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Magical Pakistani Weddings

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There are a lot of different wedding styles in the world. The Pakistani wedding is one of the most unusual wedding styles. Wedding means "Shaadi" in Pakistan and means something like "a happy event". The Pakistani wedding lasts over several days and the preparations for it are very elaborate and associated with weeks of work. A Pakistani wedding can take a month. The wedding ceremonies are so important that families are often heavily involved in it. Even poor families are not afraid to entertain hundreds of people. Rich families can even pay for the wedding ceremony a fortune.

Pakistani henna night

Today we will tell you about magical Pakistani weddings. It will take you far, far away. It is like from another world’s with its colors and magical decorations. The first day of ceremony starts at bride’s house. Grooms family comes to the bride’s family’s house without groom, together they pray and eat. In Pakistani culture grooms are very different from the grooms in other countries. Almost everything focuses on men and their family. Wedding is made by girl’s family and preparations are also made by girl’s family.

Moreover, weddings in Pakistan are both beautiful and difficult for the brides. There are different traditions such as brides should not smile during the wedding. This is not because they are unhappy but because the traditions are saying so.

Bride sits on a chair decorated with flowers. There are lots of different colored desserts and scented flowers in front of her. Guests come and sit in front of her and put symbolic money on bride’s head which symbolizes a fertile marriage. Afterwards they feed the bride with desserts. Each guest repeats this ritual and bride eats almost all desserts in front of her. This money given in this ritual is given to the workers of the house which is a very nice tradition.

Groom’s family brings the gifts to bride such as clothes, accessories, wedding dress, shoes. These are called dowry. Dowries are presented to guests and they are so colorful so guests will be surprised about where to look to not miss any detail.

And then the wedding dress comes. In Pakistani culture wedding dresses are usually red, from silk fabric and have lots of fancyworks and beads. They are so heavy since they have too much bead on them. But still none of the brides feel bad in these wedding dresses, in contrast they feel like princesses when they are in it and they want to live forever in that dress.

After the ceremony at the bride’s house, dowries are taken to the groom’s house without bride. All the dowries –again- are very colorful.

In groom’s family’s house, this time groom’s family welcomes the bride’s family and this time flowers and desserts are given to the groom. Conversations are made; families try to know each other better. By the way the dinner time we mentioned is 1.00 am. In Pakistani everyone lives at nights and sleeps during the day. The day after is Mehndi day which means henna day. This ceremony is henna ceremony which only close relatives can attend. This time ceremony is held in a ballroom. Girl side come early to the wedding venue and waiting groom’s side to welcome them with flower leafs and necklaces.

Yellow is the color of Mehndi day. Groom is welcomed with drums and flowers. Bride is adorned with fully fresh flowers and is brought to the wedding venue by their relatives and close friends. Ritual starts again, desserts are eaten, this time it is even harder as number of guests increased. After the entrance, entertainment part starts. Everyone sits on a carpet on the floor, bride’s family sits on one side and groom’s family sits on the other side. They start to sing. One side stops the music with a lyric and the other side should start a new song which has that lyric in. Who finds the song faster and sings it better wins the game.

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Glass bracelets, candies and flowers are given as a gift in Mehndi day. Mother of the groom wears yellow, grandmother wears pink and bride’s grandmother wears green. 3rd day in wedding called rest day. This day passes with little ceremonies in everyone’s own house. 4th day of the wedding day is Shaadi Day which means marriage ceremony is held. It is the big day. Bride and groom are getting married and after the ceremony they can go to their own house together. In the morning religious ceremony is held .

In the evening it is time to have the big wedding ceremony. Weddings are usually have more than 1000 guests and the wedding venue is colorful and shining all over, you can feel the Pakistani traditions. Groom and his family are welcomed by the bride’s family with drums and flowers again. First groom’s relatives enter the wedding venue, then bride’s brother brings the bride to the wedding venue and then groom comes and you may see the bride and groom together. Bride and groom eat desserts again to get the gifts. In this special night milk is given to groom and till he gives money to the bride’s children relatives the groom has to drink this milk.

After the Shaadi day, there is a rest day again. Everyone rests and stop the wedding for one day. 6th day is Walima day. This means a dinner reception which is held by the groom and his family. Bride and groom come to this ceremony together, in this ceremony bride wears blue dress. Walima is a very simple ceremony. Families congrats the bride and groom, photo shooting together and then they eat dinner.

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