Ideas For Special Weddings


You are planning to propose your girlfriend for a long time. You don’t want to make a simple and common proposal. You don’t want to make a traditional proposal. Read this article, buy your ring, be courageous and make the proposal of your life.

Best Marriage proposals that you can use technology

  1. Create your orn podcast and download this podcast to her ipod.
  2. Make a proposal on video and download this video to youtube.
  3. Take her camera secretly from her and go to your favorite venues in the city. Find some friends, make that friends say a different word each time. Last 2 friends should say ''will you marry me?'' Moreover, give each friend a paper. In each paper there should be a letter from the words ''will you marry me''. Take photos of them while they show their letter to camera. Then tell your girlfriend that you took her camera and ask her to check the photos.
  4. Send messages to her phone constantly. Pretend there is a bad situation and that you can not call her and ask her to come over whereever you are. The minute she comes, hide. While she is looking for you, go to her and make your proposal.
  5. Make a web page about your feelings and your proposal. Send her the link of the web page.
  6. Become a member of a web page which has live stream. For example you can attend ustream. Give the live stream link to your relatives and friends and ask her to marry you on live screen.

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Wedding Proposals you can make with using meal

  1. Go to your favorite restaurant and ask for a dessert as a shape of wedding ring box. Put your ring in it and during the dinner when she asks for dessert, make this dessert comes to table.
  2. Prepare a basket full of her favorite snacks and hide the ring in it.
  3. Ask from the pastry chef to write ''will you marry me'' on a plate with chocolate sauce.
  4. Ask from your bakery to make a cake with your wedding proposal on it. And ask the chef to put the prepared cake on screen. Afterwards take your girlfriend there to eat cake and watch her while she is trying to make a choice.
  5. Make your own cake with your proposal written on it. This is the sweetest way.

Most Playful Wedding Proposals

  1. Create a crossword puzzle which consist of your wedding proposal in it. After breakfast invite her to make this puzzle.
  2. Write your proposal to the ceiling wall with luminous letters. Put the letters somewhere that you can see from bed while lying. Be prepared to hear her screams when you close the lights at night.
  3. Write your proposal on refrigerator with magnet letters.
  4. Enter secretly into her office or work room and write your proposal on a paper and leave the paper on her desk. Then hide somewhere in the room. When she reads the note, come out with the ring.
  5. Ask her finger size. When she asks you why, tell her you want to buy her a ring and take her to jewelry store. You can tell her that she can choose whatever she wants. While she is looking for the rings, take your ring out and tell her to try this one.
  6. Act like you are drunk. Piss her off and then make your proposal.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ceremony is essential for weddings. This is why couples who started to have more modern weddings than before, looking for more innovative and different wedding cake models.

Artistic Choices

You can choose the colors' magic for your wedding cake to take all the attention. For example if you are planning a wedding on the beach, blue tones can be so beautiful with your wedding decoration. Also if you are planning to have a country wedding you can choose green for your wedding cake.

Use the Power of the words

It is possible to use the power of the words to have a different kind of wedding cake. You can use scrabble game as a sample and use your name or a special word between you and your partner and attract the attention they want.

Wedding Cakes with Characters

You can use a print on your wedding cake. This print can be a movie character, a book character or some character you and your partner like. It can be both romantic and funny to have a wedding cake decorated with a character. In this point do not forget to use decor characters on top of your wedding cake.

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Try Different Tastes

Everybody likes the chocolate and vanilla cake but a little difference can not harm anybody. You can offer your wedding guests a different kind of wedding cake with mixing traditional tastes with different auromatic tastes.

Stay away from the Classic

Try something different than a classic wedding cakes. You can offer to your wedding guests either mini cupcakes or a coctail table filled with chocolate cakes. Moreover you can choose your mini cakes in different shapes so there will be a rich taste options and colorful appearance.

Suggestions in the Selection of Bride’s Veil

The shape of our bodies and the shape of our faces actually give us a lot of points of view about what kind of clothes and accessories we should use. It may be possible to be relaxed and stylish as long as tricks in this kind of articles are noted. Especially on the most special occasions such as weddings, the choice of wedding dress and bride’s veil is much more important. You can find below for bride-to-be in wedding preparations, suggestions for choosing a wedding veil by face shape.

Oval Face

Oval face is suitable for many wedding veil models. You can choose the veil model you think best suits you.

Round face

Brides-to-be with round faces may prefer models which can show their face longer and thinner.

Square Face

Veil models that can show the face shape softer can be used. For example, voluminous veil models can be used.

Long Face

Brides-to-be with long faces may prefer veils with volume.

Rectangle Face

The long veil models that do not have voluminous details may fit this face shape.

The bride veil you choose will not enough by itself for being chic and stylish. The most important complement of the bride veil is hairstyle and jewelry. So you should choose the appropriate hair style and jewelry suitable to your bridal veil.

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