Luxury British Wedding in Turkey

Mica & Ross Luxury British Wedding in Turkey

We as a Wedding Planner in Antalya have organised a luxury British wedding in Turkey at one of the best wedding venue in Antalya - Turkey. They had a formal wedding ceremony with special wedding decoration in their wedding package. Also they celebrated their marriage with a special wedding dinner reception at the seaside wedding venue in Antalya.

We met our clients Mica and Ross on October 17, 2018, thanks to their request for the wedding organization sent to our website. Our further correspondence continued over the Internet: we sent full information about our wedding services, wedding packages and offers. These were the first steps of our acquaintance, which grew into friendship.After some time, we were lucky enough to meet and get acquainted with Mica and Ross, when they visited Antalya with their parents for family holidays. Our first encounter happened at the Limak Lara Hotel. With them on vacation were also two of their sons.Three generations of a beautiful family were happily spending their holidays together.

Official Wedding in AntalyaSeeing for the first time such a beautiful woman as Mica, in my head immediately appeared a picture of a delightful wedding, with a happy beautiful bride, wonderful photos, wedding clips, and rich wedding decorations on the shore of the radiant sea under the gentle sunny sky of Antalya.For such a wedding was chosen the appropriate place, Club Arma restaurant, which is located in the historical place of Antalya in Yat Liman, towering over the sea. The wedding terrace of this restaurant is washed by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The view from Club Arma is worthy of special mention and admiration. “Pirate ships” sail by, carrying tourists to fabulous tours. And in the evening, when the lights of the restaurant are turned on, the glitters of light and stars reflecting from the surface of the sea, fascinate all guests of Club Arma. Mica and Ross were very deeply touched by the beauty of this place and made the right choice for the most important event of their lives.Our correspondence lasted for six months, in my head, there were new ideas on the organization of the wedding, with which I shared with Mica. I was worried and waiting for this moment as much as she was. New people, different weddings, different wedding places always inspired me to new ideas.With the wedding date approaching, I always worry and getting stressed like a bride. If someone from the group gets sick, if there is some unforeseen event. You can prepare plan A and plan B, but some situations we are not able to control. Mica decided to appoint an official ceremony at 15: 30, usually such ceremonies are held at 17:30 and the organizational group beginning to its work at 9 o'clock. But especially for this wedding, at 6 a.m. we all were already in the office, began preparing wedding decorations and everything you need. Unfortunately, our truck driver Ibrahim Bay unsuspecting of the beginning of work slept a peaceful sleep at home. Everything's ready, but he still was not here.

Official Wedding in TurkeyWorriedly and nervously,I dialed the first phone number, named “Ibrahim” and excitedly begin to explain that all gathered. I said, how you can sleep when we compete with time.On the other side of the phone was the hairdresser Ibrahim, who began fearfully make excuses and saying that styling the bride hairstyle is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. and now it's too early. As a company with extensive experience in the organization of weddings, we were always facing with a huge number of unforeseen situations and problems, each of them were solved in its own way, by finding new and extraordinary solutions to achieve excellence in this craft.Each wedding we have organized is our baby who needs care, attention and love.But when I see the happy eyes of the newlyweds during the wedding ceremony.I forget about all the difficulties and problems left behind

Wedding in AntalyaThat day, due to the fact that the wedding was scheduled for an earlier time, this had to sweat. The team of florists was forced to prepare flower decorations and bouquets until 5 a.m., they were replaced at 6 a.m. by another team, the team of the wedding organization on the spot. By the middle of the day, working under the scorching sun, it seemed that all our forces are gone. The first thing that gave me new energy and strength was the gorgeous look of the bride. Elegant makeup, luxurious hair and graceful of the bride delighted everyone who saw her! Mica was a beautiful bride. I forgot all my tiredness and felt a new surge of strength. Mica filled the whole wedding with her elegance and beauty.

Ross, don't think I forgot about you. The Elegant and charismatic groom, who has inspired us and people around with his energy and positivity. Your sincere hugs in gratitude for the wedding, which will stay in my memory forever, made me happy that day.I am very glad and happy that I was able to organize with my team the day you dreamed and planned. We appreciate your good feedback about our work, it is very important for us. Warm the minutes of parting at the end of the wedding, touched me deeply. We in the sphere of wedding services work hard and tirelessly up a sweat and appreciate such minutes which gave me acquaintance to you, gave me feeling of a holiday, pleasure and love. And we forget all our fatigue when we see the happiness in our clients' eyes. Your sincere gratitude and warm embrace filled me with joy that day. I sincerely thank you both for the warmth and joy that you gave me throughout the wedding. I wish you and your children happiness, health, love, long life. I'll never forget you.

Gülseren Özdemir
General Manager

British luxury wedding by the sea in Antalya

Homes after the most magical wedding thank you to you all for our beautiful gift and the best wedding ever
And thank you Erman Fikret Korkmaz for being by my side the whole time x
Mica & Ross
Seeing this
Our wedding planner & team such a lovely write up on their home page of their website, thank you so much for your kind words I would highly recommend you to anyone getting married in Antalya
Mica & Ross

Club Arma Restaurant

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