you can pass the second stage. The second stage should be makeup rehearsal!

When Makeup Rehearsal Should Be Done?
The right time for makeup rehearsal is 10 days before the wedding day because you may not be satisfied with the work of the person who will make your makeup although you like the bridal makeup samples you see in the catalog. It takes time to find another makeup artist. The best time for makeup is evening hours. That’s why you need to test not only how the makeup looks, but also its permanence. Never take off your makeup. In this way, besides testing its permanence, you can easily test when you need to freshen up or which material has changed its appearance after a while. Don’t hesitate to try color during the rehearsal. You can find the color which suits you a lot. That can surprise that most of bride meet. You will see that used cosmetics how to react to your skin during the rehearsal.Wedding planner in Turkey

Which Cosmetics Should Prefer at The Bridal Makeup?
Quality levels of cosmetics that will use have to be high. When you use cosmetics that produce for professional makeup, you can escape from feels that you wear a mask. However, pay attention to small details. For instance; under-eye concealer should never be white. The white under-eye concealer can become more prominent when flashes burst in photos. The color of your pan stick should be the same as your skin tone. Some bride can choose 1 tone light color pan stick but, an unpleasant image can appear in the photos.

Suggestions for those who will make their own bridal makeup

  • If the materials you use in your daily life are of medium quality, visit the stand of a brand that produces professional cosmetics for bridal makeup.
  • Your foundation may shine even slightly. Apply transparent powder on the foundation. However, make sure that the powder is the same as your skin tone.
  • Apply lightly powder on your lips before lipstick to prevent your lipstick from spreading in a short time. So your lipstick can stay on for a much longer time.
  • Make your lip lines clear with lip liner before lipstick.
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