0115-L Limak Limra Wedding Package

0115- L - Limak Limra Hotel Kemer Wedding Package

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Wedding Ceremony at the Garden of the Hotel

  1. An Altar will be set up at the garden. It will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and artificial flowers. A wedding table will be set beneath the Altar and it will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and flowers. Ring pillow in decoration colour will be prepared. 2 artificial flower decorations on high metal stands will be placed on the left and right side of the table. The white lacquered chairs will be adorned with bow ties made of ivory coloured chiffon. 4 artificial flower decorations on high metal stands will be set up at the bridal walking way. They will be also adorned with ivory chiffon bow ties. A white carpet will be rolled out and red rose leaves will be spread on it.
  2. During the wedding ceremony, 2 white doves will be released by the couple as a symbol for luck
  3. An exclusive professional photographer takes 350 to 700 pictures in JPEG format during the marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception (Flash Memory with unrevised photos will be handed out).
  4. Special designed Bridal bouquet with fresh flowers and groom’s collar flower

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Wedding Dinner Reception at the Hotel

  1. The chairs and tables will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon. Pink or turquoise coloured runners will be on the tables. The tables will be decorated with artificial and fresh flowers and other accessories, under plates with Swarovski will be set up, the napkins will be tied with Swarovski stoned napkins bracelet. Swarovski stoned candles and candle holders also will be set up.
  2. Special champagne glasses will be prepared for the bride and groom.
  3. Special Wedding Dinner, unlimited local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (4 hours)
  4. One bottle of special champagne for Bride and Groom
  5. Special decorated Single layer wedding cake
  6. An English speaking member of our Team (wedding consultant) will escort the couple during the day
  7. Flower arrangements and the decoration of the venue will be done by a professional staff
  8. Transfer and transportation of the staff/team and necessary materials
  9. Wedding City Antalya Team will come to the Hotel at 13:00, will serve up to 24:00 o’clock.

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