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Suggestions for Your Wedding Photo Shoot

In terms of taking pictures, couples may encounter hundreds of photo example on the internet, but you may encounter very few such articles. Our couples who read this article can be considered lucky.

Decide what you want about your photos share your time with your planner,

the time you can spare for shooting, the place you prefer, the poses you dream of, the shooting accessories you dream of, your imagination will return to you 2/3 of your expectations.The first thing you need to decide is; whether you plan your photo shoot on the marriage day or on a day before or after the marriage. You can plan your photo shoot for a few hours outdoors on your wedding day, you can plan it as a marriage story shot that includes recording all moments in your venue from your morning prep or on another day.British wedding planner in Turkey

Decide what style or place you want to take your wedding photos. While talking with our couples, some of our couples demand photographs in dozens of places and they want us to finish this job in 2 hours. It is impossible to have photos like all marriage photos you see. You should plan the time you can spare for shooting, how much we can go with you during this time with your planner. As long as you can reserve as a photographer, your shoots are made in as many places as possible.

Since our guests come from abroad, they want to have a holiday and a marriage together, so we plan photos, videos and aerial video shoot with drone as a happiest day. While preparing bride and groom in wedding day shoot, we shoot fun scenes with natural preparation frames and shoot joyful scenes in the video clip. While these shoots are made, while having fun with bridesmaids and groomsmen, they are mostly defeated by your wedding stress. Then we make special shoots for the clip on the beauty of nature and sea shore or in historical places. These shots contribute to adding incredibly beautiful memories to civil marriage and ceremony shots. Our company, which is an international planner, plans the photo and video shoots and shooting venues to be made in advance, and does not give opportunity to negative surprises.While marriage ceremony is held on the beach on wedding day, the most beautiful photos are taken in the evening at sunset. Image photos taken in twilight after sunset always have privileges.

What Style Wedding Photos Do You Want?
You will take the photo shot in many styles as depending on the season, concept and dream. It is for our couples who want spontaneous shots at the time of the wedding, for those who want in green areas, those who want in the snow, and those who want in historical places. "What style do you want?" mention this to your planner. It is necessary to realize and document all your possible wedding dreams within the time frame we can use. For those who are curious about the accessories used in the shooting, our company, which is a planner, brings the accessories for shooting according to your concept.Wedding photography in Antalya

Preparation for Shooting, Shooting Plan and Shooting Moment
When preparing for your wedding shoot, consider the time required for hairdressers and make-up. If you take into account the wedding time plan prepared specially for you, we will never interrupt the shooting and wedding program and everything planned will be carried out without interruption.You can bring your friends who can entertain you while taking image shots. The presence of people who make you smile in the place where we shoot will increase your energy. We do not recommend bringing relatives like a mother-in-law, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, who will prevent you from being comfortable while shooting.For our brides to walk comfortably, we strongly recommend that they bring a barbette with them.One of the most important accessories of bride is the flower. It is very important to prepare a beautiful bridal bouquet for you. We strongly recommend you to make flowers with suitable colors according to the season and concept of shooting. A boutonniere must be made for groom who can combine with bridal bouquet. If you have bridesmaids, flowers should be made in them. When coming to the photo shoot, do not forget about your flower.

Put aside all negativities that day and keep your motivation high. Stay away from wedding stress. Go to the wedding shoot as if you were going to have fun, relieve your stress. Your high energy will be reflected on your photos. Take care to act naturally. Be careful not to be nervous during the shots, be careful to carry out behaviors that can form sincere smiles on your partner's face or to say the words that will make this possible. Your stress may be reflected in your photographer.

We consider the time when the photo and video shooting moment first started as an exercise. After a while adaptation to the shooting will be provided, you will not have problems with posing. If you are one of the people who say “I will contract when posing”, don't worry, our professional team provides you to pose in an unfamiliar and unpredictable way. They usually guide you to take a high-energy wedding photo. Also, keep in mind that not all poses should be taken under the direction of the photographer. In general, photos taken spontaneously give better results than photos taken by orientation. Before the marriage, we suggest you to review our marriage pictures on our website www.weddingcityantalya.com.