Wedding Pictures of Luxury Wedding Cars in Antalya

Choosing A Wedding Car

If you choose the right wedding car, you can make a very cool wedding exit. We have collected all that you need to pay attention to when you are choosing a wedding car. You can save money and time by taking into account our recommendations. You have thought through every detail for your wedding that you have been preparing for months.

Your wedding dress is dazzling and elegant, the wedding car in which you drive up to the wedding venue Formal Wedding in Turkeyshould be no less impressive and festive. So which wedding car is best for you? What should you know about a cool wedding car? We have got answers to all these questions. Wedding car, usually it is also called the "car of the bride", which will carry you throughout the wedding day, will remain in your wedding memories one of the most important objects of the wedding. We mentioned in our previous article how important it is to the bride and groom. Now we will have some suggestions for choosing your wedding car.

Determine The Source Of The Wedding Car

You can use your own car or your partner's car as a wedding car, also can get help from car rental companies or wedding operator. The most convenient option is your own car, if the model and appearance of it, of course, suitable for a wedding. You will feel much freer. However, the number of people who prefer to use their own car is very small. The wedding day is actually a "dream day", couples do not really like trivial elections on such a day. To find a car that will decorate your wedding dreams, you may not necessarily need a lot of money. If there are people in your area with a car suitable for the wedding car you want, you can ask them to borrow it for the wedding. But if your relationship with the owner of this car is not too close, think about it again. Your relationship can negatively affect the delivery time of the car, cleanliness or other problems that may arise. You can be regret about your decision. If you don't want to use a borrowed wedding car, you can get services from rental companies offering many kinds of different cars. Many of these companies, which you can also access via the Internet, also offer special driver options. Some couples try chauffeur's duties lay on one of their relatives, preferring to save on the services of a private driver. But getting professional service will make you feel more comfortable and free on your most responsible day. You have to be careful with the contracts that you will do with the car rental companies. Carefully examine whether there is any point in the contract that can lead you to the fact that you will become a victim. Check all the details with the company. Find out how much you have to pay, how to deliver the gas tank and whether there are defects of the car, caused earlier to the car. Do your best to match the contract and delivery date.

The Choice Is Based On The Wedding Concept

In fact, the basic principle is very simple; and for all the details such as wedding invitation, wedding dress, groom costume: concept, concept, concept! Thus, everything, including the wedding car, should be harmonious. If you spend a chic wedding, you can choose the latest model of a luxury car and richly decorate it. But if you have a simple and casual wedding, extreme decorations in your wedding car will look just pretentious.Indian Mehndi Ceremony in Antalya

The Wind Of Nostalgia

If the wedding has a specific theme, the wedding car should also be in conjunction with this theme. For example, if you are having a wedding with a retro theme, the bride dress in retro style, playing retro music, it would be very appropriate that the wedding car was a classic car. Classic cars create romantic weather at the wedding. You should take this opportunity and be sure to use your wedding car in the photoshoot. The car, which is attractive for its design, does not require complex decorations. If your wedding will be in summer, you can choose classic models of cars with an open top. This is a cool unforgettable journey that will give you great pleasure on a hot day. Your wedding photographer will also be pleased with your choice of this wedding car. The coloured balls tied to the car and waves of your wedding veil can become nice details in your photos. Tin cans attached to the back of the wedding car can also be added to this concept as a nostalgic detail. A classic and nostalgic van can also be an unusual choice for this concept. You can also invite your friends to the van where you can make unusual decorations together.

Wedding Car Ideas For Funny Weddings

If the concept of entertainment is the main theme of your wedding, then your wedding car should also reflect that. A wedding car decorated with humorous letters and messages will create fun moments for those around you. You can use the multi-coloured wedding concept in the same way in your wedding car too. If you have a bright colourful concept, you will be comfortable to decorate your wedding car. Hanging colourful tulle, coloured balls or flower bouquets will be a decoration corresponding to your concept. Using your creativity and some research, you can create an unusual ornament. Layouts in the form of wedding rings or heart-shaped layouts are just one example of these options. There are no restrictions in the scenery if you like them. For example, you can make a big diamond layout to make the bride who loves diamonds happy or decorate some parts of the car with shiny stones and rhinestones

The Wedding That Everyone's Talking About

If your wedding concept is chic and luxurious, your wedding car should be a bright and luxurious model according to that. Sports cars are not a very suitable choice because there are models that are difficult to climb in a wedding dress. Similarly, luxury SUVs are not suitable for both landing and driving in a wedding dress, as well as its unromantic appearance. It is best to choose a luxury and comfortable car that matches the concept and design of your wedding venue. Once you choose a wedding car, don't try to use the car yourself. You have to find a special driver for this car. Another choice that fits the concept of a luxury wedding is limousine rental. You can enjoy a ride in a limousine, which is not a daily occurrence in everyday life. This wedding car will impress all the invitees and will attract a lot of attention to your wedding. Prices for limousine rental vary depending on the age and model of the limousine. Therefore, you can find options that are suitable for different budgets. In the package of limousines also have a special service driver.

Wedding Transport May Not Necessarily Be A Car

If your wedding is far from the usual wedding models and stamps, you can adapt to the concept of “wedding car” to your own wedding. For example, if you are getting married on the Marriage Ceremony in Antalyabeach or on the pier, you can arrive at the wedding venue in a wedding boat. It will be a very pleasant moment for both you and the invitees. If possible, don't forget to decorate the boat with balloons and tulle like in a wedding car. It is also necessary to decorate the place of the boat berth where you will descend from the boat. If your wedding venue is not so far away and it doesn't take a long to get there, you can choose the carriage as your wedding transport. The decorated carriage, which looks like something magic coming out from tales, will draw attention all on the road. It is not even necessary to say that the wedding photos on the background of a romantically decorated carriage will be at a higher level and more beautiful. Or, if you have some other wedding theme that is intertwined with nature, you can use the “wedding bike”. All you need is a double bike. Remember that the bike will also be an ideal choice for couples who care about the environmental cleanliness of the environment. It's also very romantic... of course, your choice of wedding dress and groom suit should be suitable for Cycling. Your choice of wedding car is a detail that is based on your taste just like other choices in the wedding. Wedding car, which came to your liking, will be a pleasant start to the wedding. But do not let the wedding car be not what you would like or would be with damages that can ruin your wedding day. After a few years, the moments that saddened you at the wedding can spoil all your memories of that wonderful day.

What To Look For When Choosing A Wedding Car:

Although a wedding car may seem like a minor detail in a wedding, it is actually quite important as it is a vehicle that will take you to the wedding venue. If you are going to rent a car and not use your own, you should collect enough information about the company with which you are going to make a contract.

1 - Do they have different models of wedding cars?

If you have not decided which model of wedding car to rent, the rental company can help you by offering different models and giving ideas. Let's take a brief look at the types of wedding cars according to your wedding venue and concept: Limousine: there is no doubt that the couples who love comfort, luxury, will choose a limousine. Your wedding car can be a limousine if you are going to get married in a luxury club or in an elegant ballroom of a five-star hotel. Classic: for couples who have a passion for classic cars. If you are getting married in a historical place, if your wedding is in vintage style, you should hire a classic wedding car, models such as 48 model Dodge, 37 model Cadillac, 64 models Impala. You can decorate a classic wedding car with simple flowers and it will be enough. Retro cars beetles: these cute vehicles, also called bugs, can be wedding cars for couples who intend to have a cosy village wedding. The colour of the car as the wedding concept can be decorated in different ways according to the style. For example, if you are going to have a travel style wedding, you can decorate your car with vintage suitcases. I assure you, you will get unique photos for your wedding album. Sports car: are you planning a wedding by the pool or in a stylish club? At this wedding, your wedding car can be the latest model of sports car with an open top. I suggest you choose the most simple decoration because this car will already speak for itself. For example, balls from coloured corrugated paper and tape hanging behind the car will be sufficient. Jeep: are you thinking of a wedding in a farmhouse or in a rustic style? The jeep is perfect for such a wedding. With a nice decoration, with balloons and branches, you can show all the passersby that you are getting married.

2 - Is the car rented by the day or by the hour?

Some firms charge at an hourly rate while others can give daily rent. If you made a deal on days, be sure to find out how many hours you will have the car. And ask them if they'll bring the car to the door and pick it up from the door.

3 – Do they have rental options with a driver?Traditional İndian Weddings in Antalya

Especially if you are going to drive a car in a city like Istanbul, Antalya this service can be useful to you, taking into account the traffic jams and the tension of the wedding day.

4 – Have they included the gasoline in cost?

This is an issue that you should definitely clarify with the firm before renting a car. As a rule, fuel up to a certain kilometre is provided at the expense of the company. Afterwards, you pay for the gas yourself. But don't forget to ask the car rental company about this situation and check the gas tank.

5 – Is the decoration of the car available? And are they included in the car rental price?

It's not just about choosing a car. You also have to make the wedding car decoration according to the model, taste and wedding concept. We recommend that you ask the landlord if they are included in the price. Firms sometimes even if they do not make car decoration themselves, can advise for a florist, at an affordable price.

6 - Car with air conditioning?

This is very important, especially for summer weddings. Because the bride's makeup can flow from the heat, the groom can sweat in the suit. If you are going to rent a cabriolet, be sure to ask if they have a convertible (reclining top).