Marriage Decision Means Common Future For Two Individual

What Are The Ways To Get Rid Of Monotony In Marriage

The experts who gave the formula for long-lasting love told about what should be done in relationships and ways to get rid of monotony.

So, what's the matter with all this excitement that leaves you in silence after couples sign up in the marriage book?

Does marriage kill love?

In fact, the answer is simple: the end of love is not marriage, but a monotonous life of spouses. Marriages that can't get out of the daily routine cause the parties to get away from each other. Experts say, “spend a lot of time together, but do not be together at any time. Taking time for yourself feeds relationship,” he warned.

Experts emphasizing that the limits of loyalty and freedom in marriage should be determined well. "You are mine, I'm yours" formula is the most effective formula that ends the relationship “. The relationship is not a prison area. Each individual should realize himself in his relations and maintain his unity as himself,” he said.

As in all life, change in relationships and development is inevitable underlines experts, “without being stuck in the past, new situations to be able to adapt to the really make the relationship healthier and longer. ‘How are you? ask him. Ask him how he really feels. Common pleasures are important. Create and enhance common areas of enjoyment. Psychological research shows that couples who do not have common tastes do not have long-lasting relationships,” he said.

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Don't spend all your time together

“Spend a lot of time together, but do not be together at any time. Taking time for yourself feeds relationship. ” If there is love, respect, and loyalty in the relationship, trust is formed. You can't be with someone you don't like for a long time. You can't love someone you don't respect. Trust is not one-sided, it’s necessary to trust each other on both sides. Sexuality should not be neglected.

The best transfer of love is sexuality. If there is no sexuality, the approach in a relationship will be reflected in dissatisfaction. The best way to ensure sexual compliance is to talk openly about it. Don't turn the relationship into ego wars. You are not competitors, and your arguments are not the races that must be won. You took 3-0 points in the argument, but your relationship is over. Get well soon.”

What Does A 10-Year Marrıage Teach You

Don't blame your spouse

Experts stress that couples’ accusing each other brings to the end of the relationship, do not label your “spouse with ‘You are like this, you're like that, ". Don't over criticize. Don't insult me. If there are these things, the end of the relationship is visible. Do not compare your partner with other people, and your relationship with other relationships.

Know the value of your partner and enjoy your relationship. Don't expect him to read your thoughts. Your partner doesn't understand your troubles automatically. He can't read your mind. Do not accuse your partner of insincerity without telling him about your feelings. What you have to do is to tell your partner what you feel.”

There is a lack of communication in every relationship experiencing a problem of monotony. Experts pointed out that communication between couples should be increased. Experts underlining that there is a lack of communication in every relationship with the problem of monotony. “Speaking on the basis of open, sincere and honest communication with each other, couples have taken the greatest step of saving the relationship from monotony. Stop being constantly in anticipation from the opposite side.

The relationship requires mutual labor. If you only expect the other party to take care of you and respect you, you will not take the slightest step to revive your relationship. Don't wait for a special day to get a gift. It doesn't have to be expensive stuff. Happiness can be in small details. By doing this, you will have the chance to tell her again that you know what your partner likes, how well you know her, and how you value her.”

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Apologızıng Strengthens Marrıage

Aren't you tired of seeing each other at home wearing sweatshirts and shorts?

”Take more care of yourself “warn experts, "Not necessarily every day, even when eating at home a woman wearing men's shirts, can also sit at the table after refreshing her makeup “. Then tell each other how beautiful you are, it's not hard.”

If you notice that you are doing the same things all the time, do different activities

Experts who mentioned the importance of doing different activities, listed their recommendations as follows: “develop two-person hobbies that you can do together. For example, you can play games for two, such as chess, backgammon, complete puzzle, play scrabble, or even make a model. You can enrich them according to your interests. It's fun and it's an opportunity to do something on its own. The important thing is to deal with things together.

Add color to your sexual life. Be more creative in sexuality. In bed or out of bed. Don't hesitate to talk to your partner about this. Take advantage of exciting fantasies of your relationship. Spend weekends differently. Without making long plans during the week, make surprise trips, run away somewhere. Exercise and do sport together.

Riding a bike is the most enjoyable part of doing sports together. You can throw yourself on the beach or in a forest with food and drinks you put in your backpack this weekend. Select’ TV off days'. So you earn an average of 4 hours to spend more private time together. Unplug the TV and start an extraordinary life together.”

The Basıs Of Happy Marrıage Is Hıdden In A Pıllow

Not to try to change each other, you probably want to leave your socks in the middle, or you like your friends to make good deal with their own. ... But maybe one of the things that attracted you at first, was the comfort that he did not notice hair in the sink. “One of the things we see in happy couples is that partners do not try to change each other and accept each other as they are,” said British therapist

Darren Wilk, “they should try to keep positive and attractive sides and see them on the agenda, that they will clash with each other's personalities, and that is why they are the reason of being together at the moment”.

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