How to Find Best Wedding Planner

How to Find Best Wedding Planner in Turkey for your wedding

It is not an easy task to choose a company-organizer of wedding events. Find out what you need to consider and make the right decision, so you can relax! Let's compare the real experience and advice of those who have already passed through the wedding preparation! That's what you need to consider when choosing a wedding planner in Turkey for the wedding!

Necessary Information When You Choose A Company To Organize A Wedding in Antalya

Customer Experience And Their Recommendations Are Very Important!

As in all areas, reliability is the most important in choosing a firm to organize a wedding. Trust your feelings and if you believe in sincerity, shake hands with a representative of the company and sign a contract. If you do not have a trusting relationship, you will have to pay more and check everything by yourself; follow every step and every penny. In addition, you can check their sincerity and reliability. The person you're facing doesn't care about your desires and doesn't try to create new options, most likely he's just trying to sell the job and get rid of it. I'd advise you to take another look at him.Wedding Planner in Antalya

It is also necessary to pay attention to how many years the company performed this work, how many people they have served. Make acquainted with the team and find out how many professionals work in the company. A team that treats their work as a hobby may not help you much in your wedding.

Pay Attention To The Reviews!

Both the professionals of this business and couples who have already passed this difficult way of preparing for the wedding, say the same thing: “study the reviews about the work of the company.” Firstly you can get a first impression of an organizational company on social media and from comments about it. The first thing you have to do is familiarize yourself with the firm's website.

The Importance Of References On The Wedding Services Company


Like all the other contracts that we conclude, the wedding planner also guarantees the performance of their work. You can give preference to the company with which your friends worked and whom they recommend to you, let them a priority. Do not forget the advice of friends - the best recommendation. You can also check the company “in live”, coming to the wedding, which they organized. The quality of wedding venues and the high qualification staff will give you an idea of the quality of their work. The organization of famous weddings and the choice of unique wedding venues is a good recommendation for the company.Wedding Packages For Luxury Weddings By The Sea Of Antalya

Don't Just Believe The Promise, Check It!

Example of design, and their diversity, which you will see in the offices or on the websites of wedding companies, is a sign of professionalism of the company. Tell them about your expectations, wedding dreams, your style. Describe well what you want to see. If possible, come with samples and examples, or send samples with e-mail. Tell us about the theme of your wedding in detail. Wedding decorations should meet your desires and your dreams, it's your day.

Pay Special Attention To Additional Services and Packages!

In the wedding organization, there is such a thing as "wedding packages" offered by the company. For example, in a package with the most basic services they usually have a minimum table decoration, wedding tablecloth, lace cover, the central object of the table, flowers and table candles. Services such as wedding table, bride's way, wedding serving coasters, RSVP services, presenter services, music, DJ, special tables and chairs (white lacquer/ glass tables, Tiffany chairs) are added as additional costs to this package for each extra guest.Beach Wedding Planner in Turkey

Rate Work Partners!

Each wedding company has partners such as orchestras, invitation design team, photographers, catering companies, video, photography team who work under the agreement. Make sure your company provides you with such services at the level you need. Make sure you have a good understanding of the firms your wedding team will work with. You don't have to work with an orchestra that you don't like just because your firm works with it.

As a result, my proposal is to keep your requests and requirements in the foreground, with minimal bills and choose firms that do business correctly. This way, your wedding will take place the way you want; at the same time, at the end of the night, you will say how good it is that I do not take the whole burden of the organization on myself!

Be Sure To Make A Contract For The Provision Of Wedding Services

Another key point that you should pay attention to is the agreement on the organization of the wedding. Move forward by discussing and signing all the details and scope of the organization you agree to with a binding written contract. Bilateral guarantee the fulfilment of its obligations is an indispensable condition.