The Important Complementary Accessory of Wedding Dress is a Veil

Choose the bridal veil according to the wedding dress model

How to Decide Wedding Veil?

You have reached your dream wedding dress and now it is time to choose your veil. First of all, you need to know that the veil is at least as important as a bridal accessory! In some cultures,

the veil, which is believed to protect the bride from evil spirits, is seen as the symbol of the purity and cleanness of the bride in some cultures So how to choose a veil? I prepared a detailed article on this subject for you. Here are the tips about the veil selection…

A veil is an important accessory for the wedding dress and it is chosen right. Stable and elegance view comes from choosing your veil, bridal gown, face type and venues that you will organize the wedding. Right now we are going to talk about it accordingly. After that, if you meet bride accessories company, you can get any veil models immediately. Here you are choosing a veil for wedding dress, face type and wedding venues.Best wedding planner in Turkey

Veil Models According To Wedding Dress
First of all we talk about that you don’t have to forget; the veil should complete your wedding dress but it never covers your wedding dress! So your wedding dress always should be play the leading role of the wedding. Therefore, the veil you choose should emphasize your wedding dress first. Another thing you shouldn’t forget is that the veil you will wear must be the same color as your wedding dress! For instance, wearing a white veil for a cream-colored wedding dress won’t be a pleasant appearance. Now let's come to the selection of the veil according to the feature of the wedding dress. Don’t forget that the wedding dress model, embroidery, style or skirt length directly affects the veil selection! Let's open this up a little bit more:

Veil Suggestion for Plain Wedding Dress Models
Plain wedding dress models have always been the first choice of brides who want to capture minimal images. If you are one of those brides, you can use the same simplicity in choosing a veil. You can choose a tulle veil that isn’t embroidered and fastened under the knob, or you can take a look at veil models made of silk, satin or chiffon fabric. We suggest that your veil to have the same fabric in order to achieve harmony. Also, my other recommendation is to attach your veil to your hair not as one piece, but as two pieces, one long and one short. Thus, you can balance the simplicity of your wedding dress with mobility in the veil. Another suggestion that will keep the simplicity of your wedding dress in balance is to wear a sparkly veil. For example, the veil model with floral appliqué or stone embroidery can be a great choice.

Veil Suggestion for Stony Wedding Dress Models
Embroidered wedding dresses are both remarkable and preferred by most of brides. If you have a fully embroidered wedding dress, my advice to you is to prefer a simpler veil. If you want, you can also choose a veil with a thin ribbon lace on the edges or a little embroidered veil, but I recommend you to choose tulle veils without embroidered that will make you look more balanced. If the embroideries are only on the upper part of the wedding dress, you can also choose a moving veil that will look balanced in it. Our recommendation for this is that you prefer a veil that has been processed so as not to shade the wedding dress. Don’t forget to take care that the embroideries are exactly the same or similar with the stones used in your wedding dress!

If you want to check out good looking bridal hair models with veil, you can go over photos on our website.

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Veil Suggestion for Lace Wedding Dress Models
is among the most preferred wedding dress fabric of brides. Lace which is elegant and attractive often is preferred in the wedding dress. If you have also preferred a lace detailed wedding dress, you can choose a plain veil with the same lace as your wedding dress, and you can still get a simple and minimal look, or you can choose to keep the simplicity of your wedding dress in a little balance with an embroidered veil model. The choice about that totally belongs to you! If lace isn’t used in all part of wedding dress, you can use the veil without any detail.

Veil Suggestion According to the Skirt Length of the Wedding Dress
Another most important detail for veil choice in the wedding dress is the skirt length of the wedding dress. You can prefer a veil model which you like but if you use a long veil, you should pay attention to the length of a veil shouldn’t be longer than the skirt length of your wedding dress. Long veil shouldn’t be preferred while you are wearing a miniskirt wedding dress because the veil might cover all your wedding dress. Therefore, you can prefer veil models that end at the elbow or fall on the shoulders among the veil style. You can prefer also veil models that end at the elbow or fall on the shoulders or waltz type veils that go down to waist level for tea length wedding dress.

Veil Models According to Face Type
Face type is really important for the choice of veil. How to attach the veil to the hair? Which hair accessories should be supported? Which of the long or short veil models are suitable for you? We tell you everything what you want to know about it. Here are the face types and veil models suitable for these face types:

  • Veil Suggestion for Oval Face Type

The most prominent feature of the oval face type is the thin chin structure and the slightly dislocated cheekbones. It should also be noted that the bride with this face types are the luckiest group. Because they are free to use the veil model they want. If you have such a face type, you can choose the veil model you want considering your wedding dress and wedding venue.Wedding planner in Turkey

  • Veil Suggestion for Square Face Type

In addition to the apparent chin bone, the brides of the square face type have a face shape in which their width and height are very close to each other. It means that face type is totally square! For this reason, you should turn to hair and veil models that will make your face look longer. For example, priestess bridal veil models will be suitable for you. If it is compatible for your wedding dress, we recommend that you cover the sharp lines of your face by leaving your hair open.

  • Veil Suggestion for Round Face Type

If you have a round face type, you can get an oval look by choosing one of the chapel, cathedral or veils that end at the elbow. Please be careful that your veil isn’t folded and raised! Since you already have a round face, such models will make you look fatter than you are. You can wear a veil by leaving your hair free to show your face long and close to oval.

  • Veil Suggestion for Rectangular Face Type

A wide forehead and prominent chin bones are the most prominent feature of the rectangular face type. The most suitable veils for this face type are fluffy veil models. It is useful to take care that this swelling isn’t only from the top, but from the sides. Otherwise, you can get the opposite result of the oval effect we want to create. Apart from the fluffy veil, your other option is veils that are attached to the hair from behind, so as not to cover your face. For instance, you might prefer a thin veil model that is attached under the ballerina bun.

  • Veil Suggestion for Heart Face Type

The most suitable veil model is fluffy models that are attached under the bun for face type that a forehead wider than the chin. These fluffy veil models will show your face quite balanced. Another veil model that is most suitable for you is the birdcage veil model instead of the fluffy veil.

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Veil Models According to Wedding Venue
The wedding venue is really important for veil choice. If you prefer veil that isn’t suitable for the venue, you have to know that you will have a problem with moving comfortably. So, how to choose a veil for which wedding venue? First of all, we can talk about country weddings that are indispensable of summer weddings. You should pay attention that your veil won’t be too long for country wedding. You have to know that you don’t move with long veil that touches the ground all night. We advise you to choose one of the veil models at elbow or shoulder level.

We also recommend you to choose a short veil model in venues where have the pool and dance floor are narrow. We recommend that you use a veil model that won’t wrap your feet all night. If you want to use a chapel-style veil, of course, this shouldn’t prevent you. After all, the day is your day! If you want, we can offer you a suggestion in this regard; How about using two veils? You can wear a long veil during bride and groom enter to the venue, and you can switch to a short veil model during the moving times of the wedding.

You can choose a chapel for the historical venue weddings and a cathedral type veil according to the size of the venue. Long veil models will look great, especially for hotel and palace wedding.

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