Always Keep Romantic And Sincere Feelings Alive In Marriage

Protecting Relationship Between Spouses in Marriage

Human nature is a social being.He needs a social relationship from birth to death.Friends,colleagues,colleagues, neighbors relations serve to meet the social needs of a human.

However, the main relationship between adults is a couble relationship, and the person's happiness or unhappiness in comparison to other types of relationship contains the biggest effect.The structure formed by merger of two human beings is called relationship.Relationship is alive.Since its foundationit has the ability to change, develop and decrease continuously within itself. A human being does not need to satisfy this need for relationship but shows up in search of a love relationship behavior.For this reason, people have to spend a considerable amount of effort, time and energy to find and maintain a love relationship for social nourishment.If you are looking for a relationship, you should do your best to find the right relationship.

Maintaining a relationship requires much more effort and labor than other inanimate mechanical system. In addition to the needs, desires and wishes of each partner in the relationship between spouses, there is also a need and requirement for a relationship that is a living entity.There is a need for both internal care and external care, for protection and development of the relationship between the spouses, which is a living system.The maintenance of the relationship is a difficult and time-consuming process.On the other hand, people have the potential to change spontaneously without thinking about it.

Our body, which is a living physical system, makes a series of automatic adjustments that we are unaware of to sustain life. For example, when there is an infection in our body, we get a fever. The body temperature and respiration system are adjusted accordingly.However,from time to time, external intervention, such as an operation, vaccination or antibiotic treatment is also needed to the body.There is an external assistance and care,such as a one-year anniversary celebration, or a counseling service, to keep a relationship between two people healthy.

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From the beginning of a relationship, partners' efforts to establish a strong and harmonious relationship help to lay the foundations for a long and fulfilling relationship.The seeds of how a relationship is going to be planted are probably planted outside the boundaries of awareness at the very beginning of the relationship. Although this is the case, no relationship is exempt from ups and downs.

So to keep a relationship alive and healthy, we need to find out what the main sources are and find out whichof the main sources feeds a relationship, on contrary to what we think is hidden between the lines of daily interactions between the couple. For example, deciding on a weekend together,deciding on dinner,giving your partner's laundry to the dry cleaners,giving him a bust before leaving your partner in the morning,approving a door-to-door lookand a smile,happy when seeing him etc.

In short, it has the potential to take care of these grounds and determine the future of a labor-consuming relationship. In another way, an admitting glance at the kitchen of a man's wife is the beginning of a three-four days or a week love affair.

Another main source that nourishes a relationship is that spouses should treat each other with acceptance and kindness.For example, when you leave your cell phone at guest’s who is coming to your house, you will be informed that you have forgotten your phone. What kind of a person you are? You forget everything,where is your mind? We don't blame her for criticizing.

Again, when a guest who comes to our house spills his coffee on a tablecloth, we won't tell him that he's clumsy and incompetent and that he's doing a lot of work for us. On contrary, we bring a new coffee and change the tablecloth immediately by saying to our gueststhat it’s not important. Well, is our wife less important than the guest who came home? On contrary, the one with whom we share day and night, and what is more important our soul and body, our spouse /partner to whom we entrust our sleep deserves to be treated with utmost care and kindness. I mean, lovers are loved. There's no chase.

The escaping leaning system negatively affects the negative side of the marriage relationship balance by accumulating negativity on the other side of the escaping relationship scale. Like a counselor from the Black Sea region said long time ago 'no one will escape from the heating oven'

The secret is that in our daily interactions, we are able to be attentive and kind to our partner as well as to a stranger. Your spouse /partner should be the most important guest of your heart. At the point where you do this, you become his most important guest. Because relationships always start on the opposite shore.

Care and kindness in the relationship of marriage, enthusiasm, compassion by revealing sincerity enables spouses to experience these three positive feelings in their relations. Experience is everything. The body and brain are putting the good stuff in,and it’s automatically reprogrammed to keep the good stuff going. The main veins of a couple relationship, the quadruple feeling of compassion and intimacy in the marriage relationship between the parties themselves and the feelings of relationship allows them to experience euphoria. A relationship with enthusiasm is not boring,suppressing.If there is a problem with a relationship, there is a malfunction somewhere.

A well-preserved relationship is a source of power for both parties.

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Global social impacts such as telephone and computers deprive human life of human warmth, which is necessary for face-to-face relations and personal contact between people. In this technology society, we can focus our minds on more than necessary things to prevent us from experiencing spiritual social relations with people.

At this point, paradoxically, it seems that the quest for a relationship and the desire of the human being to be in close relationship with people have become even more important. The main pattern I want to emphasize is that close relationships in this climate of stormy technology can accommodate the possibility of providing a safe haven for people.

Marital relationship problems at the beginning that couples experience result in losing their normal life flow, losing their feelings of intimacy and separation from each other, they can not feel loved and appreciated.

Conversely, couples who are happy can yell at each other. high voice debates do not harm their marriage. Each couple's conflict resolution approach is different. Some avoid conflict at any cost. Some fight a lot, some seek a way of reconciling their differences, and as long as this works and both sides work, no style is better than the other. At this point, the real problem is that one party always wants to resolve the conflict, and the other one always wants to escape from it, and on top of that, if he says he can not do this, then the couple is in trouble.

What do I usually do when the person who wants to protect and improve his or her relationship is behaving in a way that he or she does not like, and my wife does not like me? He should ask himself the question.After that, if what they have done so far is not working, they should give up what they have done, set new things and do different things.Thus, different methods can be tried until useful results are achieved.It means that what you do in your relationship all the time will take you to the same place where it has taken you.

In short, the relationship does not improve and the marriage relationship remains locked at this point, couples can find a way out by changing their methods and behavior.The essence of the work is that when couples realize that doing the same things over and over again does not have a different outcome, the solution of the conflict is only one process and the accumulation of the new life experiences in the marriage pool.

To be polite and respectful, respect both spiritual and physical existence, as well as behavior, are road maps of relationship protection and maintenance.Let your spouse/partner be the most important guest in your heart!

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