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Marriage And Wedding Abroad

Recently, getting married abroad has become a growing trend among couples. To make these special days memorable, alone or together with family and friends in exotic regions around the world, the number of couples who want to marry with the traditional wedding ceremonies of the region is increasing day by day.

Can every wishing couple marry abroad?

Yep. Any Turkish citizen who wishes to marry abroad can marry at the Turkish consulates. If there is no Turkish consulate in the country where marriage was made, the notification can be made by turning the official document received from the competent authorities of the foreign country into Turkish and giving it to the relevant population administration after being approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Couples wishing to marry at the Turkish consulates in romantic cities such as Rome, Paris, New York and Bangkok must apply for the procedures that vary according to the country chosen for marriage abroad. Our consulates also send their authorized officers to the wedding venue and can officiate the official marriage.

Legislation of the marriage abroad,

Documents requested from you:

Marriage license certificate (bachelor's certificate) is taken from the registry of the population directorate. This document must be brought from Turkey (apostilled). Otherwise, operations take 1 month.

  • Population Registration sample - is taken from the Directorate of the population. You should bring this document being apostilled from Turkey too.
  • International birth registration sample - is taken from the Directorate of the population. (Apostilled)
  • Place of residence - is taken from the administration office and certified by the notary public.
  • ID card, passport copy and the original
  • 4 newly made passport photos

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What is an apostle's commentary?

An approval system of the document that allows the authenticity of a document to be verified and legally used in another country. The document is obtained from the place where you received it.

Although the requested documents are the same in almost every country, it’s useful to call the consulate after you have made your choice. The above mentioned documents are actually documents which can be obtained by Turkish consulates. However, as it takes about 1 month to be supplied from Turkey, taking Apostillewith you will shorten duration of the transactions.

After the above documents are completed, the marriage day is taken by applying to the Consulate you intend to marry. Marriage is usually not a very demanding transaction, so it’s very easy to get the desired day. Nevertheless, please confirm your dates with the relevant consulate by phone. Don't forget to take two witnesses with you. If you do not find them, the consular officers will do it for you, but they are not very willing to. As you are married at the consulate, your marriage will be automatically notified to the official authorities in Turkey. And you won't have to do anything.

Note: In order to get married abroad at the consulate, a bride and a groom must be citizens of the Turkish Republic. The consulate is not authorized to marry foreign citizens.

If you want to get married in front of foreign authorities abroad, you should investigate the procedures there. Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Bahamas, the Carribeans, Bali, Key West and Las Vegas are some of the places that make marriage tourism. It’s possible to have gay and lesbian marriages in some regions. Secondly, you must have official marriage.

In order to marry in the church, you must be a Christian or Jewish if you want to marry in a synagogue.

Also for baptism you need to present the documents to proof it. If you are neither achristiannor a Jewish, your marriage will be executed by an official who is called the "Wedding Registrar".

Also, you should note that the "Marriage Certificate"is valid all over the world. There are ceremonies in Las Vegas, Maui, where the certificate is made by just paying a certain fee and the certificate given can not be seen at any other ceremonies. Be careful with this...

Documents that foreign authorities want can usually be a little different. But photo ID indicates that your marital status is eligible for marriage, your birth certificate and your passport are almost all jointly requested documents. No health report or a photo are required abroad. A single requirement can be sought between the day of your application and the date of your entry to the country (between 2 days and 1 week). And of course, since you will supply the documents in Turkish in Turkey, you must be sure that all these documents will be translated into the language of the country called "Apostille" in a consulate abroad and the seal of the consulate will be printed so that your documents will win the current status...

Unfortunately, it doesn't end up after the wedding. This marriage needs to be reported to the authorities in Turkey. For this purpose, if you live abroad consulates or yourself after coming to Turkey in 2 months period with all the documents should go to the directorate of population, you need to make a declaration with the validity of your marriage. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine. However, as we have said, If you are already married abroad in a Turkish consulate, the consulate will make your notifications to all the official authorities for you.

If couples are already living abroad;

The above documents apply personally to the consulate and fill in the marriage declaration paper and sign. In this declaration, the documents of the couple are sent to the local authorities of the country to which they are affiliated and the information about whether there is a situation that prevents them from getting married. When a response is received from the population directorates, the couple is notified. Couples learn accordingly.


  • Only couples who are Turkish citizens can be married at the consulate.
  • The marriage to be held at the consulate must be ready for a woman and a man with the identity of the witnesses. The international family certificate is issued to couples following the marriage contract at the Consulate General.
  • According to the Turkish Civil Code, a man cannot take the surname of a woman. A woman who is a Turkish citizen must obtain the surname of her spouse with whom she got married. However, if a woman wants to preserve her previous surname together with the surname of her husband, she must sign the petition, which contains the request to protect her previous surname, addressed to the Directorate of the population before the date of marriage.
  • Within the legal powers of the Consulate-General, marriages will be notified to the Directorate of Population, where a man is registered within 10 days to be processed in the family register of the concerned persons.
  • Turkish citizens who are married in front of local authorities must apply to the consulate general in order to register their marriage in Turkey within two months at the latest.
  • When a sample of the population registry shows that the marriage has been registered from the Directorate of the population, the new birth certificate shall be issued on behalf of the concerned. The identity card can be purchased or sent to the address by mail, the transactions take approximately one month to three months.

Marriage notification or marriage registration:

Personal application or by mail. Some consulates do not accept the application by mail. Please pick up the phone and ask. Marriage registration process is done in the city nearest to the consulate.

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The documents required:

  • Petition signed by one of the spouses who wants to register marriage (provided by the consulate))
  • Original marriage certificate (or approved copy of the marriage Directorate) and photocopy
  • Original and photocopies of both spouses' birth certificates. Birth certificate or identity certificate used in the country if one of the spouses is a foreign national.

Marriage With Foreigners Inside The Country Or Abroad

If one of the persons who is getting married is a foreign national or has a dual nationality, marriage shall be done in the authority of the country concerned. After a marriage was executed abroad, one original of the marriage certificate must be sent to the consulate at the latest within one month.

Marriage application is made only to the consulate general if one of the spouses has a dual citizenship. If both parties are dual nationals, the marriage notification shall be made to the Consulate General of the men's Republic. In marriages not notified within 1 month, the marriage is not considered to be null and void, but due to the late notification, a penalty is paid. Turkish citizens married abroad can register at the Form Bank Page and obtain the marriage registration and marriage registration forms.

Required Documents:

  • A petition form signed by one of the spouses, requesting registration of the marriage
  • Original marriage certificate (or approved copy of the marriage Directorate) and photocopy
  • Original and photocopies of both spouses' birth certificates. Birth certificate or another document showing mother and father's names, place of birth and date of birth.
  • The text of the decision given by the Turkish courts proving that a person has no restriction for marriage and the original copy of the recent population registration
  • The decision to remove the period of validity if a Turkish woman married 300 days after the date of the divorce has been finalized
  • A petition form requesting a marriage record that contains information of both partners
  • If a woman wants to retain her surname previous the last name previous request addressed to the Directorate of population of the form with the petition to preserve
  • 6 color photographs of each spouse (4 colour photographs of a foreign national spouse is sufficient) for use in the new birth certificate and International marriagecertificate.
  • 4 copies of the "Marriage Statement" signed by the persons to be married
  • Original identity card, passport of the foreign citizens, birth certificate issued by their consulates or local authorities if they are citizens of the country
  • Health report (at the request of one of the spouses)
  • Four passport photos.
  • Official document showing marital status

Me or a person to marry has dual nationality (both Turkish and foreign). What authority shall I apply for this marriage?

If one of the persons who is getting married is a foreign national or has a dual citizenship, marriage shall be done in the authority of the relevant country.

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Marriage of Foreigners in Turkey

In Turkey, a Turkish citizen and two foreigners who are not a foreigner or a citizen of the same state can marry in front of a Turkish marriage officer. If two foreigners who are citizens of the same state have granted their own national law, they may marry in front of the representations of that state in Turkey, or they may marry in front of the Turkish authorities.

The provisions of this regulation shall apply to the foreigners who are married to Turkish citizens by accepting their applications for marriage by a marriage officer. Marriage officers can communicate directly with the consulates of the foreign state, as well as with the General Directorate.

Marriage of stateless or non-stateless persons:

Applications of stateless or refugees and foreigners whose citizenship status is not uniform are accepted by the marriage officers. Operations are done in this direction. If the marriage certificate issued by the General Directorate is not yet established, the information contained in the files kept by the police authorities will be determined by the documents given by these authorities.

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