Marriage Is Sacred For All Cultures Around The World

Types of Relationship In Marriage

Marriage and divorce are the most important periods of life for men and women. A sustainable and nurturing marriage can be said to be sharing many positive feelings, thoughts and behaviors with the chosen spouse.

We can define divorce as the process of experiencing intense sadness, tension, anger and other negative emotions that affect mental health. The development of the pleasure that couples receive from marriage consists of the ability of couples to feed each other in a way that enables feelings, thoughts, sexuality, sharing and personal development. This relationship structure, which we can call healthy marriage, is a situation that can be captured from the beginning of the relationship or marriage for very few couples. In order for couples to understand each other better, they need to learn how to feed each other and their marriage in a healthy way. Today, no matter what socio-cultural level, many couples have difficulty in adapting to this new form of relationship (marriage), and adapting to the process of establishing a new life relationship, or in this process can be closed to professional support.

In the light of all the findings, the main approaches to the possible forms and consequences of the marriage relationship are presented below.

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Inner Bond Relationship Format:

It’s environment in which couples spend close to complete life together in a marriage relationship and do not have much of an individual space. In particular, a relationship that can be in the early stages of marriage and must stretch over time. If this form of relationship continues in the later stages of marriage, a situation that overwhelms one or both partners and makes them unable to live, and marriage becomes unbalanced and conflicted.

Representative Relationship Format:

A relationship in which couples behave very much independently in the relationship of marriage only within the sharing area of basic conditions (economic structure, child, home, etc.). If there is no conflict in this process, it can be said that the marriage relationship remains as a formal agreement. If conflicts occur, it may be a reflection of the sense of marriage and the end of the desire to live together. In case of marriage relationship, emotional sharing and sexuality, which is the basis of marriage, starts experiencing reduction over time, and unfaithfulness may take place in such marriages.

Task Relationship:

It’s a form of relationship that occurs when there are only children who are not be shared in the marriage relationship, where there is a role of mother and father or where there is no divorce with cultural factors and couples do not experience the basic sharing in the marriage relationship (thoughts of feelings and behavior, sexuality, etc.). If there is no conflict in the process of marriage, it exists only on paper and the marriage became a form of individual lives of couples. Spouses don't question each other, and they don't have personal expectations from each other. If the current situation is in conflict, marriage is going to divorce.

Healthy Marriage Relationship:

Couples living in marriage relationship can direct flow of positive feelings into their marriage. Habits of husbands may be different from their wifes’ habits, enjoying their pleasures may also remove restrictions in marriage. The intersection of the circles is mainly composed of faithfulness, emotional sharing, healthy sexuality and common perception in future goals.

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