Indian Wedding Entertainments

We prepare wedding entertainment for tradition demand of all guests that come to Antalya for wedding. Indian wedding groups want lush special wedding entertainment.

Indian weddings lasting 3 days and consist of 7 ceremonies. It is impossible not to admire with Indians that have fun with non-stop dancing traditional Indian dances on weddings of their close relatives during three days.
Indian wedding entertainments
Traditional welcome ceremony on Indian wedding in Antalya makes with Ottoman military band soldiers. Wedding entertainment on Indian wedding ceremonies starts with welcome of Ottoman military band. During Indian Mehndi entertainment caricaturists draw with black pencils, using their limitless talent, caricature pictures of guests and give them as gift. Tarot fortune tellers are unchanged part of Indian wedding entertainment. Tarot fortune tellers are joyful people those can compose unbelievable stories about past and future and add fun to Indian Mehndi ceremony.
Indian wedding groups
Mezdeke Belly dancers, Salsa dance group, Tanoura dance and regional dance groups are indispensable entertainment during Sangeet ceremony. Sufi music is very important on Indian wedding entertainment. Guests see Mevlevi groups with big interest. Indian wedding starts after midnight. Dances of Indian women with colored saris by Indian music are like a dream.
Indian wedding in Antalya
Gypsy dance group and Gypsy musicians add colors to wedding entertainment during rest hours of the night .Indian wedding entertainments lasting 3 days and 3 nights add colors to Antalya.Sangeet ceremony