Iranian weddings On The Beach in Turkey Antalya

Most Iranian couples those were immigrated from Iran to England, Germany, Sweden, USA and come to Turkey Antalya to make wedding. They prefer to meet in Antalya that is meeting center for their families. As it is hard to get visa from Iran for United States and Canada for 100-150 wedding groups, so Iranian couples can make weddings and invite guests to Turkey.

Turkey that is located in the middle of world map is meeting point of their families and flights tickets are more economic. Mediterranean climate is important for them. Accommodation and wedding cost for European countries higher in compare with Antalya. Antalya has seaside world brand 5 stars hotels those work on All Inclusive system. They are our partner hotels that are suitable for Iranian citizens. The most important thing for Iranians is visa-free regime between Iran and Turkey. Our hotel partners make wedding menu according Iranian cuisine especially for Iranian wedding groups.

BPersian Wedding In Turkey

Sofreh Aghd ceremony is important for traditional Iranian weddings. Our company Wedding City Antalya makes special accessories for Sofre Aghd ceremony. Sofre Aghd table is decorated with candle and candle holders with Swarovski stones, glass vases on top of them white crystal balls. Silver glasses inside with white flowers put on table. There were also silver trays inside with Turkish delights on Sofreh table. Our company is experienced and successful in this issue. Shii marriage made on Sofre Aghd ceremony is very important for Iranians. We especially bring Shii mulla for religious marriage to hotel.

Wedding cake cut ceremony is very important for Iranian wedding groups. Wedding cake specially decorated in tone of wedding decoration by our company. Knife for wedding cake is also decorated in tone of whole wedding decoration. Moment of cutting the cake is important minutes. Bride is sitting and looking at special dance show prepared by groom and his friends for her. Unforgettable dance show is perfect moment of wedding. It is impossible to admire with Iranian weddings.

Persian Luxury Wedding In Antalya