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Recommendations to the Bride

All married couples want to look great at their wedding. We wrote this article not only for the nuptial photo, but also for knowing the possible problems at your wedding in advance and

taking into consideration these suggestions while you act. Marriage is a one-time event in human life, and every couple wants to say “our wedding was a legend” in the future. Wedding photos and videos are documents of this legend. As a photographer, we will make recommendations to you only in the areas that concern us and we can experience.

Choose the Best Hairdresser

Always choose a good hairdresser for your wedding. As in any profession, there are those who do not do their job professionally in the hairdressing profession but have a workplace. You have the possibility to make your bridal hair such people come to you with suggestions or other misconceptions. When preparing for your wedding, always choose professional hairdressers. If you wish, you can demand a rehearsal from your hairdresser. You can understand the talent of the hairdresser during the rehearsal. We do not know about the hairdressing profession, but we can understand the care that hairdressers show to brides they prepare. Hair, make-up or indifference that are not done well disrupt the bride's motivation and all the wedding preparations of the couple can be wasted due to thewrong hairdresser's preference. In this case, our job is getting harder. In such cases, we can postpone the shots of our couples who tell us their hair, make-up and dislike. The hairdresser is an important choice not only for brides, but also for grooms. Prefer tried hairdressers who do your hair and shaving carefully and always go. Do not wax the cheeks when coming to the shooting. Reddened cheeks can be a problem.Destination wedding planner in Antalya

Suggestions for Hair, Makeup and Wedding Dress for Brides

Bridal hair
As we said above, hairdressing isn’t our profession, but we want to write our humble suggestions to bride ladies. When making the wedding hair, especially tell your hairdresser that your hair don’t fall out a few wires or some hair on forehead and cheeks. If you prefer a messy hairstyle, you can ignore our previous suggestion. If you prefer a model that is close to your eyes and eyebrows, it is very important especially for the photo shoot to keep the hair in this area absolutely constant. Hair that comes in front of your eyes can cause problems. Do not choose hairstyles that remain stable immediately after their production and can be damaged by wind or movement. Of course, you don't want your hair to deteriorate in shooting.

Bridal Makeup
When making your bridal makeup, choose businesses that use quality materials. In some shots, we see our brides blushing because of allergen makeup materials. Since the dress is a white outfit, it is an important issue that the tone of the bridal make-up is clear. Ask the make-up artist who does your makeup to use light tones especially around the eyes. It is not recommended by us as a photographer for bridal makeup for much darkened eye area. Also, ask your make-up artist to apply make-up to your bridal bouquet. Experienced make-up artists make up your makeup by considering the colors in your flower, considering the colors in the wedding concept.

Hijab Design for Brides in hijab
Brides in hijab should pay particular attention to the eye level while making the bridal hair. It is important to have a hijab design made visible from the side profile. The fact that your face can be seen by your guests who look your side; it is an important issue both at your wedding and during your photo shoot. The bridal hijab designs can’t be taken from the side profile of brides, whose faces are closed from the side. In addition, the amount of light falling on the face decreases in designs with closed eye edges. This creates a negative effect on your photos. So, inform the designer who made your hijab design on this subject and choose a hijab design in this style.

Wedding dress
Choosing your dress as a comfortable dress that you can easily move your arms up, right and left at the wedding will allow you to move comfortably both in your wedding and in your photo shoot. It is important to choose a comfortable dress especially in hot weather in summer. A bridal dress that bores you and you can’t move comfortably can turn into grind for you. You can use Save the date outfits and thin nor weighted dress models in your shoot. Recommend that you do not prefer heavy dresses and tailed bridal dresses that rub on the ground.

What should be done at 12, 6, 3, 2 and 1 Month Time Periods before Buying the Wedding Dress?

It is a fact that women have imagined themselves in a dress at a certain time in our lives. A very flashy wedding dress with a fluffy skirt or a simple dress model without exaggeration may also have decorated your dreams. And you have looked at those dreams come true…On the day you get a marriage proposal, maybe the first thing you think is, "What kind of a bride will I be?" It has been. Undoubtedly, they all want to look perfect on that happiest day. Of course, in order to have that perfect look, there are different topics that you need to pay attention to as well as how to choose a dress.advise for groom in wedding

The most important of these is when to buy the wedding dress. Our first advice to you will be to start the research as soon as possible.

Nowadays, many brands have been starting to sell ready-made wedding dresses, so it isn’t much more risk for the brides to make the right decision in choosing a dress. It is much easier to find the most suitable dress for your body type and concept by trying dresses in many different styles. With the little touches that can be applied on the model you like, you can reach your dream wedding dress in a very short time.

12 Months before the Wedding: Time to Start Searching Wedding Dress Models

"Did I start too early?" or "Alas, am I too late?" We would like to make some suggestions for you not to think that way. The most important criterion here is how long it is before the wedding date. If the date is still 1 year, it can be too early to start the dress rehearsal. But it's time to start searching the dress collections of brands!Even though it is as long as 12 months, if you start researching dress models from now, it will save you from many dilemmas. In this way, you can get a more detailed idea of fabrics and ​ dresses that best suit your style and shape.It should not be forgotten that many firms start to exhibit their new collections as they approach the new year or immediately after entering the new year. If there is enough time for 1 year to the date, you can wait a bit to see the new collections that include the last wedding trends.

3 and 6 Months before the Wedding: Dress Silhouette Should Be Finalized; Wedding Dress Appointment Should Be TakenWe hope you found that dress 3 to 6 months before the wedding in which you felt great.If during this time there was a bride dress that you liked a lot and satisfied, then we recommend you to put a stop to research and rehearsals at that point. Seeing and trying more alternatives can make you confused and unstable. Remember, besides the bride dress model, there are also details such as accessories that you should consider.

Now it's time to take wedding dress rehearsals more seriously. If something has shaped in your mind and you have decided on the model that you think suits you best, you can focus on your rehearsals on the models in that silhouette.A 6-month period will be ideal for the brides who can’t find the dress of theirdreams despite all their research and decide to make a special order.However, you should have decided on the silhouette, the tailor and the designer 6 months ago so that in the remaining time, the whole wedding dress sewing and rehearsal process can proceed easily. Even if you have chosen a tailor on the recommendation, we recommend that you research the models, workmanship and quality that the designer has sewed before, in order not to encounter a last-minute surprise.

Brides who will marry with surprise wedding in a very short time like 1 week can reach their dream wedding dress by choosing from ready-made dresses. However, if you don’t marry surprise wedding, we recommend you not to leave the bride dress rehearsal lately, saying "There are ready-made dresses anyway ...”. Remember, even if the dress is ready, some renovations may be required by expert tailors to fit perfectly and look flawless. Sometimes one rehearsal can be sufficient, and sometimes more than one rehearsal can be required. You should choose your dress at least three months before the wedding to achieve the perfect result without hurrying anything.

After determining the most suitable brands or designer for your style and wedding budget, you can try the models you like by making a wedding dress appointment maximum 6 months, minimum 3 months before the wedding date.Destination wedding planner in Turkey

2 Months before Wedding: Accessory Choices

Wedding dress rehearsals may be continuing 2 months before the wedding. However, this situation; It doesn’t change the fact that all accessories such as underwear, shoes, veils, hair accessories and bridal bouquets should also be purchased at the moment. Since the dress is precise and continues to rehearsal, it will be much easier for you to make bridal accessory selections at this stage.

1 Month to the Wedding: The Bride Should Be Waiting Ready

One month before the wedding, all rehearsals are finished and we think that the perfect final version of dress is ready. You are now ready to be the perfect bride in harmony with all your accessories.A little advice: Most of our brides say that she wants to choose a dress after starting the diet and sports because of her desire to lose weight before reaching the ideal weight she has set in mind. However, we would like to say that this is not the right decision. Remember, professional tailors will do the necessary modifications for you in any weight change.