Love...Comes With Best Feelings And Great Sadness

Description of Love

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings that you can feel while you are alive and its recipe can differ from person to person.

For some people it is one of the most supreme feelings which last forever. For some other people love only means temporary enthusiasm. But everyone definitely has something to say about love. Now think about it, what is the recipe of love for you? Is it a must for you, or can you live without it? Maybe your life takes on a shape according to your description of love.

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Do you realize that you are in love the minute you fall in love? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Most of the time we realize our feelings about someone when they go far away from us. At this point, either we should stay away from that person to understand what feelings we have for that person or we should have a developed empathy to understand our feelings.

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In general we face the feelings such as anxiety, fear and thrill all together when we see the person we are in love with. You flush, your face become red, your hands can shake, and you can talk without thinking. All these things happen because of the excitement. However with aging, these things we live when we see the person who we in love with starts to be controlled easier. When we consider everything about love, the love level we felt at the beginning of the relationship to our first love and last love can be almost same but we feel like it is different. We can understand the intensity of our feelings only with an objective look from outside.

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Love at first sight

Scientists have been making lots of different researches on love. For example they realized that us people decide if we will like or do not like a person in 7 seconds. However there are people who spend years together and after these years they realize that they fall in love with their friend as if the 7 seconds rule is not working in these kinds of situations.The feelings during love at first sight actually arise from a chemical attraction. Some people believe that all the people in the world is actually stardust and when people fall in love at first sight it is believed that they came from the same star.

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This is a very lovely story.For passionate love, the most important thing to say that it is the hardest one to give up. If you are in love with someone and there is passion between you and that person, even if you have problems it will be so hard for you to break up. You should either give up on your logic or your passion.When you are in love, even common love words will be special for you as if these words are exclusive for you and get their meaning from the person you are in love with. If you feel like the same, congratulations, you are in love.

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If your heart is beating like crazy when you remember the one you love, If You feel like a butterfly flying here to there without a reason all day, If hours are not move forward when you are away from the person in your heart, If you can not stay in your classroom, office, in a bus or in bed, if your face becomes red when you heard something about the one you admire, if the most beautiful place on earth is his or her body

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if the most worst thing in the world is his or her sad eyes, if your life is beautiful with the one you love and without him or her your life feels like a hell, if the seasons are always summer, if he or she is the one in every movie, every poem, every novel, if every flower reminds you him or her, if a minute of separation feels like a lifetime and the minute he or she left, you start missing him or her desperately, if you started to lose weight, if you live with your hand always on your phone, always want to call him or her it means love.

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If every door bell makes you think he or she is the one who comes, if you always feel like you are drunk, jump every phone call as if he or she is the one calling, if you always wish that he or she would be the one who is talking right next to you instead of other people, if his or her smell is always behind you, her face is always on your mind, voice is in your ears, if you feel the missing in your heart, if you both want everybody to know these things but at the same time you want to keep all these things for yourself, if nights without him or her is so quiet, if breaking up means death to you, if both your smile and your tears are always for him or her, if you do not interest in anything without him or her, if a song makes you cry.. it means you are in love.

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