The most important people on wedding after the bride are the bridesmaids . Bridesmaids are moral support and the greatest helpers during bride preparation, they flutter like butterflies around the bride and try to calm her excitement.

Special gowns are prepared for the bridesmaids, everyone wears a gown with name sewn on a gown and preparing with the same excitement as a bride. After the bridesmaids’ hair and bridesmaids’ makeup of the are finished, the turn comes to the dressing of specially prepared bridesmaids dresses, which are the same color and one model. Together with them we share their excitement and anxiety.

Photographing these beautiful hours, experienced by the bride and bridesmaids, we transfer them to the future. We prepare special bridesmaids bouquets, which complement the color of the bridesmaid dresses.
Bridesmaids in their beatiful clothes, going to the wedding ceremony, causing great excitement. This tradition is inherent in every culture around the world, should be retained and moved to the future.
bridesmaids bouquets