Indian Couples Living In England

Some Indian couples who live in England and want to conduct weddings in Turkey Antalya, contact us from England and ask to send an offer on wedding package. Indian bride and groom living in England want to meet with families in Antalya and hold a traditional Indian wedding ceremony that lasts 3 days and three nights.

Indian couples living in England are most interested in the decor, which combines English and Indian cultures. We modernize traditional Indian ceremonies for them using European decorations and put into wedding packages examples of these special decorations. Since Turkey is in the center according to world geography, the bride and groom plan to hold a celebration and meet their families here. Indian weddings are held with the participation of 300 or 500 guests, so European countries, especially England doesn’t want to give a visa.


The Turkish government provides special support in issuing visas for wedding groups. The Turkish government issued a decree to support Turkish consulates in India in issuing visas to wedding groups of wedding operators conducting traditional celebrations. For easy visa reception for wedding groups, our company can send a list of guests invited to a wedding in the Turkish consulate, thereby reducing the time of issuing a visa. Couples wishing to conduct weddings in Turkey Antalya can contact us for a visa to Turkey Antalya, regardless of where they live: in England or in India.

If you want after a wedding ceremony in Antalya, lasting three days, to make a tour of the city, thus seeing interesting places and having fun, then we can prepare tour package. Or we can organize upstate trip program for 3 days for your guests and families. We can present you three-day Cappadocia tour or Antalya – Denizli three-day tour. Our Wedding City Antalya company is the international wedding and event operator. All your special expectations on Indian weddings you can see inside of wedding packages and tour packages posted on our website.