International Wedding Planner in Antalya Turkey Page 48

Indian Wedding Gift Basket

Indians Living In UK Make Traditional Weddings In Antalya

Special preparied gift basket details

  • Kütahya Porselen’s in Ottoman traditional lines handmade 2 pair turkish coffe cups , coffe pot and a turkish coffee
  • 3 unique handmade candle set


Groomsmen Are The Best Assistants of Groom On Wedding

At the wedding, the groom's best assistants are the groomsmen. Minor details that the bridegroom and bride forgot at the last minute, These nuances are always watched by the groomsmen.


We Prepare Special Hand Bouquet For Bridesmaid On Weddings

The most important people on wedding after the bride are the bridesmaids . Bridesmaids are moral support and the greatest helpers during bride preparation, they flutter like butterflies around the bride and try to calm her excitement.

Kazakh Wedding in Antalya Turkey

Kazakh Wedding in Antalya - Turkey Wedding Planner

Antalya is an important wedding city for most Kazakhs, if they are thinking about holding a wedding abroad. The climate of Antalya, luxury hotels, perfect coast, Turkish cuisine and Turkish hospitality is very important for Kazakhs.

Indian Traditional Weddings In Antalya

Contact Wedding City Antalya For Traditional Indian Wedding

Indian traditional weddings made in antalya with 300-500 persons wedding quests . Indian weddings hold 3 days and 3 nights at big green areas, terraces on the shore or ballrooms of our world brand hotels located on the Mediterranean coast.

Wedding On Olympos Teleferic

Find Our Company For Thematic Wedding On Mountain

Some couples think about holding a wedding not in the usual places, but in interesting places. They want to be different, We have prepared a wedding package on Mount Olympos, located at an altitude of 2365 meters in Antalya, for those who want to have a wedding in interesting place.

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