Traditional Indian Mehndi Ceremony In Turkey

Traditional Indian Mehndi ceremony in Turkey Antalya and Mandap prepared for bride at green areas on seaside of our luxury hotel partners decorated with coloured fabrics and fresh flowers. Inside of Mandap was put coloured mattresses.

Indian luxury wedding in Turkey

Indian henna specialists applied on hands and feet of bride traditional Indian henna. Guests of wedding and friends of bride have fun on henna ceremony. Our wedding partner prepares with special care Indian cuisine dishes by open buffet system for Mehndi ceremony on green area of luxury hotels. Fortune-tellers on Tarot cards tell to guests about their future and they have fun. The most important thing at the traditional Indian Mehndi ceremony is caricature portraits made for guests and presented to them during the celebration.

The Turkish art of marbling (Ebru), which is the traditional culture of Turkey, is also represented at the ceremony. During the ceremony, a separate table is set in the garden, where the Ebru masters teach Indian guests this art, make the first drawings on the water and then give them to the guests. Indians, who have a rich wedding culture, are very interested in Ottoman culture. Our company Wedding City Antalya introduces Indian wedding guests the combination of Turkish and Indian cultures.

Mehendi Ceremony In Turkey Antalya