Antalya Is The Best Place For Your Wedding

History Of Antalya

Antalya is one of the most historical place in Turkey. The researches which are made in Karain Cave which is located in 20 km. far away from Antalya and in Toros Mountain’s Mediterranean piedmonts found out that there were Paleolithic settlements.

This means there were signs of life in Antalya since 220 BC. Moreover, in Iliad saga Homeros also mentioned about some places in here which means there were some local society on 1200 BC. In those times these area called Pamphylia.

This area was under the sway of Lydia Kingdom, Persians and Alexander the Great. On 2nd century BC these area which is the west side of Pamphylia was taken by 2. Attalos, the king of Pergamon. When King Attalos asked his soldiers to find him the heaven on earth, they showed him this place, Antalya which is the most blessed region in Anatolia to him. Afterwards, king Attolos named this place after his name, Attalia. (In ancient eras, cities are mentioned by their founders) Attalia means the city of Attalos.In Arabic written sources, city’s name is Antaliye. In Turkish written sources are calling the city as Adalya. City started to be called Antalya after 20th century.

Antalya’s first city walls was builded during the King Attalos era. However after he died and Pergamon Kingdom has ended (133 BC) city remained independent for a while until pirates conquered it.Later, city was included in the Roman Empire on 77 BC by commander Servilius Isauricus. On 67 BC city became base for Pompeius fleet. On 130 AC, the visit of the Roman Imperial Hadrianus made the city develop. Hadrianus gate was built, east side of the city walls was repaired.

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After the Roman Empire, 4th century AC, Byzantine Empire’s domination started in the area. City became the center of episcopalism. On 1096, city was conquered by King Suleyman, the Sultan of the Seljuks. On 1096, with the Crusades, Turks lost the city. During this era, Seljuks tried to develop highway trades and their most important target was to conquer Mediterranean trade. They believed that it was very important to conquer Antalya as it was a harbor which connects Anatolia with other Mediterranean countries. As merchants which came from Egypt and Syria was using Antalya as a traverse, Seljuks wanted Antalya more. As a matter of fact, on 1882 they tried but could not conquer Antalya. on 1207,ü they tried again and after 2 months of siege, with the help of the local people, Seljuks conquered Antalya. afterwards they appointed muslim judges, imams, orators and muezzins to Antalya. Castles were repaired, weapons and provisions were stored. In this way, Seljuks were opened their way to Mediterranean. Antalya became the center of the trade with Europe and Egypt, moreover it became the base of the Seljuks fleet.

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On 1212, local people risen against the rulers and killed them. Afterwards, Sultan of Seljuks took the city back on 1216.After the experience of Christians and Muslims was living together failed, to provide protection city divided in two. A wall was built to separate Muslims’ and Christians’ neighborhood. Christians started to live in the east side and Muslims on the west side of the city. With the increasing population of Turkish people on the west side, a new wall should be built. On 1225, that wall was built. City became the winter center of the Seljuks, they spent their time mostly in Alanya which was conquered on 1223. Christian people started to leave the city and settle down in Tarsus and Mersin area.

On 1389, Ottoman Sultan Yıldırım Beyazıt conquered Antalya and surroundings in Ottoman Empire. Between 1917-1921 city was conquered by Italians. On 1921, city became a part on Republic of Turkey.Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of Republic of Turkey came to Antalya on a spring day in 1930 and the first time he saw Antalya with its blue sea and beautiful mountains he said ‘“There is no doubt that Antalya is the most beautiful place in the world”.

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Touristic Places in Antalya

The capital city of tourism and holiday, Antalya, takes all the attention with its natural beauties, sea, historical places and luxury wedding hotels. We tried to create a guide for you for this beautiful city.

Antalya is a famous holiday region in Mediterranean. Not only center of the Antalya, but also all its districts have this fair fame. It has an incredible geography and temperate climate makes Antalya one of the best holiday cities.

In the center of Antalya, there is Kaleiçi (Old Town) with its historical pattern to make a tour. In Kaleiçi area, you may find Hadrian Gate, Suna Inan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museum, Antalya Toy Museum, historical buildings, Yivli Mosque, souvenir stores, colorful cafes, elegant restaurants, marine, entertainment venues, historical inns, hamams and lots of other places that you should see. Kaleiçi is a tourism center in Antalya like it always used to be. Another place around Kaleiçi that you should visit is Museum of Ataturk’s House.

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Foreign guests who want to make their wedding in Historical Kaleiçi (Old Town) will be very happy to host their guest in here. The most luxurious Restaurant in Antalya, Club Arma Restaurant, is located in the Antalya yacht harbor between the Touros Mountains on the right and historical Kaleiçi on the left is a perfect place to organize your weddings in Antalya. In front of Club Arma there is endless Mediterranean sea view. This special venue has hosted hundreds of weddings. Especially with its incredible view, mostly traditional Iranian weddings, traditional Indian weddings, traditional Pakistani weddings and traditional Kazakh weddings are organized in this beautiful Club Arma restaurant.

Lara is also a famous region in Antalya. Lara means ‘nymph’ in mythology. It almost emphasizes the importance of the water in Lara. Lara Beaches are perfect for you to enjoy sea, sun and sand. Düden Waterfall in Lara Region also a place to visit. The waterfalls are higher than 40 meters and they are falling into Mediterranean gorgeously.

Another center district in Antalya is Konyaaltı. Konyaaltı is also famous with its beaches like Lara. Konyaaltı beaches ae located at the west side of the city. Feslikan summer range and Saklıkent ski center is around this region.

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Besides the center, there are lots of Ancient Cities in Antalya with their thousand years of history. These ancient cities should definitely be visited: Aspendos Theatre, Perge, Myra, Simena, Xanthos, Apollonia, Olympos, Arykanda, Sillyon, Seleukeia, Soura, Antiphellos And Side Ancient Cities.

The worldwide famous beaches of Antalya except Konyaaltı and Lara beaches are; Reşat Island Beaches, Ulaş Beaches, Cleopatra Beach, Phaselis Beach, Kaputaş Beach, Patara Beach, Damlataş Beach, Alanya Beach, Kemer, Tekirova, Kumluca, Finike, Demre Beaches

Moreover, you can make rafting in Köprülü Canyon, and you can also visit the famous caves in Antalya. Dim Cave, Kocain Cave, Suluin Cave, Karain Cave, Beldibi Cave And Sirtlanini Cave are some of these caves.

Antalya is also famous with its waterfalls. These waterfalls are: Manavgat Waterfall, Düden Waterfall, Kurşunlu Waterfall, Uçarsu Waterfall, Alara Waterfall, Uçansu Waterfall.

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