When Is Bridal Shower Held? Who Attends Bridal Shower?

Bridal Shower: The Funniest Way to Pamper the Bride

You are used to hearing the Baby Shower event. What if we say there are also "bridal shower" invitations? What is bridal shower, which is one of the wedding events specially organized for brides? Who organizes the Bridal shower? What is done at this event? We told them all!

What is Bridal Shower?
We can say that “Bridal shower” is a fun and getting rid of the stress party for women, held before the wedding. The aim of this party is to give gifts to the bride to complete her needs and to get away from the stress of wedding preparation. This activity is quite common abroad for many years, we can say that recently performed frequently in Turkey.Best wedding planner in Turkey

What is The Difference of Bridal Shower from the Bachelorette Party?
Bridal shower is also a pre-wedding event as a bachelorette party and is geared towards women. However, the main difference is that this event is usually organized as a surprise party by the bride's relatives and gifts are given to the bride.

Who organizes the Bridal Shower?
Bridal shower is organized by her close friends, mother, mother-in-law and close relatives. The organization of bridal shower is generally organized without giving information to the bride. However, it wouldn't be nice to have the bride caught off guard when everyone is dressed elegantly. That’s why they give information about the event to the bride but the organization is made by relatives. Nowadays, we can see often the bridal shower events that are organized by the bride.

When does Bridal Shower Organize?
The preferable time interval for the bridal show is between 2 weeks and 3 months before the wedding. It generally is organized at the afternoon or in the evening.

What Generally Do in the Bridal Shower?
It is tasted from the treats prepared at bridal showers. A cake is cut for the bride. This eating and drinking program is followed by games that will add movement to the day. Let's also say that bridal shower games played in general are enjoyable activities such as "who am I", "making a wedding dress that is made of toilet paper" and "bridal bingo".

Meals are eaten, games are played and gifts are the time. The gifts brought by the guests, gathered in an especially reserved gift corner, are opened with pleasure by the bride.

What are the Suitable Gifts for Bridal Shower?
It can be small household items that will be needed when the bride arranges own her house. Gifts such as a coffee machine or toaster, blender set, or underwear can be given. However, the best option is arranging a list by the bride. The relatives of the bride can learn the needs of the bride and prepare a suitable list and share it with the guests in a surprise party.

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What should wear at the bridal shower?
We can define the dress style to be worn at the bridal shower as "feminine and cheerful". Cute and feminine dresses are among the most preferred pieces for bridal shower invitations. We can say that mini dresses with tulle skirts are the most suitable pieces for brides to wear in bridal showers.

On the other hand, guests can choose mini dresses, plain overalls and floral mini or midi designs.

Themes of Bridal Shower
Considering that bridal shower organizations are pre-wedding stress relief and entertainment activities, it is useful to choose suitable concepts. We can say that the most common bridal shower concepts are themes such as Hollywood, Hawaiian and Barbie. We also have a few suggestions:

Bohemian Bridal Shower Theme
Bohemian concept that is preferred at the wedding show itself at the bridal shower reception. Can bohemian theme is a suitable concept at entertainment that is main role of fun and comfortable? We can say tents, cushions on the floor, loose clothes and flower crowns as bohemian themed bridal shower supplies.

Friends Bridal Shower Theme
In an organization where close friends are invited, the Friends TV series theme is not a suitable option for you? Central Perk decorated cakes, 90s clothing, and cut-out photo boards with the lead team of the series can be used in this theme.

Theme of Fall Bridal Shower
Fall theme, which brings a romantic atmosphere of the fall with an enjoyable side of the bridal shower together, is among the preferable concept choices. Fuchsia runners, cute feathered chair ornaments, a fireplace and friends gathered around a stylish table! All that remains is to enjoy this environment.

Famous People Who Have a Bridal Shower

Famous people also organize bridal shower parties. While some of them are hosting this organization themselves, others have witnessed surprise events by their relatives. Here are the famous names with bridal shower events:

  • Vanessa Minnilo:

Vanessa Minnilo organizes a bridal shower before getting married. Minnilo attracted attention with her tropical themed bridal shower party dominated by purple and pink tones.Wedding in Antalya

  • Kim Kardashian:

Before the marriage with Kris Humphries, her sisters Khloe and Kendall Jenner organize bridal shower for Kim Kardashian.

  • Lea Michele:

Famous actress Lea Michele's bridal shower was organized by her mother before she married her actor husband Zandy Reich. The actress opted for a white low-sleeved midi dress.

  • Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka Chopra preferred a strapless, slim-cut white wedding dress at the bridal shower reception before she gets married to singer Nick Jonas. The famous name's reception was organized by friends and bridesmaids Anjula Acharia and Mubina Rattonsey.

We shared details about bridal shower reception, one of the popular pre-wedding events of recent times. While organizing such an event, you can get professional support and work with organization companies.