The harmony of the model of your wedding dress and bridal crown

Stony and Floral Models of Wedding Crowns

If you don’t understand the wedding pictures of a mom with a weird crown, then you haven't gotten a feel for 90s fashion. In those days, shoulder pads, ruffled sleeves and colorful tiaras were indispensable items for brides.And now the tiaras of those times again come into our fashion.

These are very brightly and with confidence. Therefore, after the bride trends 2014,we have collected the best bridal tiara models and bridal crown trends which there are a lot of discussions in those years for bridesBest wedding planner in Turkey

Hellenistic Bridal Crown Models
We are sure that all girls adore bridal crowns that belong Hellenistic times. Especially if spring is ahead, this is the best option to take inspiration from brightly dressed Roman women. Moreover, whether you want to bulk your hair or leave it free. It doesn't matter which hairstyle you have, these Hellenistic crowns suits perfectly for style. We are confident that any Hellenistic crown for brides will be perfect. For example, if your hairstyle is wavy or loose, then a stony bridal crown is perfect for you. If you have a bulk hair, then a birdal crown with pebbles is perfect for you.

Natural Bridal Crown Models
Let's not forget brides looking for beauty in nature. A crown of fresh flowers is ideal for people who will be bride in the spring. Especially with wavy hair. Both the bride's loose hair and braids in one side - with small pebbles will give a gorgeous look.

Princess Bridal Crown Models
Since childhood, all brides dream of a wedding like a princess. If you are one of the brides and search look for ways to be a bride like your dreams, then these crowns are for you. Princess style bridal dress is perfect with these crown designs. But, we suggest you collect your hair. A stylish bun of hair will look gorgeous or a semi-pulled bun with wavy hair will create the perfect look.

Bohemian Bridal Crowns
The Boho style bridal accessories are now gaining more attention with starting of the bohemian wedding. In the old days, it was very fashionable to wear a bohemian style crown, and if you also want to be a bohemian bride, you can safely use crown models with flowers and small stones. For example, if you have light wavy, loose hair, wearing such a crown can create a bohemian look. Alternatively, you can tie your hair into a bun and wear a crown for an inimitable look.

Swarovski Bridal Crowns
You like flamboyant bridal crowns, but you wonder if the queen bridal tiaras with stones will be worn at the wedding. Let's enlighten it right away: You can choose your wedding dress and bridal hair from simple designs and wear flashy crowns that are known as queen or princess bridal crown models.

Models of Crowns for Weddings
There are many alternatives to the accessories worn on the hair at the wedding, but if you are looking for a simple and remarkable model, how about the bridal crown with pearls and stones? You can also use this type of wedding crowns with a romantic and flashy design with veils. If you ask our opinion, we can say that it would be better not to use a veil in order not to steal a role from the bride's crown.

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Bridal Crown with Pearls
For brides who love simple styles and different patterns of pearl crowns, we have some good advice for you. We especially recommend bridal crown with pearl for brides who has loose, wavy hair and a wide forehead. But, if you have a low forehead, then it is better to wear a crown from the middle of your head.

Simple Bridal Crown
Hair accessories for wedding draw attention with their simple designs compared to those used in bridal hair made for wedding. If you are looking for a bridal crown that will complement your elegant appearance at the marriage ceremony, we can recommend this thin bridal forehead crown model. If your forehead is not narrow, you can use this type of bridal crown models in your straight hair that you leave open.

Elegant Bridal Crown
Thin crowns and alternative crowns with stones for a celebration, these crowns are well suited for those who wish to look simply charming. Especially, this accessory is well suited for brides who prefer a romantic lace wedding dress with a bun at the back of the head.

Quartz Stone Bridal Crown
Doesn't the thin crown with quartz stones are the eye-catching? You can use this accessory with plain knob models, which brides who prefer plain white wedding dresses can choose to add movement to their looks.

Silver Crown
The colors of bridal crowns are not only made in white. If you are looking for an unusual crown then you might consider a silver crown. Especially, you can notice silver tones in the trends of bridal dresses in 2021; you can use these accessories with simple bridal dresses.

Floral Bridal Crown from Side
Rose embellished floral bridal crowns ambiance with spaghetti straps and a low-cut back wedding dress. You can get a romantic apperiance with a light wavy hairstyle and throw it over your back.

Daisy Bridal Crown
You can reflect your delicate soul to your bridal style with the daisy, one of the most beautiful flowers. I recommend using a natural make-up with such a floral bridal crown using green leaves and daisies.

Crown of Multicolored Flowers
If you say to yourself, “I want to be a multi-colored bride,” then this is a crown for you. This type of crown adds movement to even the most ordinary wedding dress. Makeup in pink shades and lipstick will work well for your crown.

Bridal Crown of Wild Flowers
You can get a very romantic look by passing purple wild flowers through your hair in a braid bun. Such a crown will look very good on a silk tulle fabric, A-cut flowing wedding dress.

Leafy Bridal Crown Model
Green leaves, a few roses and flower buds will add a touch of originality and will be a good alternative for brides who prefer minimalism. Doing a romantic wave hairstyle and wearing a crown like this can create a great look. You can also choose this hairstyle for your marriage.

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Bridal Crown with Pink Rose
Roses in pink tones are perfect for brides who wish to have a bohemian country wedding. If you are going to use such a crown, we advise you to choose a wedding bouquet from the same flowers. This way you get a great combination.

Bridal Crown with Orange Flowers
This bridal crown that decorated orange flowers with green leaves will look great on brides who give preference to a country wedding. You can get a great look by braiding your hair to the side and wearing a crown like this.

Crown with White Flowers
They will look great and will add originality - white flowers, green leaves and small gypsophila for brides who prefer a simple image. The bridal bouquet can be chosen in this way. Thus, the bride will look very natural and delicate.

Bohemian Bridal Crown with Small Roses
Green, burgundy and white are very suitable for bohemian brides. You can get elegant appearance with wearing such a crown and a shabby wedding dress, which is made straight cut tulle and lace.

Gypsophila Bridal Crown
A crown made of gypsophila is perfect for those brides who prefer a wedding in winter. You can ward off this mesmerizing effect of the winter season by placing white gypsophila flowers that look like snowflakes.

Romantic Bridal Crown with Pink Rose
Pink roses and green leaves are a great choice for romantic brides. Thus, you can get an elegant look by braiding a bun at the back of the head and wearing a crown.

Multicoloured Wild Floral Bridal Crown
An excellent choice would be to decorate the crown with daisy, rose and colorful wild flowers, which is perfect for country weddings. You can choose a white color to focus all the attention on you for a wedding bouquet.

Red Floral Bridal Crown
Choosing a crown with large red roses, which is a symbol of love, will give a good atmosphere at the wedding. However, the bride can choose the color of lipstick as red, which is perfect bridal make-up for your crown. Of course, you should keep your eye makeup simple. Otherwise, an exaggerated appearance may occur.

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Purple Floral Bridal Crown
You can take advantage of the perfect compatibility of purple and white by choosing crown with purple flowers. We also recommend choosing purple and white colors for a wedding bouquet. Thus, everything will complement each other.

Lavender Bridal Crown
A crown made of lavender is perfect for lavender-themed weddings. You don't need a chic hairstyle for this concept, just dry your hair and leave it loose. You can be sure that you will get a very nice look.

Coniferous Bridal Crown
Bridal crown of coniferous is a wonderful choice for brides who love minimalism. The Hellenistic wedding dress model and this kind of crown model will give you a chic look.

Blue Floral Bridal Crown
You can create a romantic wedding atmosphere by choosing blue flowers. Pull your hair into a bun and pull out small buns in the front. Thus, the crown of such a model will add more romance.