Luxury Country Weddings In Antalya Turkey


Country weddings are most preferable wedding organizations in warm seasons.

With warmer air conditions and greener the nature gets we started to be invited to the outdoor weddings often.Country weddings’ advantages are an intimate environment, invitees who are enjoying themselves and beautiful weather conditions.

In traditional weddings the wedding guests are usually entertained at the tables and if it’s a wedding reception with dinner, guests wait their meal at the table. At the meantime bride and groom visits the tables one by one and accept compliments. After the compliments, entertainment with music starts. Some couples who want to change this traditional concept organize a country wedding with a different kind of celebration. If you also want a country wedding, let’s take a look at the necessary things for having a beautiful country wedding.

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Country Wedding Venues

The first thing occurs in mind when someone mentioned country wedding is a venue which is in nature. A large garden, beach, a country house or historical places in green areas, hotels with green areas, a large park, a restaurant in greens. When you visit this kind of places it may come to you very plain and empty at the beginning. Imagine that the garden will be decorated, seats and tables will be set up, lightings will be placed, cushions and flowers will be placed. If someone made a wedding there before, ask for the photos. Actually the best thing to do is if there is a wedding on the way which will be held in that place, you can ask for a permission to attend the wedding so you can see what kind of opportunities wedding venue has.

Wedding Guests

When choosing the wedding venue, number of the guests also an important issue. If you are looking for a place in a green area, there is a high chance that you are going to have your wedding far from the city.

The best thing you should do to choose somewhere to which your wedding guests can come easily, and do not lose time in traffic. You can put a map on your wedding invitation card if you think there can be wedding guests which do not know the area well. Even if you like the wedding venues you see, do not try to fit in a small garden if you have so many wedding guests. Or vice versa, if you host your small group of wedding guests in a large rural area, you may be careful that your wedding party is seen as a deserted party.

Country Wedding Decoration

You have an idea to decorate a wedding hall or a restaurant. But how to decorate an empty garden? Wedding City Antalya has lots of creative ideas to prepare your country wedding in green area or at the beach in Antalya. There are also lots of other creative ideas. Phaetons, decorated farm animals, articial lakes, altars, gazebos.. Before decoration, you should decide which kind of service option you will choose for your wedding guests. Open buffet, a la carte or cocktail? After you make your decision, if you chose a la carte then you should make a decision on seating group. We suggest not to give up on wedding dinner tables. If you find round tables too classical for your country wedding, you can decide a long table or you can put the tables as U or L shape .

You can choose white as your decoration color as much as you want. It will be a perfect contrast with the bright colors of nature. Moreover, you can use different tones of green, red or pink. These colors are coherent with your country wedding.

Country Wedding Meals

The most important condition for a warm weather wedding is not to have oily meals. You can decide light menus which includes seasonal fruits with fresh meats. You can also add some snack in your menu. Besides your wedding cake, you can make nice surprises to your guests with desserts with ice cream and fruit cocktails. Open buffet is the most suitable service type for this kind of weddings. You can choose a open buffet menu which your guests can choose their own meal.

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Country wedding music

Live music is the most suitable choice for this kind of wedding. You can choose an orchestra which will keep you alive all night long or negotiate with a trio musician group with classical instruments. Wedding city Antalya can organize your country wedding with the best wedding music groups and sound system.

Country Wedding Lightings

In the bright hours of the day with natural and bright colors your wedding venue will seem so beautiful without a doubt. But you should be careful not to left with darkness in the evening. Even if it gets dark later, it is a good idea to have some lighting for the cameras and for seeing each other. You can also use candles which will be perfect for your country wedding.

What to wear for Country Weddings

As bride and groom, we can say that there is not much option for you. If you do not want a marginal look, you should wear wedding dress and wedding suit. Of course it is appropriate not to choose fancy models which are for ballrooms.

Things to know about Wedding Organization Companies

You should act as a team with your wedding organization company. Of course today is your big day. But you should not forget that there are lots of details which you can not handle by yourself. Your organization company will be like a lawyer for you, it will be your voice when you are not there.

Determine well what you need and desire and leave the rest to the professionals. Make a to do list. Like all the relationships, your relationship with your wedding planner company your key to success will be good communication.

Do not avoid yourself to talk about your ideas, your yes and no’s as this is your wedding. For example do you like surprises or do you prefer to have everything on time and scheduled. What is the most important service for you on your wedding day, music or dinner? Inform your wedding organizer company wedding city Antalya and we will do everything you want and we will make your dreams come true.

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