How to Seat Guests at the Wedding in Antalya

How To Seat Guests At The Wedding

The relatives who envious and intolerance to each other, divorced spouses and former lovers, that's the nightmare for a couple who is going to get married – a Seating plan for guests! I know that the question of how to seat guests can unsettle you. We as your wedding planner in Turkey Antalya can solve this problem with simple formulas.

Well, let's get started.

First, talk to your partner whether your relatives will be sitting apart from each other or will seat mixed in the wedding venue. Some couples share their wedding venue on the right and left the side and separate the bride and groom side and some make a mixed fit. If you ask which the wedding Seating plan is easier, then I would say, of course, the separation of the parties on the right and left of the bride and groom. Thus, guests at the wedding decide with whom they will sit at the wedding, and choose those they know themselves. Your bigger helpers, in this case, are sure your bridesmaids.

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Even if the bride and groom's side is divided into two sides of the hall, the most common choice is that the couple's parents sit together at the frontest middle table. But if they are not too close to each other in terms of understanding and lifestyle, it may be more logical to seat them at separate tables. Here the decision is yours.

Make Groups!

After making this basic decision, go to a simple classification and make a list by category. Siblings, colleagues, school friends, cousins, aunt-uncle, close relatives such as an uncle, family friends, neighbours, write in the headlines how many categories in the guest list goes out. So you will see the main categories of guests and control the number of guests.

Start typing names in the list of invitees below the appropriate categories. Create a set of name intersections that correspond to several categories and write them down there. You can then try to balance these names by changing their categories which they adapt and sliding the names from one category to another.

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This sorting job will allow you to see everything more comfortably. The first thing you need to do after such grouping is to classify the list by age groups within each final category once again. The most important factor to consider after age groups are consideration of interests and lifestyle. In addition, make sure that your relatives do not get along with each other,

would not get caught at the same table, then a good mood will be provided.

"The Singles Table"

Seat your friends of the same age at the same table, and then watch the fun. Your friends, who come to your wedding with their most chic look, can become the owners of the next wedding to which you will join. Previously, this work was a little hidden, not advertised, but now the trend is to add a separate card “bachelor Table” between the wedding tables. Don't forget, I would advise you don't put former lovers at the same table. Of course, organizational companies are those who face and solve such problems are!

Pay attention to this!

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When planning the arrangement of tables at the wedding, the most logical closest to the speakers to put the tables of young people, and place the elderly as far away from the music. But since putting older family members in the back rows would be a sign of disrespect, it would be best if you determine their place in the middle where the music sounds reach weaker, it would be ideal for Seating for family elders.

You can sit on the back tables, while teenagers and young people will surely enjoy sitting in the front rows, where the music is heard more. But in recent years, I recommend a very preferred layout of the hall for the platform so that none of your guests feels abandoned and forgotten. You can think of an amplifier circuit that allows the music to grow backwards and allows everyone invited to see the scene.

The most important thing is that you should not forget that this is your wedding! Of course, you can pay special attention to the sensitivity of your guests, but please do not let it turn into a nightmare. It's your night and everything is there to witness your happiness. Don't worry about such details and don't spoil your holiday! Be positive and happy and you will see that everyone will find a way to have fun.