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Each marriage is a fresh start. There are 5 suggestions for having a happy marriage with your partner. Every marriage is a new life.

But you should talk with your partner about money, job sharing, kids, family and business so your marriage which starts as a fairytale do not turn into a nightmare. Experts are saying that couples can share the same bank account and a common budget but there can be some habits that may not agree with each other. The important points that should be careful about are; if you are not working and your partner is, then your partner should give you money besides daily house expenses so you can also plan your future and plan how to save money for your dreams. If both you and your partner are working you can share an account. If you are planning to save money for yourself, you can have your own account. If you have a common bank account it is good to inform each other about costs and expenses.

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Job sharing is a must in house

Most men help their mother with house works. Most of them do not let their mother do the work for them. But when life turns into reality with marriage, all the work becomes one person’s duty. Best thing to do to avoid the conditions turn into a nightmare, is to talk about every detail before getting married. Marriage therapists say that women should free themselves from this heavy burden. Marriage is not about cooking; cleaning etc. marriage is to make a house home. Of course you will spend more time at home if you choose to be a housewife but this does not mean that your partner will not help you for anything.

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Common Decisions on Children:

Here comes the most beautiful but at the same time most difficult issue in a marriage. To make a common decision on children sometimes can be hard especially when the topic is their responsibility or education. You can think that you are not ready for children; this is the reason why maybe you want to wait. But meantime, your partner may not think same as you. You should solve this problem before getting married and you have to be sure that your partner will not make pressure on you about this issue.

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Strong Family Bond

You and your partner can love each other like crazy. But can you tell the same thing for you and your partner’s family. Have you ever think about it before? Unfortunately, marriage is not only between 2 persons but also between families. It has a big structure. Even if you get along well with your partner, if there are some problems between you and your partners family or vice versa, your marriage can be affected by these problems. Therapists are saying that ‘’one side of the marriage can be disturbed with family problems and this avoids a common life which married life is all about. If you can talk about all the problems which may occur in the future before the wedding, you may find a way which makes both you and your partner happy.

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Positive Thoughts

Please do not forget that the most important thing in human relations is respect and you should know that only one little smile can open lots of doors. Positive thoughts in mind can help you to create beautiful relationship with your partner.

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Things You Should Know About Wedding Photography

On wedding day the excitement starts in the morning. Hair, make up, clothes, marriage ceremony, wedding cake and then the day you have been started to prepare yourself ends in a blink of an eye. However, your priceless memories will remain. This is the reason why wedding videos and photos are very important to re-live your wedding day again and again.

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Bride and Groom photo shoot

Your photographer will advise you to take some pictures of you before the guests arrive, your make up ruins and your hair becomes a mess. For this photo shoot, you can meet with your photographer and wedding operator company at an outdoor place. You should meet with your photographer on time because even if everyone will follow you wherever you are on your wedding day, your wedding photographer will not wait for you if you are late.

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Wedding Photos as a Family

Take photos with elder ones of your family before wedding venue is not crowded yet and if possible before wedding ceremony. Guarantee your photos with your mother, father, siblings and close friends. Once you start to take photos with everyone, you will forget with whom you take photos with.

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How to pose on your wedding photos

Try your best smile in front of a mirror before wedding. To be natural is the most beautiful thing but do not forget that you will be photographed when you are so tired or with some people you don’t even know. Guests want to see how happy you are to be with them. To show this happiness there is nothing better than a big smile. A smile is your best offer but you should complete it with your posture. Be sure that your posture is right before every photo shoot. Try to be as close as you can to the guests and hug them when someone takes your photo.

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Natural Wedding Photo

There is no doubt that we always like more the photos which are taken unknowingly. When you have your make up and your hair is done than you should worry about nothing. Ask your friends and relatives to bring digital photographers.

You can ask your wedding photgorapher the questions below:

  • What kind of photos you shoot?
  • Where are your wedding venues? Do you make shootings at somewhere we decide?
  • Do number of people in the shooting and having a photo shoot on the weekend affect the price?
  • Which equipments do you use for shooting?
  • What kind of accessories we can use during the photo shoot?
  • Is there any back up photo machine you have in case of an emergency?
  • Do you deliver all the photos you shoot or is there any limit for it?
  • Do you print the photos or do you deliver the photos by DVD?
  • How is your album quality?
  • Will photos be revised or natural?

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