Description of Love

Love Recipe

It would be so easy if we could give you the recipe of love like it is a meal. These questions are always occupying people’s heads.

Is there a description of love? Is love a real thing? Does everybody experience love differently? How can we achieve victory in love? Is there a cure for love? Does love end? How long does love last?

Actually all these questions are because there is no certain description of love even from the scientists. So, what is love?

Love is an eclipse. Lover’s heart will flow into the loved one’s heart quietly. This is a one way road, there is no turning back. People always arguing about if there is love at first sight or not, however a lover never knows if he or she fell in love at first or second sight. Because love is not a phenomenon which can be shown by numbers. This is why it is so hard to answer the question of what love is. Everybody experience love from a different perspective, some people don’t even know what love is. Some people fall in love hundred times, divide their hearts into pieces.

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Firstly, we can tell you about love at first sight. There can be an attraction at first sight. No lover considers this attraction as love. First sight is only a step through love.

Now its time to describe love. Love is giving your heart to someone. Some people say that love is to like someone strongly however this is not true, love is something different. Love consists of lust, irrationality and obsession. Living creatures go into action for the purposes like, nourishment, reproduction, value expectation and shelter. However love has no reason or purpose. Although some psychologists and scientists say that love is connected to reproduction, hormones do this job very well. Animals also reproduce however they do not fall in love. So this means it is also possible to continue reproducing without love. Moreover, human history divided love and marriage from each other. One can get married with a person without love and reproduce. So, why love exists?

Lover thinks about his or her love as a reflex. Some can announce their love, some wants to keep it as a secret which called as platonic love. The reason of a platonic love is unbalance. One who thinks that he or she will be rejected, naturally can not explain his or her love to the other person. Even if some of them do, they can not get a response.

Love is a storm of hormones. Romanticism and melancholy is the main actors of this storm. People who mix love with lust are mostly people who do not fall in love in their whole life. The people who do not know what love is usually try to label other things as love. In fact, even short period of licentiousness can be love for them. This is like a blind man imagines about blue color. How can he know that?

Consumption societies usually do not know what love is. For experiencing love, one’s heart should be soft. Rough people can not fall in love. One’s world should be wide and one should have a tendency for metaphysic subjects as obscurity of love comes from the metaphysics. Love is not like basic instincts as nourishment, reproduction and protection. You can not say that its foundations are hormone signals which are sent by brain. Yes, hormones are going crazy and even our organs can act differently when we fall in love but it is not the brain who makes it but what is it?

Lover is the slave of the loved one, ready to do what he or she wants. In most songs we can see the word ‘’worship’’ to the loved one. Love is a test between two human beings.

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Let’s talk about signs of love. The most distinct sign is an indescribable feeling of burning and melancholy. Either one sleeps too much or can not sleep at all. Digestive system goes out of control, one can not even feel hunger. Everyone can understand that they fall in love. If someone ask themselves if they are in love or not, this means they are not in love. If you are in love, you know it. However it is also possible that one can not understand if he or she is being loved or not. Love is in the heart, this is why only the lover can understand that he or she is in love.

Maybe we can tell you about what love is not to understand what love is. Love is not lust, love is not about reproduction, love is not something that can comes and goes, love is not time limited, if your love is over, it means it is not love. Love is not a way to heaven, it is like a poisonous honey. You can not go to love, love comes to you, no one can beat love, love is always the winner. Love is not something which will be lost after you get satisfied. We follow love even if we do not want.

Nothing is as its used to be after you fall in love. Sun shines brighter, becomes warmer. Your being has changed. Your priorities, family, job or school is not important anymore. You can sing without a reason whole day. The road you’ve been walking every day seems more beautiful than ever, stars are nicer, but only for you. Sometimes you feel like you are the strongest person in the world, but sometimes you feel like a little child. Your world is full with pinks. This pink world’s real name is the need to be loved. We are not only looking for love and happiness but also spiritual satisfaction and wholeness. Because love makes us feel complete and makes us think that we have found the missing part of our life. In this sense, love is like a puzzle.

In fact, telling someone ‘’I love you’’ means ‘’I want you to love me’’. Because the idea of someone loving us makes us forget our missing parts. We feel whole and complete.

Consequently, love is a search for finding the missing part of the puzzle.

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