Swedish Weddings In Turkey Antalya

Antalya, the tourist capital of Turkey, is also successful in the sector of international wedding tourism and accepts wedding groups coming from all over the world.

In particular, in winter, Antalya is preferred for Swedish weddings, Norwegian weddings, Swiss weddings, German and English weddings, because in these European countries this season is harsh. Antalya with its Mediterranean coast, world class hotels working on all-inclusive system, green forests, magnificent nature and clean air, is the most outstanding tourist city for wedding guests.

Swedish Marriages In Antalya

You can make wedding ceremony not only on the beaches, but also on a mountain in the middle of the forest or on a horse farm, around of which is magnificent nature. Most wedding groups from Sweden want to have marriage and hold a traditional Swedish wedding in Antalya. Swedish wedding groups like cute pastel color decoration, as well as Turkish cuisine. Our luxury world-class hotels prepare the menu of Ottoman-Turkish cuisine for our wedding groups from Sweden with special care and attention.

International Wedding Planner In Turkey Antalya