Bride and Groom celebrates the stag night with their friends

Bachelorette Party

When a girls says a "bachelorette party" to another girl, of course, one doesn't think about anything than madness. You should have fun with your friends on this night and do whatever comes on your mind.

Make your bachelorette night unforgettable, thinking that you will share your life with your spouse and will never have such a sweet naughtiness again. Be absurd and dance until you get tired and laugh a lot.

Suggestions for a Bride Bachelorette Party

Let's admit that in your new life, nothing will ever be the same again, and the times you spend with your friends will become even more valuable. First of all, what I want you to do is to decide where you're going to make a party. Do you want to have an imtimatebachelorette party at home, or do you want to have fun with your friends in a place you love?

If you're thinking about having a party at home, you should prepare for a bachelorette party stuff like a bridegroom mask, bridesmaid tshirts, bachelorette crown, feathers and a souvenir frame. Because this stuff is a must for bachelorette parties. This allows you to have fun with your friends and make your photos more colorful.

If you want to have your party in a different place instead of home, boat parties can be an alternative. At sea, you will organize a party with your favorite music, making fun snacks and treats, and I'm sure it will impress your friends as well. Giving your friends small gifts at the end of a party will be a nice gesture.

Suggested treats

When it comes to a bachelorette party, obscenity is inevitable. You are going to start a new life with your spouse, so the secrets of your life that are still unknown, your ex-boyfriends, your fantasies that you haven't told to anyone, leavethem for that night, let it be a girl-to-girl conversation snack,admissible obscenity to your conversation, but let cute treats to add joy to your fun too. I recommend you to choose the most erotic options for a night of a bachelorette partyto be gifted.

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A Direct Dance Class

If you love to dance with your friends, you can take a pole dance lessons also known as direct dance, you can show each other crazy shows at the bachelorette party. If you wish, you can organise a workshop to be given to you by a specialist dancer on the day of your party. Be sure that with the figures you are going to make you will feel sexy and have a lot of fun with your girlfriends.

Male Dancer

Who said that only men order dancers? If this is your last single night, then you have the right to take a little eye bath. If you want your bachelorette party to be unforgettable, remember of this one among the craziest ideas. You will make all your girlfriends happy by inviting a male dancer to the place where you're going to have a bachelorette party. Shy smiles, flirtatious look-ups, screaming and cuddlingwill bring you back to your first teenage maiden time.

Fun Games

Now think about your childhood and remember how you enjoyed playing games with your friends for hours without getting boredEven when the game is played for the groups that don't know each other, you can complete this enjoyable night without any games. For example, for sure you should play ‘I never’ game later in the night. According to the rules of the game, everyone in turn begins a sentence with “I never.....” and completes a sentence with telling something he has never done before in his life. If there is someone among other players who have not done that too, the person who makes that sentence loses a round and is given a penalty. Of course, penalties can vary depending on imagination of the players.

Photo is a Must

You can think of a deal with a photographer not only for your wedding day, but for your henna and bachelorette party. You're not going to want to immortalize a night like this with amateur cameras or cell phones. Besides, you should have fun that day without thinking about photography or anything. That's why it's best to deal with a photographer who can capture both your entertainment and your natural moments.

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You will find great gift ideas that you can take to a bachelorette party in this article. At bachelorette parties, which are held to celebrate the bride's step into entirelya new life, entertainment, obscene jokes and celibacy are more important than henna nights. In the memory of this delightful night, both a bride and guests are given small souvenirs.

Below the Belt Free

The foundations of your bachelorette 's night will be based on the jokes, bachelorette’ssultanate, the difficult sides of marriage will decorate your bachelorette night. When the situation is like this, it’s inevitable that the gift of the moment you give to the bride will be erotic, humorous and creative. After all, it’s necessary to make this day as entertaining and special as much as possible for a bride's candidate. You have to find ideas for a creative bachelorette party and surprise everyone with the original presents. Just some of the products that will add joy to your night, such as sugar in the anti-mother-in-law box, kamasutra cookies or plush handcuffs.

Gifts To the Bride

If you want your bachelorette party to be memorable, it means that you don't want a classic gift. Let my gift to be not for one night, let it be functional and stylish, always hidden; powder puffs, small hand creams, nostalgic handkerchiefs, cheerful design magnets prepared with the name of the bride will be nice options. A bachelorette t-shirt, written and signed by all girls' feelings and thoughts, can be both a fun and emotional gift. So you'll always be pleasantly remembered and done a lot more than a classic gift.

Mysterious Games

Fun gifts, alternative and funny pieces will make the bride very happy. However, if you present these gifts with small games, the bride will experience a moment that she will never forget. Instead of giving away the gifts directly, you can keep them by directing her on how to find the gifts with a video made before the night of the bachelor party. Or you can play a game by blindfolding her eyes and asking to guess the gifts until she finds the right one.

What about the guests?

The presents of our girl, i.e. a bride are okay, but what about your guests attending the night? A few small gifts for your best friends will be a very stylish move. For example, on the cheeks of all invited girls or accessories on their wrist “I'm single” inscription in the form of a bow or t-shirts with inscriptions are just a few examples. Or you can joke around and distribute humorous gifts that imply that your single friends stay at home.

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Bridal makeup

Bachelorette party is usually an invitation to the wild dancing, hopping and bouncing and having fun. That's why the first precaution to be made for abachelorette party is a skin makeup that weeps when you sweat. You can take advantage of a radiant base while you apply make up on your skin, and a non-thick foundation. We recommend that you choose a radiant and lively skin makeup for parties that usually take place in the evening.

Bridal eye makeup

You can make a crazy eye makeup at your bachelorette party because we think you might want to look innocent enough at your wedding. If you have naughty girlfriends and a fiery concept, vamp will fit perfectly to your smoky dark eye makeup concept. If you are a bride who designs more naïve entertainment, then you can choose an eye makeup in the colors that suit your dress. The most important thing to note is that your makeup is water resistant. We recommend that you apply a stabilizing eye base under your eye makeup. If you are going to usean eyeliner, don't forget to fix the eyeliner with the eye shadows. Gleaming, glittering eye makeup will be one of the most compliments you’ll receive.

Bridal Makeup Tips

You, of course, deserve to shine as the star of the night. So feel free to drive the illuminator a little too much. You may miss a little too much, especially the Illuminator you pulled from your cheekbones towards your temple. The most important thing to watch out here is not to put powdered powder in the areas where you are going to be enlightening. Powder structure is prone to matting your face and products. If you want to get the performance you want from your illuminator, we recommend that you use the powder only for the T-zone chin.

Bridal lips makeup

If you need to eat and drink all night long, it’s advisable to use high-strength matte lip gloss. It will be a good complement both to a radiant skin and eye makeup and you can enjoy the night easily because you won't have to constantly refresh your make up.

What kind of a hairstyle do you want to choose on this fun day?

Just a little while before the wedding, all the girls have a right to throw away the wedding stress by having a wonderful night! It's a great idea to relieve this stress at the bachelorette night! You can arrange a little vacation or a night trip with your girlfriends abroad or inside the country.

At your wedding, of course, your hair will be entrusted to professional hands. Thanks to the Kérastase wedding service, we are sure that the bride's hair will look great! And since you're the bride, your hair and makeup should look great! At least we have some suggestions for you not to think about the hairstyle.

Let's see what you like most.

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Wet-looking hair

First step: first of all, use flattening iron to get a flattened appearance of your hair. In ordert to have a perfect look, apply some hair oil on your hair and its tips.

Step two: comb all your hair back, apply the styling gel only from the bottom of the hair until the ear alignment, and comb your hair with a thin-toothed comb.

Step three: finally complete the appearance by applying a stabilizer spray.

High bun

First step: you need a knob sponge to create this hairstyle that is particularly compatible with back-decked or elaborate dresses.

Step two: make a ponytail on top of your hair and fix it with a rubber buckle, then attach the top sponge and spread the hair over the sponge and fix it with the wire buckles. That's it!

Stylish natural waves

First step: apply foam to your moist hair and dry your hair first for nice-looking natural waves.

Step two: create a low ponytail when your hair is dry and only the length of your hair will become wavy with the help of an iron.

Step three: after you wave your entire hair, untie the ponytail and comb it with your fingers by applying a few drops of maintenance oil.

Are you ready to say goodbye to celibacy?