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01001–Spice Hotels-100 PAX

indian wedding in antalya


Couple will be taken from airport with a limousine, will be brought to the Hotel and will be brought back to the airport after the celebration. Couple will welcome with special designed flower necklace Photographer will shoot pictures and videogapher record couple during the way from airport to hotel. This photo shoots and videos will be used in the wedding anniversary story clip. Welcome cocktail at hotel enterance. Trio acuistic live music violin, Classic guitar, Cello.

Welcome Cocktail at Foyer Area of HotelIndian wedding anniversary celebration in antalya

Bistro tables will set at Foyer area. Tables will be covered with satin table cloth and will be decorated with colourfull chiffon fabrics and ribbons.Fresh flower arrangements will set in small vazes on table. Champagne, cips and nuts will be served.

High Tea at Poolside: An open Buffet will set at poolside and sweet salted cookies, small pizzas, dry fruits, tea, coffee and soft drinks.
Wedding Anniversary in antalya

Welcome Dinner at special designed theme of Ottoman tent on beach of Hotel.

  1. Open Buffet – Dinner Reception, Unlimited Lochal beverage and soft drinks (4 hours) (Vegeterian Menu 1)
  2. SUFI musics Instrumental- Sound system (4 Saz--,Qanun Violin Bendir and Ney---2 hours)
  3. Photo shooting and video recording will continue.


High Tea at Poolside(Between 15:0017:00 o’clock): An open Buffet will set at poolside and sweet salted cookies, small pizzas, dry fruits, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Wedding Anniversary Reception at Hotel’s Ballroom: (Cocktail at between 19:00-19:30 o’clock -Cocktail and dinner at 19:3024:00 o’clock)

An Altar will be set up at the bridal walkway. 2 high metal stands with seasonal fresh flowers will be arranged next to altar. Bridal walkway will be decorated with candles and lanterns. 15 volcanos will set at enterance.Indian Marriage Anniversary

Special board with bride & groom's names will be placed one the entrance. 2 gold coloured jardinieres decorated with artificial flowers will be set up under the board.

indian Candy BarCandy Bar

A candy bar will set at enterance of venue for guests. Fabrics of decoration colours and fresh flowers will use to decorate. Chocolate, candies and Turkish delight will be offered in special glass candy dishes. Glass and Crystal accessories with pearls will use for decorations.

Cocktail at Hotel’s Foyer area

Bistro tables will set at Foyer area. Tables will covered with satin fabrics and will be decorated with colourfull shiffon fabrics and ribbons. Fresh flower arrangements will set on tables in small vazes. Champagne, cips and nuts will be served.

Celebration of Wedding Anniversary at Hotel’s Ballroom Table of Couple

  1. A platform will set at venue for the table of couple. Drapes will set at backside of couple’s table with red and pink India Table of Couple
  2. colour fabrics and will decorate with fresh flowers. Couple’s table will set at platform. Robotic lights will set in front of drapes decorated walls.
  3. Runners will lay on Couple’s Table. Accessories and flowers will use for decoration. Suplas will set on tables with swarovsky stones. Swarovsky stoned napkin bracelets will use for napkins and swarovsky stoned candles with candle holders will set on table.Wedding Anniversary
    1. Long Tables and round tables order will set . Pink satin table cloth will set on tables. Red runners will lay on tables. Yellow gilding Golden glass vazes will set on tables and decorate with seasonal fresh flowers. Suplas will set on tables for under dishes. Pearl napkin bracelets will use for dunni napkins. Red and white glasses will use. Red footed candle holders will use to decorate tables. Golden Colour Tiffany chairs will bow with pink and red tulles and fresh flowers will use decorate.

    2. Open Buffet – Dinner Reception, Unlimited Lochal beverage and soft drinks (4 hours) (Vegetarian menu 4)

    3. Professional Dj, Sound Sytem, DJ mixer, robot light show from the ground (Indian music). You can bring CD with Indian music you’d like to be played
      India special wedding

    4. Stage will decorate with fabrics and flowers. Barcovision will be set at middle of stage. Stage will lighted by Robotic lights from ground. At start of ceremony a special slide show which will prepared by couple’s photos of their special moments will start for guests. We kindly recommended couples to prepare slide show by themselves. At final of slide show favorite song of couples will start to play while their up to date photos will be on screen and couples will join venue from special enterance which is at back of stage. 15 volcanos will be light for their enterance . Couples will perform their special dance at stage.Sand ceremony for couples2 garland of flowers will set for for couples for ceremony. Sand ceremony for couples at stage. (This services will be gift to couples from our company)
    5. Wooden dance floor will set at front of stage..
    6. Egyptian suffi show (Music by Cd 30 min)
    7. Professional Salsa dance group (6 people of dancers 3 men 3 women 30 minutes music by CD)
    8. Led Dance Group show (7 dancers 30 min)
    9. Special cake cutting ceremony. 5 layer cake will be decorated in colour of decorated venue.
    10. Lights will of at cake cutting ceremony 15 volcanos will light at fron of stage and special bottle of champagne will be open for couples. Roses leaf will pour on couples by speacil decorated baskets. Couples will perform their dance with their favorite music.
    11. A professional Hair dresser will come to the Hotel for the Bride (Service for 1,5 hours)
    12. A professional make-up specialist will come to the hotel for the bride. The brand of Kryolan make-up material will be used, so as for 24 hour permanency and for the face mask Fixler Spray will be used. Natural looking silk eyelashes will be fixed (Service for 1,5 hours)
    13. An English speaking wedding consultant for the couple during the day
    14. 2 english speaker wedding consultant Managers and 5 assistant hostesses to care with guests
    15. Professional full HD video recording by 1 professional videographers. (Wedding anniversary celebration story clip will prepared) Photos and video records which will shoot at celebration will be given in hard disk as original.
    16. 1 exclusive professional photographers take 750 to 1000 pictures in JPEG format
    17. Special competitions will be organize by our company, special gifts will be given winners.
    18. Guests will write their wishes for couples at that night and each wishes will put in wish bottle. This services will be gift from our company.)
    19. Flower arrangements and the decoration of the venue done by a professional staff.
    20. Transfer and transportation of the staff/team and necessary materials.

AFTER PARTY-(24.0002.30 o’clock) Indoor disco with DJ and Unlimithed local alcohol and soft drinks in all inclusive concept.
Indian wedding in turkeyindian official marriage in antalyaindian official marriageindian wedding entertainment
The merging of two separate lifes


Yesterday there were two separate worlds, separate lives, separate stories of you In the spring of your life, your world, your life and your stories become united

In Life, Both of you are separate color like the sand in this special vase But...

Your marriage is the only body of your life after this day, like this vase, with two different colors

We wish you a healthy, happy, colorful, successful life for
a lifetime.

indian wedding CEREMONY

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Open buffet Vegetarian Indian menu 1 – MEHNDİ CEREMONY

Kalonji Nan, Tandoori Roti, Sesame Nan, Simple Nan,Paratha

Cold Appetizer’s plate
Beet carpacio, Broad bean sorbe with gum mastic, Pumpkin terrine

Lentil soup with curry and cumin

Cold buffet
Marinated baby corn, Marinated soy beans, Grilled vegetables terrine, Rice salad with curry
Eggplant salad, Carrot salad with curcuma, Marinated potatoes with cardamon

Salad buffet
Seasonal greens, Tomatoes salad, Wardof, Mediterranean salad, Garden salad, Rinata
Panzenalla, Tomato salad with raspberry, Pickle varieties, Salad sauces

Turkish Corner
Turkish staffed vegetables varieties, Lentil patties, Purslan with yogurt, Muammara,
Hot spicy tomato dip
Mushrooms with olive oil, Broccoli with olive oil, French beans with olive oil

Hot buffet
Jasmine rice with saffron, Green curry chicken, Alu bengan,
Pastry with roasted eggplants, Vegetable dim sum, Macaroni timbale with vegetables, Whiting fish with coconut and saffron, Spinach mille-feuille, Chana, Shakshuka,
Pizza napolitane, Pizza verdure

Dessert buffet
Land finger, Rashin cake, Wet cake, Aniseed crisps, Cake with poppy seeds, Holland cake
Apple pie, Pistachio pie with coconut

Turkish corner
Shobiyet, Kadayif, Palm dessert, Seasonal fruit buffet, Patisserie sauce buffet

Diet buffet
Boiled rice, Buckwheat, Baked potato, Broccoli, Diet yogurt, Diabetic dessert varieties
Unlimited local alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks (4 Hours)

spice hotel for wedding

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Rye, wholemeal bread, Chapati (pita bread), Paratha (pan wheat pita)

Cold Plate
Circassian chicken in mini pies, Sauteed mushrooms in Marinade tomatoes, Roasted pepper hummus on baguette bread, tarator with fresh spices on cucumber, cheese and eggplant pastries with yogurt sauce

Cold Dishes
Spicy Paste, Poached Egg, Kisir, warm Potato Salad, Yoghurt with fresh dill, eggplant caviar, tomato marinade with thyme, eggplant cooked in olive oil with onions/ garlic and tomatoes, Falafel Balls, Roasted red pepper

Dishes with Olive Oil
Artichokes/ Kidney Beans/ Okra in Olive Oil

Sambar (Vegetable Soup), Tarhana (Traditional Anatolian Soup)

Hot Buffet
Massala Bhat (Spicy Rice), Eggplant puree with yoghurt and without meat, Potatoes, Beans, foil potato, Seasonal hodgepodge, Spaghetti with Napolitana Sauce

Oven Action
Pita, Pizza

Show Action
Mixed grilled vegetables, wheat dumplings with vegetables, traditional noodles with walnut, special pastry, Boiled Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables

Dessert Plate
Mosaic Cake, Raspberry jellied pieces, Milk Semolina, Chocolate Bomb, Revani with Pistachio, Rose Pudding (Gullac), Balkabağı, Quince dessert, Baklava Varieties, Traditional turkish desserts like Dilber dudağı/ Tulumba/ Seker Pare/ Kunefe/ Sobiyet/ Rolled dessert, Sambaba, semolina halva, Rice Pudding, Zerde

Dessert Action
Maras style donut (Traditional Turkish), ice cream

International Desserts
Cake, Eclair, Mousse types, Cube Varieties

Fruit Buffet
7 types of seasonal fruit, Fruit Salad

Dessert Sauces
Chocolate sauce, vanilla sauce, raspberry sauce, cherry sauce, pineapple sauce

Special cake

Unlimited local alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks (4 Hours)