Wedding car

The most important thing on the wedding day preparation is bride’s car. Mostly favorite bride’s car is big white limousine, which is decorated with natural flowers A couple who loves nostalgia prefers classic bride’s car prefers for.

Decorated with natural flowers, from the back empty bottles of Coca Cola connecting to car, when classic car will drive, everybody will make attention and understand its bride’s car.
natural flowers
For the bike lovers absolutely should be Harley Davidson motorcycle. Groom rides Harley Davidson motorcycle and taking his bride on the back seat of it. Their best and exciting wedding day is starting. Group of Harley Davidson motorcycles with bride and groom are getting into a convoy, this performance while riding make exciting everyone around.
classic car
The groom is very touched by meeting the bride on horseback, during a wedding ceremony. A horse that is a friend of human, make task very good. It is impossible to notice how a horse warmly keeping the bride.
On the wedding album all the time pictures of bride riding a horse would be on important place.
Harley Davidson