Persian Wedding at Sueno Hotel Deluxe in Belek

0145-S – Sueno Deluxe Hotel - 100 Pax


Sofreh Aghd Ceremony at Hotel’s Green Area Or A-La-Carte Restaurant Terrace at Sunset

  1. Screenshot_2Sofreh Aghd will be decorated at the ceremony venue. The venue will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and fresh flowers (silver mirror, silver tray, swarovskı candlesticks, glasses will be designed by pearls and flowers, flowers balls and candles will be set up as well ). Ring pillow in decoration colour will be prepared. Runners will be put on the table, adorned with ivory coloured chiffon bow ties, 2 fresh flower sets will be on long metal stands and will be placed on both sides of the Sofreh. White lacquered chairs will be decorated with cream coloured chiffon bow ties. 6 artificial flower decorations on high metal stands will be set up at the bridal walking way. A white carpet will be rolled out and rose leaves will be spread on it.
  2. Turkish Sweets (Baklava, etc.) and seasonal fruits will be served. For each guest 1 glass of champagne and soft drinks will be served. (The guests can bring additional foods and accessories, according to the tradition, which can be also placed on the “Sofreh” Table)
  3. Professional DJ, Iranian and international music.
  4. During the wedding ceremony 2 white doves will be released by the couple as a symbol of luck
  5. A bottle of special wedding champagne for Bride and Groom. One glass of champagne will be served for guests.
  6. Screenshot_18Aerial video shooting with drone
  7. The entrance to the marriage venue is made of a wood garden gate specially designed for entrance, and artificial flowers are used to decorate the entrance to the marriage venue with a specially made wooden garden gate for entrance and imitation flowers,the wooden decor stairs will be put on the right and left of the door and decorated with special decorations, lanterns and artificial flowers.

Wedding Dinner At Hotel’s A-La-Carte Restaurant Or In Ballroom

At the entrance gate, a specially prepared board where the name of the bride and groom is written is placed. The gold cube on the bottom will be decorated with 2 imitation flowers.

Bridal TableScreenshot_4

  1. The Bridal table will be prepared special. It will be decorated with ivory-coloured chiffon. Ivory-colored lace runners will be laid on it. A big oval bouquet of white and pink fresh flowers will be placed in the middle of the table. Shawl pattern mirrors with Swarovski stones will be set on the table and will be decorated with Swarovski stoned candle holders and candlesticks. Glass mirror under plates will be set up with Swarovski stones Napkins bracelet will be set as a bow tie. Tiffany chairs will be decorated with satin ribbon bows and flowers will be separated into bows too.Screenshot_5
  2. The Tables of the guests will be decorated with ivory-coloured chiffon and satin. Lace table runners will be on it. In the middle of the table a big square mirror will be set. A big glass vase will be put on the mirror and will be decorated with fresh flowers. Swarovski stones will be hung from the edges of the vase. mirror under plates will be set up. Napkins bracelets made of pearls will be used for satin table napkins. Beautiful candles are placed on the candle holders. White Tiffany chairs are decorated with ribbons of ivory chiffon. A bride walking trail with 6 artificial flower decoration on high metal stands are set up. They are also decorated with ribbons of ivory chiffon.
  3. Screenshot_6Special champagne glasses will be prepared for the bride and groom
  4. Special Wedding Dinner Reception, unlimited local beverage & soft drinks (4 hours)
  5. Special decorated 3 layer wedding cake
  6. A bottle of Special Champagne.
  7. 6 small volcano fireworks show during the Wedding Cake Ceremony
  8. Sound system, sound mixer, 4 robot light show from the ground, and a professional DJ
  9. Mezdeke Belly Dancer Group’s Show (for 30 Min)
  10. Special designed Bridal bouquet with fresh flowers and the groom’s collar flower
  11. A professional Hairdresser will come to the Hotel for the Bride (service for 1,5 hours)
  12. A professional make-up artist will come for the bride to the hotel. 24 hours Resistant to fix spray. Additional silk lashes will be installed. (Service for 1,5 hours)
  13. An English speaking member of our team (wedding consultant) will assist the couple during the day
  14. Exclusive professional photographer takes 350 to 700 pictures in JPEG format during the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony, and wedding dinner reception. (Original unrevised photos will be handed out on hard disk)
  15. Professional video recording at the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony, and wedding dinner reception. (Original will be handed out ın hard disk) It will be prepared 8-10 minute wedding story clip.
  16. Flower arrangements and the decoration of the venue will be done by a professional staff
  17. Transfer and transportation of the staff/team and necessary materials
  18. Wedding City Antalya Team will come to the Hotel at 10.00; will serve up to 24.00 o’clock.


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