Wedding Preparations in Turkey Antalya


1.Last payments of the sellers

Make all your payments to the sellers that you bought a service or product for your wedding.

The payments which have not paid yet can make you feel uncomfortable on your wedding day.

2.Official Process
Confirm your documents on civil marriage procedure. It is so important to fulfill the necessary things for the legal procedure.

3.Spoil yourself
Do not let wedding preparations make you feel tired. Do net let responsibilities and your to do list to steal your energy. Spoil yourself. You can go to a special exercise course, you can get an appointment for a spa or detox day. You should use very opportunity to make you feel relaxed.

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4.Try your wedding dress
Try your wedding dress for the one last time. Be sure that every detail is like you dreamt and wished before. Try to walk with your wedding dress at home. Be sure that you feel comfortable in it.

5.Sitting Arrangement
You should have changed the seating arrangement for a couple times. However, before entering the last week before wedding, it is essential to create the final sitting arrangement.

6.Wedding Day Boxes
Case and label every product that you are going to use on your wedding day. With this way you can avoid possible losses and on wedding day you can carry these boxes easily. To label the boxes can prevent unnecessary rush and confusions.

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7.Check your to do list
Go through your to do list one last time. Ask for a support from your bridesmaids and family members if there are some topics which should be followed or which remain unachieved. They will be happy to help you to enter your last week before wedding much more relaxed and stress free.

8.Write a love letter
Write a letter to your partners which reflects your feelings, dreams, and how your partner makes you feel like. Write a letter to your partner for your wedding day. Your words in this letter will support your partner during the wedding stress.

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9.First Aid Kit for wedding
It will be helpful to prepare a kit consist of the needs of you and your bridesmaid in case of an emergency. You may put band-aid, hooked needle, hairclips hygen products in your first aid kit.

10.Special for Bridesmaids
Try spend time together. Try to handle everything together on your wedding preparation days. Interest in their make up, needs and preparations. Make them feel ready for your special day with sending funny songs or texts to them.

11.Put your boxes in car
Place all the boxes your prepared before for your wedding day in your car. In this way you will not forget anything on your wedding day and will not be tired because of these kind of activities.

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12.Gifts for Bridesmaids
Act syncronized with your bridesmaids. Take care with their needs during the wedding preparation process. Take care with their preparations, make up and needs. Arrange a small gift for your bridesmaids. Make special gift boxes for them. Give their gifts to them on the wedding day.

13.A special gift for the Groom
If you are planning to give a gift to your dear partner on your wedding day morning, prepare and wrap it up with care.

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14.First look
Talk about you wishes with your wedding photographer. For example if you have a special wedding photo venue or if you want to have a photo with your first looks to each other, let your photographer knows about these things. Visit the outdoor venues that your wedding photos will be shot.

15.Prepare your suitcase
Put your clothes, shoes and accesories which you plan to use or can be in need on your wedding day.

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16.Honeymoon Hotel
If you are going to accommodate in hotel on your wedding night, you should definitely tell the hotel management that you are a wedding couple. They can offer you some gifts, treats or coupons.

17.Delivery for Wedding Venue
Some venues get delivery and give permission to preparations before wedding day. You can negotiate with the venue owners and start your preparation one day before wedding.

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18.Party Songs
Meet your wedding DJ. Create a list consist of your favorite songs together. Choose 10-20 favorite song for your special day. Your DJ can handle the rest. Talk with your wedding organizer if you prefer to have live music or trio for welcoming.

19.Mini Bag
Prepare a small bag which you can carry all day. Put your cell phone, perfume and lipstick in it. You will need them.

20.Hair and Make Up Appointment
Meet with your hair dresser and make up artist. Decide your appointment date and hour. Rehearse your hair and make up model and let they know about your last wishes. Be sure that this is what you want for your wedding day.

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If you have wedding guests with small children, find someone to take care of them in the wedding like a sitter, animator or clown.

22.Party with Bridesmaids
Plan an organization with your bridesmaids. It can be a relaxation day. Just you and them, a long breakfast, a lake side picnic or a dinner with live music.

symbolic marriage in Turkey

Rehearse your wedding day. Visit each place you will be on your wedding day one by one .

24.A special Night with your life partner to be
Live a night which you do not want to be over. Talk about all your memories from the first to the last day, share your dreams with each other. Live a night which will make you remember why you loved each other at the first place.

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25.Wedding Day Photo Romance
Negotiate with your wedding photographer about your wedding day photo romance. With this way you will not need to show people irrelevant photos while you are telling them about your wedding.

26.Wedding Day Payments
If you have payments which should be paid on your wedding day, prepare an envelop with the necessary amount. Note on the envelopes for whom the money is. Confirm the amounts with other parties. And ask for a support from a friend or from a family member to deal with these envelops.

27.Seat Cards
You may design seat cards on which the wedding guests name and where to sit is written.

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28.Welcome Bag
You can organize the distribution of the treat bags you prepared for your wedding guests. Your wedding guests will be so happy to have these gifts from you.

29.Welcome table
You can organize a welcoming table like a candy bar.
A wedding day is irrecoverable. You can not go back to that day after it finishes. Of course, it is so important for you. Too much preparation details, not much time. You did your best. The most important thing is your relationship and your love to each other. Everything and everyone is there to celebrate your love and relationship. Remember this. And take a deep breathe.

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