Katharina & Omar Swiss Wedding

On 28 January 2018 we received an email from a couple wishing to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

On 14 February 2018, they informed us that they would come to the Voyage Belek Golf & Spa Hotel and want to meet us. And we agreed with pleasure. We met on Saturday, 17 February 2018 and visited Gloria Golf Resort and Gloria Serenity Resort hotels together for a wedding celebration.

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Katharina and Omar are such a friendly couple with positive energy, that watching them you see a rare fairy-tale side of love and marriage. In truth, these beautiful people holding hands and looking into each other's eyes all the time, so I, even more, loved my business, which I do. I love my job and thanks to it I met amazing

people, who never hurt each other and carry their love through the years during 25 years of living together.

I think that peaceful and friendly relations of people all o

ver the world begin with the family, then with the country and come to the world level. Dear Katharina and Omar the World needs such a couple as you. I'm glad that I know you. It's good that you are... Dear Omar, I call you by name because you have become my family. We are related to Omar as our compatriot, as we are from the same nationality, as he is Bosnian. And we felt in love with Katharina so much as our daughter-in-law. Their son Sinan is a special young man who grew up in this beautiful family full of love. He has also found his soul mate Nadja as well as his parents and very happy...

For the wedding celebration, Katharina liked Gloria Serenity Resort hotel in Belek. This hotel is a part of the Gloria hotel group in Antalya Belek, which owns the sea, the river and the green surroundings, in which it is impossible not to fall in love. During our long conversations with Katharina and Omar, I learned that they never celebrated their wedding.

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Since Omar has a Muslim family, they wanted their future daughter-in-law to be a Bosnian of the Muslim faith. Katharina's family also wished that they were married in the Church according to their traditions. And these two beautiful people did not make a wedding, so as not to offend any of the parties

The families did not offend, but Katharina was not able to wear a wedding dress and Omar the groom's suit... In fact, for happiness a man needs love, respect and trust in each other, everything else is not so important, as Katharina and Omar prove. I understood that I will plan for them not 25-th anniversary but the wedding, belated for many years. And I started planning the wedding scenario and decoration they dreamed of 25 years ago, taking into account all their wishes. I don't know why, but during the wedding planning, I was more excited than they were... We met for the second time in Antalya on 6 July 2019. And once again walked through the wedding venues of the Gloria Serenity Resort hotel. And we had long conversations.

I love these people, even more, seeing as they are naturally ordinary men and live in friendship with the world. Katharina brought the wedding dress with her. As it was very long it needed to be shortened. And since I am the wedding dress designer, I took the dress measurements myself and shortened the dress of Katharina. Doing this job, I so sensually liked this special bride. Because...

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Unfortunately, Katharina's parents did not live to see this day and could not see this special wedding. I am a very sensitive person and stories about the loss of loved ones upset me very much. So taking measurements, I felt like Katharina's Mother. And I decided that I would think and plan the wedding like her Mother. I couldn't share my feelings with them at those days. But now I want to share.

They were happy and keep calm during the wedding organization, but my excitement has doubled... The wedding week has come and we were completing the preparation of the decoration. The decorations, developed by myself have started come from the artists one by one. I have designed for Katharina new decorations of the wedding table and the path for the bride, as well as decorations with flowers. I wanted the roses to be big and eye-catching. Huge roses of three colours were ordered from our importer of flowers in Konya and were stored for us in a special cold place for flowers until the wedding day.

On 5 July together with the flower designer, we have started to prepare wedding flowers. The Studio of our office turned into a multi-coloured flower. I was very worried, thinking about whether Katharina will like my new design and whether I can surprise her pleasantly?

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At 06-30 early in the morning, the flowers were ready, at 08-00 in the morning all responsible staff was on working places. One truck with materials, one minibus with a sound and light system, 4 cars with a film crew, a hairdresser, a make-up artist and designers, in total 6 cars set off.

While the hairdresser, makeup artist and crew provided services to Katharina and Omar, my team and I were busy with the decoration of the wedding venue and the wedding dinner.

That day, Omar's son Sinan lost his luggage on the plane, where he left his suit for the wedding. At some moment their mood got worse as there were counted hours to the wedding. But this lovely family meets such kind of troubles with the nobility.

At 17.00 the wedding group began to gather in the wedding venue.

All of them were joyful and cheerful. Dear Omar came to the wedding venue with a bouquet for the bride in his hands. He was waiting for Katharina arrival and was very excited. He was wearing sunglasses that suited him. I think Omar put on his glasses not to protect his eyes, but to hide his feelings...! Don't ask me what I was going through at that moment, I was more excited than Omar. Since I felt like Katharina's mother and didn't want to leave her alone on that day, I wished to start my speech first.

Katharina arrived at the wedding venue under her uncle's arm and a smile on her face said that she liked the wedding venue. I was very happy about that... Having 45 years of experience in the international trade during which I had many speeches, on that day I was so excited, that unfortunately, I had to read a speech from a paper.

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And even reading from the paper, I could not overcome my feelings and words came with difficulty…

I shared my feelings with them and the wedding guests on that day and now I want to share it with you.

Dear guests, Welcome to this beautiful wedding ceremony.

For several years we have planned a large number of wedding ceremonies and celebrations, but during that time I haven’t become impressed to anyone as impressed by this couple...

The feeling that exists between them is endless, as the source of the waterfall, there is no name of this unique love is created, and their love is very different from others. I am very happy that these two wonderful people have become my friends. I wish you health and happiness for the rest of your life. On this special day, I wanted to be the first to speak and to share with you my inner feelings... Welcome to everyone once again''

I am grateful for the wonderful feelings that I went through to all the wonderful couples we made the wedding. Omar's family is very cheerful, loving life and a very strong family. We loved each other very much because I am also Bosnian and together we were a piece of Yugoslavia. Omar's father is a cheerful 85-years-old Bosnian, and his brother is as cheerful as his father. The father and his sons, picking up spoons, danced in front of each other, giving fun to this evening. wedding packages in Antalya TurkeyOmar’s family loves to dance and have fun and especially they are very good in Turkish folk dances.

But what I was very surprised is how Katharina was well performed Turkish folk dances. Katharina and Omar's close friends, who came from Switzerland, also danced the Turkish folk dance "Ankara air" and tried very hard to get to the rhythm of the music. After the wedding, Katharina and Omar, together with their son Sinan and daughter-in-law Nadja went on their honeymoon. After an amazing honeymoon, they visited us to take wedding photos and videos. We were very happy to see them again.

Dear Katharina was very happy and sincerely thanked us for the wedding decoration, which I had prepared for them and which she had never seen before.

The feelings and emotions on her face when she spoke about that were very important for me. I would not be able to keep my feelings with me that I lived trough on 6 July 2019 at the wedding of my dear and beloved Katharina and Omar.

I'm excited again sharing my memories with you. My dear friends Katharina and Omar, I wish you to live a healthy life together with your children. I'm happy to know you...

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