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What should and should not be done during the honeymoon?

We have some tips for you that will be very helpful when planning such a long-awaited event as a honeymoon! So, let's start on the topics that are important both in planning and during the honeymoon!

What is a honeymoon?

Before embarking on tips for a honeymoon program, let's first look at what a “Honeymoon is.

Let's look at what the concept of “honeymoon” means, which is currently known as vacation, which the newlyweds spend alone after the wedding. There are several versions of the appearance of the word “honeymoon”. We will share with you the version that everyone knows.

According to popular rumors, the concept of "honeymoon" is rooted in the period of Babylon. In those days, there was such a tradition when a young couple during their wedding and for 30 days after the wedding drank wine mixed with honey. Since there was a belief that as the initial period of joint life began, so it continued on. Although "honeymoon" is meant today as a joint vacation, we can say that it is the initial period of marriage.Luxury wedding in Antalya

Plan Your Honeymoon Correctly

We also have proposals for preparing for the honeymoon. It is important to keep your budget and wishes in mind when preparing your honeymoon program. And of course, do not forget to prepare your suitcase after deciding where you will spend your honeymoon.

Prepare a plan according to your budget:

You can start planning your honeymoon while planning your honeymoon budget, considering your wedding expenses. You can use features such as hot tours, early booking, as well as a special offer for honeymooners to choose the most profitable option according to your budget. But do not forget that if you want to spend an unforgettable honeymoon, you may be a debtor, paying off debts for a long time.

This article can help you plan your budget.

How to make the honeymoon budget

Make your program together:

Joint honeymoon planning is important because both of you will enjoy your program. Sports or entertainment? A peaceful and relaxing vacation оr a trip with a cultural program? Share your personal wishes with each other to prepare a program to your taste. Before meeting with a travel agency, think about what you will do during your honeymoon, and it is advisable to determine a few options for yourself. Which tourist and historical areas coexist in the place where you are going to go? Where is the best place to watch the sunset? Learn these details and make your trip itinerary. Even small things like morning breakfast and evening dinner can make your honeymoon special. If you still have not decided where to spend your honeymoon, we suggest you consider our routes: the best place for a honeymoon in Turkey is the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.

Do the shopping:

It is better to prepare a full suitcase for your honeymoon to avoid problems during your honeymoon. You can create a shopping list for your honeymoon based on the climate, needs and budget of your destination. By adhering to this list in purchases, you will avoid unnecessary expenses. What should be in an ideal honeymoon case?

Take appropriate clothing with you:

When choosing clothes for a honeymoon, it is important to pay attention to functionality. For example, you can prepare your suitcases by considering options for wearing a skirt or trousers with multiple blouses.Of course, features such as the weather of the destination and the concept are important functions when choosing clothes. If you are planning a beach vacation on the Mediterranean coast, then bring a bikini, shorts and summer dresses. If you plan to ski in the Uludag Mountains, then boots, jackets and thermal underwear should take place in a suitcase for a honeymoon.

Of course, when we talk about honeymoon travel and clothes, we should not forget about the presence of fashionable underwear in the bride’s suitcase. When will there be a better opportunity for the bride to try the sexy lingerie that she liked so much in the catalogs? preparations for the honeymoon are complete. Now we can move on to our honeymoon recommendations.

Create the best room decoration for honeymooners

If you have purchased packages that offer options such as a bridal room or a bridal suite, be sure to use the facilities specially prepared for you. For example, in the honeymoon room, you can start your day with a pleasant breakfast in a bed. In the honeymoon rooms with a Jacuzzi, you can experience pleasant moments when you can relax together from the bustle of the wedding.

Do not miss the surprises during your honeymoon

According to the characteristics of your destination, you can add small surprises to your plan. You can surprise your wife with special tours, excursions, small gifts and, possibly, fashionable underwear for your honeymoon.

Relax with a honeymoon massage

Whether you are planning a honeymoon in your own country or abroad, the most attractive option that comes to mind when you think about what to do during your honeymoon is, of course, a honeymoon massage! Remember to book a place for your honeymoon, which will be a great therapy for both of you. If you want to make the event even more romantic, you can ask for aromatic massage oils in your room and massage each other in your room.

Do not forget to be photographed!

To make your first joint holiday after the wedding unforgettable, be sure to take photos of your honeymoon. Because in the future you will want to remember these moments. Therefore, try to photograph your emotions, not objects. For example, you woke up in the early morning of your honeymoon, and your partner is still sleeping. Before waking him up, take a camera and photograph his emotions in their most natural form. You will see these photos in the future. Not “We ate sea bass,” but “I will never forget how the rays of the sun fell on your face that morning.”

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Be sure to take pictures! But do not rush to post your joint photos on social networks so as not to waste your joint time. You will have time to share them when you return from your honeymoon, but you will never feel this first joint vacation after the wedding, so enjoy!

Let the music caress you during your honeymoon

Of course, we recommend that you listen to each other during your honeymoon. But the world of music cannot be denied, is it?We have prepared a list of songs that you can listen to with your future wife during your honeymoon. There are many songs on this list, both rhythmic and lyrical, that will lead you to the pinnacle of romanticism.

We shared our suggestions on what to do and what not to do during the honeymoon. However, the best moments after the wedding are not limited to just the honeymoon.Where do you want to spend your honeymoon according to your horoscope zodiac sign?What do you prefer during your honeymoon and what kind of wedding gift according to your zodiac sign ...Aries woman wants fun, madness and excitement. The wedding should be as exciting as her life, so that her legs come off the ground.

What honeymoon does she dream of: a luxurious safari in Africa or a beach holiday near the shops.Wedding gift: never give a woman Aries a pan! She will be pleased to receive gifts such as underwear or nightwear.The Taurus woman dreams of a wedding in a dark place decorated with candles and flowers, and of course she wants romance.

What honeymoon does she dream of: a luxury ocean cruise or a honeymoon in a cave without technology.Wedding Gift: Taurus women love well-equipped kitchens. So give her two items as a wedding present.She wants a party-shaped wedding filled with music, dancing and exotic cocktails.What honeymoon she dreams about: for a Gemini woman is important how comfortable she is. Therefore, she wants to spend her honeymoon in a luxurious resort place where she will feel very comfortable.

Wedding Gift: As a wedding gift, you can purchase a digital camera or camera for her.Cancer Woman loves everything traditional. A country wedding is just for the Cancer woman.What honeymoon does she dream of: heart-shaped beds in a pink villa in Greece - the honeymoon that the Cancer woman dreams about.

Wedding gift: You can buy soft white linen clothes, finely crafted tablecloths, dishes, crystal glasses as a wedding gift to a woman-Cancer.First of all, you need to inform the media about this wedding! Then you should prepare a good show with a good guest list. She is delighted with magnificent wedding dinners.What honeymoon she dreams about: the honeymoon dream for Leo’s woman is not only a luxuriously romantic vacation, but also generous ... A romantic and luxurious vacation spot is enough to make Leo’s woman happy.

Wedding gift: gold with hand embroidery from Tibet. Beautiful embroidered brochures made by a small orphan living in a Buddha’s house or in a wooden house are perfect for a wedding present.The truth is that there is nothing perfect for the Virgo. But with a simple wedding, the likelihood of making a mistake is the least.What honeymoon does she dream of: Since the woman Virgo dreamed of a honeymoon from the age of 5, giving her advice would be pointless.

Wedding present: believe it or not, a Virgo woman will be happy if you even buy her a lawn mower as a wedding present. Getting practical items, staying away from bright items, is what matters to her.A calm, warm and friendly wedding on the coast, where only 15 people will be invited ...What honeymoon does she dream of: a honeymoon in an Italian-style house with champagne and brunch - this is the dream of a Libra woman. Wedding gift: send flowers or a card to Libra woman as a wedding gift. You can make a donation instead of a gift and let her know.The Scorpio woman wants to share her instincts at the wedding in order to get to know herself better.

What honeymoon does she dream of: a bathtub, a bed, black satin sheets ... As long as her husband is with her, it doesn't matter for her where they spend their honeymoon ... Wedding gift: give the woman Scorpio something interesting and exciting as a wedding gift. For example, a 2-hour massages.Formal ceremonies are not for Sagittarius women. Better have a big party.What honeymoon does she dream of A Sagittarius woman’s dream is a mountain on which she can climb with you or dolphins with whom you can swim. She loves extreme and originality.

Wedding Gift: No matter what the wedding gift for a Sagittarius woman will be. It is important to give it with love ... If you have not figured out what to give, then it can be a toy animal or a sports item.A simple, conservative and spiritual wedding. The Capricorn woman is strictly associated with old customs.What honeymoon she dreams about: the Capricorn woman’s honeymoon dream is any beautiful place full of greenery, quiet and close to the sea.

Wedding gift: If you want to make Capricorn woman happy, go to a jeweler. She likes not very flashy jewelry!She wants a special and extraordinary wedding. It is possible in a circus tent or in an empty pool.What honeymoon she dreams about: the honeymoon of a woman-Aquarius depends on the wishes of her husband. And this is not because she is not interested in it, but because she is interested in everything!Best wedding planner in Turkey

Wedding gift: You can buy a woman Aquarius a new book, a mobile phone with a web design or an interesting decor as a wedding gift. Technology is one of the greatest interests of Aquarius women.A romantic wedding in which verses and a beautiful wreath are read, the dream of a woman Pisces.What honeymoon does she dream of: a romantic honeymoon, which is as romantic as a wedding, when her hair flutters in the wind, air kisses that they send to each other. Honeymoon for Pisces women is passionate love ...

Wedding Gift: A Pisces women is practical, and a practical woman always loves to buy gifts that she can use. A travel bag would be perfect.