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Where to Get Health Report for Marriage, Which Tests Are Made

How to Get a Health Report for Official Marriage in Turkey

Where get the medical certificate for the marriage? Which tests are made?

Marriage medical certificate places among the necessary documents for the marriage application. Whether the couple has any obstacle as a disease to get married or not is showed with this certificate. So where get the medical certificate for marriage?

Responsibilities of the International Wedding Planner

What does a Professional International Wedding Planner do

What is Wedding Planner?

Wedding is one of the most important and happiest events in a couple's life. It can also be one of the most stressful days. A wedding planner is the person who helps couples with planning, organizing, and managing their wedding.

Our company in Antalya can offer you interesting themed wedding offers.

We Can Offer You Venues For Themed Weddings In Antalya, Turkey

Didn't You Still Choose Your Wedding Theme?

Almost every wedding has a theme in recent time. If you are looking for different ideas for wedding concepts that you can use in all your selections, from wedding candy to invitation,

2021 wedding concept entertainment at Antalya Turkey

Get Information about wedding entertainment from our company

2021 Conceptual Wedding Entertainment

Creative Wedding Ideas For Those Who Say What Can Be Done Different

Most of the couples want their special day to be different from others and full of unforgettable surprises. If you think “What might be done differently at the wedding?”

Our company as Wedding Planner select music enterance music

Best Wedding entrance music list

Best lists of Entrance music

The most important moment of every bride and groom which it`s fateful is their entrance. The wedding entrance music you select is especially important for this moment to be unique.

Importance of Wedding Ring For Couples to Marry

Importance Of A Solitaire And Wedding Ring When Marrying

What is trick of choosing a ring?

Pick a good ring is not easy work. You have to find which best for you in many models, it also have to be useful for your hand. There is some key points choose wedding ring and we will share with you in our blog.

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