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Sofreh Aghd Ceremony in Turkey“Sofreh” on A’La Carte Restaurant area by the river while sunset

  1. Sofreh Aghd Ceremony in AntalyaSofreh will be established in the A-La Carte Restaurant.It will be decorated with ivory colored chiffon and vibrant flowers. (Silver mirror, silver trays; candlesticks with swarovski stones, pearl accessories in glass goblets, flower balls and candle holders will be placed as accessories).
    A ring pillow in decoration color will be prepared. Runner will be placed on the table and bows will be tied with ivory chiffon.
    Two live flowers will be arranged in perforations next to the slab table, and bows will be tied with ivory chiffon.
  2. On the way to the bridal walk, 6 pieces of wrought iron will be decorated withPersian Wedding in Turkey fabric artificial flowers. On the way of walking, white carpet will be laid.
  3. Turkish Sweets (Baklava, etc.) and seasonal fruits will be served. For each guest 1 glass of champagne and soft drinks will be served.
    (The guests can bring additional foods and accessories that can be also placed to the “Sofreh”, according to the tradition.)
  4. Sound system, mixer and DJ (International and Iranian Music)
  5. During the wedding ceremony 2 white doves will be released by the couple as a symbol for luck
  6. A bottle of champagne for bride and groom. Iranian Wedding planner in Turkey

Wedding Dinner Reception at A’La Carte Restaurant Near the Hotel’s River

wedding designer in Turkey1. The Tables will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and satin. An arch will be set up on the riverside platform and will be decorated with ivory-co with ivory chiffons and imitation flowers. Two wrought-iron stands will be used with imitation flowers on the two sides of the arch. Lacquer white chairs will be decorated with bow ties and loured chiffons and imitation flowers. A wedding table will be placed by the arch and will be decorated with bow ties and flowers will be put inside the ties. 6 wrought-iron stands will be decorated with imitation flowers and will be placed along the walkway and will be decorated with white chiffons. A white carpet will be rolled along the walkway. Rose petals will be spread on it.
2. Special champagne glasses will be prepared for bride and groom.
3. Special wedding dinner, unlimited local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks(4hours)
4. Special designed 3-layered wedding cake,
5. A bottle of wedding champagne,
6. During the Wedding Cake ceremony 10 small volcano firework
7. Sound system, mixer, 4 robot light show from the ground and a professional DJ (International music)
8. Special designed Bridal bouquet and the groom’s collar flower
9. A professional Hair dresser will come to the Hotel for the Bride (service for 1 hour 30 min
10. A professional make-up Artist will come for the bride to the hotel (Service for 1 hour 30 min.
11. An English speaking member of our Team will escort the couple during the day.
12. Exclusive professional photographer takes 350 to 700 pictures in JPEG format during the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception. (hard disk with unrevised photos will be handed out)
13. Professional full HD video recording during the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception. (original unrevised hard disk will be delivered)
14. Flower arrangements and the decoration of the venue will be done by a professional staff
15. Transfer and transportation of the staff/team and necessary materials
16. Wedding City Antalya Team will come to the Hotel at 12.00; will serve up to 24.00 o’clockwedding agency in Turkey traditional Persian Wedding in Turkeytraditional Persian Wedding in Antalyairanian Wedding in TurkeyWedding Organization in AntalyaIranian Wedding planner in Antalya

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