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0111- S- Sueno Hotels Deluxe Belek 50 Pax

wedding table design

Wedding Ceremony at the Beach or Green area of the Hotel while Sunset

  1. An Altar will be set up at the beach. It will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and artificial flowers. A wedding table will be set beneath the Altar and will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and artificial flowers. Ring pillow in decoration colour will be prepared. 2 artificial flower decorations on high metal stands will be placed on the left and right of the table. The white laquered chairs will be adorned with bow ties made of ivory coloured chiffon. A white carpet will be rolled out and 6 artificial flower decorations on high metal stands will be flanked to right and left.
  2. During the wedding ceremony 2 white doves will be released by the couple as a symbol for luck
  3. A bottle of champagne for bride and groom and 1 glass of champagne for each guest
  4. Live acoustic music (violin)
  5. Sand ceremony

Wedding Ceremony organisation

Wedding Dinner Reception at the Beach or at the A’La Carte of the Hotel

  1. The Bridal table will be prepared special. It will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon. Ivory coloured lace runners will be laid on it. The tables will be decorated with flowers and other accessory, under plates with Swarovski will be set up, the napkins will be tied with Swarovski stoned napkins bracelet. Swarovski stoned candles and candle holders also will be set up.

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  2. The Tables of the guests will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and satin. Ivory lace runners will be on it. Top of the table will be decorated with accessory and artificial and fresh flowers. Glass mirror under plates will be set up. Napkins bracelet will be made of bows by satin ribbon in the decoration colour. Beautiful candles are placed on the table. The chairs are covered with velvet and decorated with ribbons of ivory chiffon.
  3. A bride walking trail with 6 artificial flower decoration on high metal stands are set up. They are also decorated with ribbons of ivory chiffon. Between the long metal stands, 8 light fireworks will be placed. Special board with bride & groom's names will be placed on the entrance. 2 gold coloured jardinieres decorated with artificial flowers will be set up under the board.
  4. Special champagne glasses will be prepared for bride and groom
  5. Special Wedding Dinner Reception, unlimited local alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks (4 hours)
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  6. Special decorated 3 layer wedding cake
  7. A bottle of Special Wedding Champagne for Bride & Groom
  8. 6 small volcano fireworks show during the Wedding Cake Ceremony
  9. Sound system, MİXER, 4 robot light show from the ground and a professional DJ
  10. Belly Dancer Show (for 30 Min.)
  11. Special designed Bridal bouquet with fresh flowers and the groom’s collar flower
  12. A professional Hair dresser will come to the Hotel for the Bride (service for 1,5 hours)
  13. A professional make-up Artist will come for the bride to the hotel. Kryolan brands make up is availed for make-up, 24 hours Resistant to fix spray. Additional silk lashes will be installed. (Service for 1,5 hours)
  14. An English speaking member of our team (wedding consultant) will assist the couple during the day
  15. Exclusive professional photographer takes 350 to 700 pictures in JPEG format during the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception. (Original unrevised photos will be handed out on CD)
  16. Professional video recording at the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception(Original unrevised DVD will be handed out)A barcovision will be set up for live video broadcast.
  17. A Special Marriage Certificate will be given
  18. Flower arrangements and the decoration of the venue will done by a professional staff
  19. Transfer and transportation of the staff/team and necessary materials
  20. Wedding City Antalya Team will come to the Hotel at 10.00, will serve up to 24.00 o’clock.

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’ the merging of two separate lifes ‘’


Yesterday there were two separate worlds, separate lives, separate stories of you

After today, your world, your life and your story will be merged In Life, Both of you are separate color like the sand in this special vase But...

As in this vase is one body throughout your married life, you will live for FAMILY UNITY in two different colors

We wish you a healthy, happy, colorful, successful life for a lifetime.

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